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One of Those Beautiful Days

It was one of those beautiful days; blue skies filled with large white clouds and sunshine. It was late afternoon, going on 4:00 pm by the time I reached the prairie area. I left work for the day looking forward to the long 4th of July weekend and hoping to catch a little sun and fun before the holiday officially began.

As I walked toward the center of the prairie area, I noticed a slim, toned and tanned man with buzzed silver hair and a quick smile wearing a light blue Speedo. He had sunglasses on and said ‘hi’ as I passed. I said ‘hi’ back and continued to my favorite sunning spot.

Once there, I laid out my blanket and began to unpack my stuff; poppers, condom, and lube. I slipped out of my grey shorts, leaving on my socks and running shoes. Despite the hour, the sun was beaming down with a great intensity and it felt great on my body. I had worked out earlier that morning and was feeling good. I douched before leaving work, so I was prepared to have me a good time.

Facing away from the main path, I got on my knees, using the back of my thighs to hold the cheeks of my ass apart. Doing so ensured that anyone passing on the path directly in front of my little grass enclave a glimpse of my personal puckered enclave. Spurting a dab of lavender baby oil gel on my index finger, I smoothed it round my freshly shaved hole. It felt wonderful. I was excited - the anticipation rippling through me like laughter.

Each time someone I found remotely attractive ventured toward me, I would sit up on my knees and apply another generous dollop of the baby oil in the hopes of attracting a little attention. A tall, thin man, with a square jaw, and a moppy head of auburn hair walked past. There was something vaguely European about him. Perhaps it was his swimsuit or his pouty lips or his oversized pair of sunglasses. He looked like a Mick Jagger, circa 1984. I thought he might be in his early forties. In any case… he continued walking, but I gave him a show. Shortly after, a very gruff, barrel-chested man, with a balding head, a thick mustache and a muscular body full of black fur strode by. He avoided me at first by taking another path, but then stopped, saw me and decided to check me out. He got a show, too, pausing just long enough to take it all in before heading off toward the beach area. A few others wandered by, but no one I was interested in. One of them was this pale farmer I met two years ago. I knew him to have a foot fetish, but that was not the part of my body I hoped to titillate this fine day.

I was thinking of pulling up my shorts and checking out some of the other paths when Mr. Jagger reappeared. I repeated my earlier performance and this time he seemed a little more interested. In fact, he continued down an adjoining path and eventually settled in the grassy knoll directly behind my area. There he spread a t-shirt on the ground and sat down.

He was wearing sunglasses so it was hard for me to figure out his interest level. Soon, the muscled furry guy with the mustache returned for another walk around and I took it for granted that something must be up between the two of them. But I was wrong, and after a brief sweep of the area, the mustached one disappeared. That made me a bit braver. I put back on my shorts and tentatively approached Mick Jagger’s lair.

As I peered over the tall grass surrounding him, I noticed he was still sitting on his t-shirt, but his swimsuit was now clutched in his left hand. He cautiously placed the suit over his crotch, but not before I got a glimpse of the nice hard on he was sporting. I smiled. He relaxed, set the swimsuit aside and began stroking his dick. I moved in slowly, eventually getting on my knees before him. I took a short whiff of poppers as he spread his legs wide and without a word spoken between us, I took his dick in my mouth. It was very average in size – probably only 6.5 inches, but it was reasonably thick and quite attractive. I deep throated it with no problem and his moans told me that this was the way to go. I worked the underside of the head of his dick with my tongue and lathered the length of his cock generously with my spit. I was enjoying it, taking my time. I suddenly remembered what fun sucking cock is. Mick surprised me by coming rather quickly. I dutifully swallowed his load and cleaned up his crotch with my mouth and tongue. When done, I stood, turned and returned to my alcove, leaving Mick to put himself back together again. In short order he gathered his things and disappeared. We waved at each other and that was that.

I thought to myself… well, one down.

