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A Little Oral Open House - Cum One, Cum All

I hosted a little walk-in anonymous scene yesterday. It was hot. I rehab houses on the side, and have access to this house that I’ve been working on since June. Once the house is stable and secure, I like to take advantage of the set up and invite people over for a little something-something. The most I have had over at the same time has been two. This has been true even when I try to set up something like a tag team event with me as the bottom or other kinds of fun.

Yesterday, it was all about oral sex. I ran an ad on craigslist. I set a time perimeter, clued them into the approximate area of the city that the house is in, the rules of the game, my stats and provided a few naked pics of me to entice them into contacting me. Basic set up was that the door would be open and they could just walk in and find me in one of the rooms, on my knees, wearing a blindfold, waiting for their dick.

There are a couple of challenges to this set up - one being that I don’t have computer access at the site where I hope to host the event. The house has a security system and a fence. The electricity works, but no internet hook-up (I am working on a wireless system… but they are horribly unreliable and they don’t allow you to sit in the house – I am also considering using my cell phone, as it has internet capabilities, but the cost is prohibitive – and the keyboard and display too small). So I need to set up things and then quickly drive there and hope that people actually show up as promised. It’s a lot of hassle, but frequently well worth it.

I’m finding that it doesn’t pay to advertise on craigslist too much in advance of when you hope to have people over. I tested this theory yesterday, advertising a half hour before I hoped to be elsewhere waiting for my first dick. In the ad I stated that the ad would be removed at a certain time. That way, people are not emailing me when I am not there to receive them. My theory about not advertising in advance would seem to have legs yesterday – I had 10 responders within a twenty minute period. After a little hand holding, and giving them assurance re: safety of the area and guaranteeing them their anonymity, I managed to have six in the yes column. There were actually 12 responders, but two were eliminated due to issues that were outside of the realm of my particular taste and chosen activity. One wanted me to dress up in panties and a bra and the other… well, I just could never go there.

The four who declined did after learning the exact address and deciding it was too far, or that they lacked adequate time and one, because he wanted me to come pick him up and drive him to the place of play (kind of defeats the whole anonymous thing, huh?).

Two of the six who accepted were married men (or claimed to be). I have no issues with that, as long as everyone cleans up well afterwards.

In anonymous situations I never demand pics. They can see me, but I don’t want to see them. Well, I do, but I don’t get to, and that is the fun of it. I figure, with me blindfolded, I will get to suck dick that wouldn’t normally risk exposure. I respect people’s need for discretion. I am discrete. So, no names, no phone numbers, no pics. I do ask that they send me their stats – height, weight, and age being the absolute minimum accepted. I like it when they include their dick size (anticipation or the lowering of expectations), but am puzzled when they include hair color, eye color and assurances that they are handsome. I will be blindfolded. I won’t be seeing any of you… just feeling you.

So I set it up for six guys, warning them that they may have to share me. Sometimes more than one guy wants to show up at the same time. Even for those needing discretion – this was surprisingly not a problem – in fact it was a turn on for them. Not that it mattered, because as it turned out the guys all arrived one at a time. Maybe they waited out in their cars until they saw the guy before them leave or maybe they walked in, saw the other guy and decided to go outside and wait until I was finished with that guy before engaging my mouth. I doubt this was the case though, as I had adequate time to gargle with Listerine and clean up with a disinfecting wipe between arrivals.

I decided to play in the laundry room. It is a nice room. Lots of windows covered with white shades. The washer and dryer has not arrived yet, so the room is empty. I lay down a blanket, strip and set out my supplies: wet wipes, paper towels, poppers, cock ring, and Listerine. I also have my cell phone with me so I can keep track of the time.

There is a front gate to the house. When you lift the latch to come in, it squeaks and I can hear it from the laundry room, so I know when someone is arriving. The next sound I hear is front door opening. It is an exhilarating, dangerous-feeling time.

Having complete strangers show up at a given address and assault your mouth sight unseen is not the stuff for the skittish. I am by no means a hardened whore, but I am a pretty cheeky slut. I love this kind of thing.

In the past I have set it up for one on one and bottomed. I tried setting up a tag team event with me as the bottom slut, but only two guys showed up. In all cases I do it at a house other than my own and wearing a blindfold (unless the top decides, once a session is in play, that he wants me to look into his eyes – this is usually true only in cases where there is a hot connection that includes deep kissing). In any case – this is risky stuff - for them (they have to trust an awful lot – that I am not a mugger) and for me (that they are not a serial killer).

So I have an hour and a half window for my open house. Six guys are scheduled to appear. I don’t pin them down to times… I let it play as it lays – or in this case – as I lay.

