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Kristine W Scores Another #1 Dance Hit, Her 15th to Date!

This week, Kristine W scored her 15th #1 on Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs Chart. Her latest single, "The Power of Music" ascended 2-1, having achieved this feat in a mere 7 weeks. The Dance/Club Play Songs Chart has been in action since 1974, and as of now, based on Billboard Magazine’s records, she’s tied with Mariah Carey for third place as the artist having the most #1’s. Madonna, with a whopping 40 hits on this chart, holds first place, with Janet Jackson coming in second with a total of 19.

It should be noted that the Dance/Club Play Songs Chart is rather unique, as it is determined by club DJs each week and not based on sales or airplay. Critics see this as an unreliable method for ranking the popularity of a given dance song and, if you remember the payola scandals that resulted in rigged charts during the early days of rock and roll, they may have a point. However, there is no reason to believe that anything untoward is going on in the world of dance – at least not regarding this chart. However, if you look at it another way, the chart and its method of determining who’s on top makes perfect sense. Clubland is the heart of what dance is all about. It is ground zero. The DJs know what’s hot and what’s trash bin fodder. No, it’s not like the other charts, but then, why does it need to be? Keep in mind that no other music has the kind of outlet that dance does – the dance floor. It is totally unique. How do you measure that? You rely on the people who rule it and please remember that - to borrow a line from P!nk – God Is a DJ! The fact that dance music has survived and evolved for as long as it has demonstrates its power as an art form. Surviving the disco back-lash of the late 70’s was no small feat, but such wide spread mainstream disdain is exactly the reason the concept of Clubland came into being. It’s a fascinating, somewhat insular, fringe-world with a history unlike anything in popular music.

There is an excellent interview with Kristine on Billboard Magazine’s website, which can be found here:

So be sure to check it out.

And here is a link to her official website, featuring lots of photos, news, videos and music:

I guess the video and single for “Power of Music” is getting a lot of attention overseas, so here is hoping that Kristine gets to enjoy a more mainstream success.

In 1994 "Feel What You Want", Kristine’s first hit, climbed to the summit of Billboard's Dance/Club Play Songs Chart. Of her 16 chart entries, only 2006's "I'll Be Your Light" fell short, peaking at #2. That ended a string of nine consecutive #1’s, which currently qualifies her as the dance artist having the most consecutive hits. "The Power of Music" marks her sixth consecutive No. 1 since that time and only time will tell if she will beat her own record. For the decade of 2000-2010, Kristine came in third place, behind Beyonce and Madonna as Best of 2000’s Dance/Club Play Artists. Not bad company, huh?

Here’s a list of all of Kristine’s hits:

1994 - Feel What You Want
1996 - One More Try
1997 - Land of the Living
2000 - Stronger
2001 - Lovin' You
2003 - Some Lovin' - Murk vs. Kristine W
2003 - Fly Again
2004 - Save My Soul
2005 - The Wonder of It All
2006 - I'll Be Your Light
2007 - Walk Away - Tony Moran feat. Kristine W
2008 - The Boss
2008- Never
2009 - Love Is the Look
2009 - Be Alright
2010 - The Power of Music

I’m kind of a Billboard Magazine chart freak. I love this type of trivia, so thank you for putting up with me as I indulge in yet another of my passions.

Have a great weekend!

And congrats to Kristine W.

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