I hung around my blanket for awhile. Nothing much was happening. In spite of the beautiful sunny day there didn’t seem to be many people about. I wandered over to the other side, where I had first spied the silver haired man. I’d seen his head pop up among the grass from time to time and decided to strike up a conversation. Normally, I am not a very social person. Conversations in a cruising environment like this can be very disconcerting for those hunting for dick, but given that there seemed to be no one else around (save the guy with the foot fetish) I decided ‘what the hell’.

I walked up to the guy’s alcove and there he was: naked, lying on his back, still wearing his sunglasses and, most noticeably, a cockring. He was extremely tan, with a boyish face and a toned, swimmers build. I figured him to be slightly younger than myself, perhaps in his late thirties. His legs were slightly spread. His nice sized dick lay on is abdomen accompanied by a really large nut sack, both just as tan as the rest of him. We made small talk. He claimed to know me and said we had played before. I struggled to remember (ah, the effects of poppers). We talked a bit more, mostly about sex, cops, cruising and outdoor activities. Then he mentioned camping and that rang my bell – it was Kevin. We had met mid-spring at another cruising spot. We had made out, kissed, and sucked each other off. We talked a bit more. He kept saying how there was nothing better than having your cock sucked outside. Taking a hint (for a change), I dutifully sank to my knees and took his semi-hard dick in my mouth. We were having a great time. For some reason I was really getting into sucking dick; taking my time, savoring the experience and allowing my mouth to try all sorts of variations. In a moment he was hard as a rock. At full attention his dick was probably 7.5/8 inches. I sucked his balls and really worked a lot of saliva into the mix. When deep throating his dick I would take it all the way to the base of his dick and then swallow. Guys really seem to enjoy this, as long as no teeth are involved, and since Kevin wasn’t super thick, I had no problem keeping my teeth off him. He really made me work for it. I worked his nips with my fingers and my tongue and then went back to work on his dick. We both seemed relaxed enough with the situation to not be in a hurry or act skittish. The combination of the sun, the sex, the poppers, the nudity… I just absolutely relished it. And so did Kevin.

Holding my mouth all the way down on his dick, Kevin finally shot his load. It was a huge one. I swallowed and then proceeded to do some clean up work with my tongue – something I normally don’t bother with, but I was in a very giving mood. We made more small talk as he stood and slipped on his shorts and shoes and began to pack up his stuff. I mentioned that as much as I was enjoying sucking dick today I was really hoping to get fucked. He agreed, saying there is nothing better than taking it up the ass in the great outdoors.

As we talked, a white-furred, barrel-chested daddy with a goatee walked by and I knew that I would soon have some place else to be. Kevin left and I made my way back to my blanket for my usual clean-up; a deep gargle of Listerine and a wipe down with a disinfecting wipe. I also paused long enough to check if my ass was clean and then re-lubed it. I really wanted to get fucked. But it just didn’t seem to be in the cards… yet. Maybe a certain goateed Daddy would do the trick – the trick being me, of course.

Now when I say Daddy, it has nothing to with age. It has to do with the way they carry themselves. Granted this particular Daddy was definitely my age or a bit older, but he had that air of authority about him – one I planned to respect and obey.

I walked back to the area where the Daddy had set up camp. My first sweep was to just check out what kind of situation his situation was in. Sometimes people come there to sun. Sometimes I’m not their type and their not interested. Sometimes they are there for the same reason I am, which means we are not compatible. I try to be sensitive to the needs of others and not be a bother.

He was lying on his back, naked, his arms at his side. He had on a cockring, so I was pretty sure he was not there just to soak up the sun. He had on sunglasses and the rim of his baseball cap was tipped forward to cover his eyes. He was nice and beefy - the kind of bear I go for. There was something super masculine about him and I dug it. I stood for what seemed like the longest time at the mouth of his enclosure watching him for even the slightest sign of interest or acknowledgement. He didn’t move. I then took a step forward. I imagined myself falling swiftly upon his dick. Would he react in horror? Would he reject me? I took another step forward. What if he wasn’t interested? He’d just gotten there. Maybe he was waiting for a friend or something better to come along. Standing at the foot of his feet (how is that for declension?) I knelt down. Slowly I reached out and touched his dick. His lips parted, but other than that he said nothing, giving me no indication of whether I should stay or go.