I’m on my knees, naked, with a cockring and a blindfold on, with a bottle of poppers waiting at the ready when my first guy arrives. I hear him undress. I take a big hit of poppers. He approaches and I feel the nub of his dick press against my lips. I have him hard as a rock within a minute. He does not want me to use my hand on his dick at all. Every time I try to work his dick with both my hand and mouth, he pushes the hand away. His dick is nice – cut and about six and half inches. His body is in good shape – his ass, rock hard. He is not muscular, but not out of shape. He is covered in fur. I’m a good cocksucker and I work my mouth in as many ways as I can think of… changing up the level of suction, placement of lips and tongue and when deepthroating, constricting my throat like a calf sucking on its mother’s teet. He is loving all of this and becomes quite verbal. He’s also taken control of the poppers, feeding me some now and then. Soon, he gets down on his knees and I am sucking on his nipples and licking one of his arm pits. He seems tall, but I am not a good judge of height when on my knees and blindfolded. He has a full head of hair. He smells clean and sweet, so no issues with hygiene. Then he stands again and I take him home, deepthroating his dick until he buries a load down my throat. He pulls out, and then returns the tip of his dick to my lips. It has a bead of cum on it that I quickly lap up. He repeats this three more times… each drop is delicious. Then he turns and redresses himself. He uses a wet wipe, thanks me twice and is gone. I wait until I hear the latch on the gate. I get up, gargle with the Listerine, wipe down with a wet wipe and return to my blanket.

About ten minutes later the second guy shows up. This is different. He walks over and drops his cargo shorts. They hit the floor with a clank. There’s a nervous vibe about him. I decide to pretend like I am a human glory hole. I open my mouth and in pops his dick. It is rubbery, wrinkly and cold, but somewhat hard, even though he is not erect. I work my magic. He allows me to use my hand, so once hard I use my old hooker’s trick of sucking the dick and then rolling my palm over the head of his dick. I learned about this in one of those Xavier Hollander books that I read when I was a kid, babysitting at a couple of houses. Xavier Hollander is kind of a muse of mine. At the time her books, along with Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid To Ask were staples in many of the homes I babysat at when in junior high. But I digress…

Once hard, this guy's dick is about 7 inches and nicely thick. I like his balls and pull on them as I play, eventually taking a detour to lick and suck on them. I work my hands up his torso. No belly. A little fur. Okay chest. I play with his nips. His ass is oddly shaped, but firm. I don’t get a chance to explore much further, as he shoots his load rather quickly. If the first guy took fifteen minutes, this guy took maybe seven. He makes a little noise when he comes and then a lot of noise after. He is very flushed with the excitement and pulls up his cargo shorts quickly. He wanders around the house a bit, checking out the kitchen and bathroom, taking my Listerine with him. He leaves the Listerine in the bathroom, thanks me and leaves. I don’t hear the gate latch. The gate is open. So now I have no warning system. I lift up the blindfold and start searching for my Listerine.

The CD I have been playing has ended. So I restart it. I find my Listerine and gargle, wipe up with a wet wipe and grab a bottle of water out of the fridge. I contemplate going out, naked and shutting the gate. I open the front door to do so, and… another guy is walking up. I blurt out… sorry dude and head back to the laundry room. So much for anonymity, I’ve seen him

He looked like a surfer dude – deeply tan, with a full head of shoulder length hair. Older, in his late 30’s. And handsome: like seventies movie star handsome. I think this is one of the married men.

I get to my blanket, having slipped the blindfold back over my eyes. I take a hit of poppers. He enters and strips completely. He approaches and I take his dick into my mouth. He is large. Once hard I am guessing 8/8.5 and nicely thick. His body is smooth – hairless. So is his dick. His balls hang loose and low. He is taller than the others and I have to readjust myself in order to get a good angle on his dangle. I feel my way around his body. I can tell that at one point he was a solid mass of muscle. The form is all there. Beautifully shaped ass, broad chest, impressive pecs, fat calves, but it has all gone a bit soft. Still, I luxuriate in it. I also have a bit of trouble deepthroating his wanger. Nice head on that wanger. Would be a fun fuck. He then gets down on his knees and lays back allowing me full access to his junk. I waste no time and now deepthroating is no longer an issue. Saliva control is. I am wetting him down like he’s on fire. Eventually he rolls me on my side and starts fucking my face. I keep trying to right myself enough to position my throat in a way that he has easy access. With a mighty roar he comes…. It is animal. It is fucking hot. I love it. He cleans up, using more paper towels than anyone. I return to my starting position on the blanket; on my knees. I apologize for ‘the mess’ and he says no problem. I’m not sure if he thought I was referring to my anon faux pas or my excessive slobber. He dresses and leaves. I am so turned on.

But no one else shows up. I think when I poked my head out the door, I broke the trust barrier and thus would be rewarded no more cum that day.

Still, three loads is nothing to be ashamed of. And it was a good time. One of them emailed me that he wants a second go. I think two out of the three were married.

I hope I get to do more. Of course, in the near future, I hope to add my ass to the mix.


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