So I went for it. I took his soft dick into my mouth. I noticed his hands, large and meaty. I have a thing for masculine hands… they just really get me off. As this seemed to be my day to enjoy sucking dick, I used every trick I had in my bag, swirling my tongue about like a pliable, wet, blender. He responded quickly. At full mast, his dick was about 8 inches. It was fun to play with because it was tapered, growing wider at the base – and even then, not all that wide. Again, I savored the act of sucking cock. Pausing just long enough to take a whiff of poppers, I was quickly swept up in my quest for cum. My hands worked his body – massaging his shoulders and arms, his chest and nipples – while my mouth danced around his dick. At one point, I put my hands in his and he held them tightly. That was just enough for me to give my efforts that extra something that puts a man over the edge. With a low moan, my new-found Daddy let go and shot a hot load deep in my throat. It was wonderful. I was so pleased to please. I began to clean him up and he said thanks. I told him ‘any time’ and made my way back to my blanket on the other side of the prairie.

While I was playing with Daddy, another man had arrived. He had definitely seen me servicing Daddy and I wondered if I would now be viewed as a slut and of no interest to him. Of course I meant to find out. After gargling, wiping down, and re-lubing my ass, I made my way in his direction. He had chosen the spot previously occupied by Kevin. As I walked by I crossed paths with the goateed Daddy, who, dick spent, had packed up and was now headed out. I felt like a total slut, but part of me also didn’t feel too self-conscious about the whole scene. I was going with the flow. Whatever life offered me today, I was going to take it in my mouth and make it blow its load.

The new guy was about six foot, possessing a sturdy body, and a chest of black fur. He wore glasses and a pair of black silk bikini underwear which sported a nice full pouch. It was obvious that he had not spent a great deal of time in the sun, but he had a hearty, healthy appearance about him. He also had a black goatee and a shaved head. As he turned to set something down behind him, I noticed a tattoo on his lower back, right above the band of his underwear. It was of two dolphins swimming in a circle – sort of an aquatic play on the ying and yang symbol. It seemed vaguely familiar and I had to wonder if I had met this man someplace else.

As I was getting my first good look at the new arrival, Kevin suddenly reappeared. We smiled at each other, but said nothing. Kevin resettled into a spot right next to the new guy and suddenly I was at a loss as to how to proceed. I wish there was a book on cruising etiquette. I was in a slutty mood, but didn’t want to be a pushy pig. Kevin certainly had needs, too. I had satisfied some of them, but I bet he would like a nice dick in his pie hole, not to mention his asshole. I wondered: should I back off completely and let Kevin have this one?

At this point it occurred to me that I had been in the direct sun for quite some time, so I took this opportunity to move away and stand in a shaded area, surrounded by trees and deep gullies. Kevin laid down, only occasionally raising his head above his grassy confines to check out what was going on. But Dolphin Man, took note of my move. He remained standing for some time, but seemed reluctant to leave the confines of his abode. So I decided to put on a little show. My shorts were riding really low, so it was very easy to make them ride even lower. Eventually the string that held them at my waist came undone and I just decided to step out of them completely. I relished bending over and picking them up, or tying my shoe laces – making sure that my ass was pointed in the direction of Dolphin Man. He seemed to take this as permission to shed his black silk underwear, but I failed to catch a glimpse of his member, as he immediately sat down. Still his head would pop up from time to time, so I took this as a sign of interest. I put back on my shorts and approached.

We talked. I stayed on the pathway, so as not to intrude on his nudity and he sat on his knees, so that only his head and his upper body were visible. We spoke about the weather, the summer, the upcoming holiday. Then Kevin, who was nude again too, joined the conversation from the safety of his grass cubicle. After explaining that I needed to get out of the sun on occasion for fear of burning, and talking more about activities that were going on over the weekend, the conversation stalled to a natural silence. Kevin laid back down and so did Mr. Dolphin. I was about to move back into the shade when I suddenly decided to go collect my things and set up shop in the spot vacated by Daddy.

Upon my return, my conversation with both Dolphin Man and Kevin resumed … this time steering in a definite sexual direction – perhaps because this time I chose to leave my shorts with my blanket and bare all for all to see. Still, Mr. Dolphin remained on his knees throughout, although I did suspect that he was now playing with his dick a bit. This time, when the conversation hit a lull and Kevin lay back down, I decided to get brave and keep talking to Mr. Dolphin. As I spoke, I took a step forward, and then another and another, until I stood at the mouth of Mr. Dolphin’s enclave.

It was pretty obvious that he had been playing with his dick. It was erect and just as sturdily built as the rest of him. It had a nice upward curve to it and seemed to be about 7 inches long. The most impressive thing about it was its girth. It was set off by a nice fat sack of balls, the sight of which made my mouth water. I didn’t wait for an invitation – I just got on my knees and swallowed the entire length of his dick. The moan that escaped his lips told me that I was on the right path and that’s when the real dialogue began. With each mighty swirl of my practiced tongue, Mr. Dolphin would let out a satisfied sound, the kind that really gets me going. Mr. Dolphin leaned back and let me have full access to all his goods, which I used to both our advantages by alternately going down on his dick and deep kissing his adorable face. He turned out to be a great kisser.

So there I was, on my knees, with a fat dick down my throat and my ass up in the air. I was in pig heaven. The sun was beating down upon my back and I was loving it, totally lost in the moment – when suddenly I feel – exactly what I had been longing to feel – the head of a nice fat dick pressing against my pre-lubed hole. I did’t even have the opportunity to take my mouth off Mr. Dolphin’s dick before I felt that fat beauty spreading the ring of my hole. Once I saw that a condom was in place, I moan my approval and continue to deep throat Mr. Dolphin who is really getting into this scene. As I paused long enough to reach for the poppers to take a big hit (the dick knocking at my back door was of a size that demands a little help from Dr. Poppers), I turned around and saw it was Kevin! I leaned back and thanked him by giving him a big kiss. For the next fifteen minutes I was living some kind of porno dream, being pig roasted in the open under a loving sun.

Kevin is clearly very versatile and throws an incredible fuck, alternating between slow 'n smooth and jackhammer thrusts. At one point he was taking his dick all the way out of my hole and then plowing back inside – only to hold it there and then move into a slow grind. Mr. Dolphin is clearly having a great time, too. Eventually, with just my lips on the very tip of the head of his cock, he shoots his load into my mouth. Once this happens, Kevin ceases banging my hole, explaining that it was too bad he came earlier because he would love to seed my hole. He explains later that seeing my raised, lubed hole sticking up like that, he just couldn’t resist sticking his dick in it.

So now the only questions is… do I get to cum? I sure do, thanks to Mr. Dolphin, who pulls me onto his lap while inserting a finger in my ass. I’m hard as a rock and it only takes a few deep kisses to send me over the top. But the amazing thing is what Mr. Dolphin is doing with his magic finger! He is working my prostate and when it comes time for me to come, the way he is manipulating it causes me to shoot like I haven’t shot since I was sixteen! Gobs and gobs and it shoot all over the place with an urgency that makes me giddy and proud.

Everybody cleans up and packs up. We laugh. We share plans for the weekend. I repeatedly thank them. We then all go our separate ways - no one smiling more than I. It was an amazing two hours of summer bliss.

And I have never been happier – ever!

PS – the pics enclosed are of me taken at the prairie where this story took place

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