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The Right Size Tool For the Job: Fun in the Sex Garage

There’s this guy that responded to a CL ad of mine a while back. We kept emailing back and forth trying to figure out a time that would work for both of us. This Sunday it finally happened – and it was so worth the wait.

The original CL ad was for “Garage Service”, which is a scene where basically I ask for dudes to come over to my garage and fuck me. Sometimes it works out pretty sweet, other times it is a total waste of time. The biggest time wasters (after the pic collectors) on CL are those who reply to an ad, but are unable to make it on the date and time described in the ad. They dangle the promise of some future, undefined time when they would sure love to do what I have suggested in the ad. They don’t have the time right now, but are so supposedly turned on by the ad that they feel compelled to write me. They then proceed to eat up my time by asking me a bunch of questions and requesting more pics of me. Usually they send pics and stats, so I don’t doubt the authenticity of their emails or for that matter their sincerity. But seriously? Why bother? If the ad sets a specific parameter of time for the described activity and you can’t make it – why throw your hat in the ring? Sure, it would make sense if there was any chance that some future hook-up date would actually materialize, but in reality the return rate is way less than ten percent.

It was with a great deal of trepidation that I continued my email exchange with this guy I finally met on Sunday. Seems that we both suffer from the issue of limited availability, so actually arriving at a meeting time and date took a good month. All that time the little voice in my head kept telling me “this is never going to happen”. That voice is usually right, but, thankfully, not in this case.

Emailing back and forth, we whittle our way to a set time and place: mid-afternoon, his garage. We also decide on a few other things. I will drive into the garage – naked, where he will then rape my ass. I’m hot to do this, and all I have seen of this dude are a couple of dick pics! But based on his stats – H/W proportionate, in good shape, over 40, 8+ dick – and his general enthusiasm for my ass, I trust that this is something worth seeing through.

I do my prep work, get in my car and arrive with about a minute to spare. Parking at the curb just to the east of the entrance to his alley, I remove all my clothes, careful that no one observes me doing so. Bare-assed, I tool down the alley and discover that the door to the designated garage is wide open. There’s a vehicle parked on one side, inside the garage. Trusting the universe, I drive in and park next to it. The door immediately descends behind me, sealing me in. There’s sufficient daylight streaming through the one window, but overall the garage is quite dark. I look around, a bit confused before realizing that there is a dude in a baseball cap and a white t-shirt sitting in the driver’s seat of the car next to me. He’s grinning like a madman, and when he raises his hips up to the steering wheel I start grinning, too; dude is sporting one hot, thick mofo disco stick. I want it.

He gets out of his vehicle first. Besides the b-ball cap and the white t-shirt he is also wearing jeans – inconveniently wrapped around his ankles. Awkwardly, he makes his way to in front of the side door, which is closed. Grabbing my poppers, I join him. He’s stroking that massive cock of his with a big shit-eating grin on his handsome mug. He has a good three days worth of stubble on his face, but it goes well with his overall energy and the twinkle in his eye. It just adds to his hotness level; think “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” – only in this case the golden idol that Indy has in his hands is a big, fat cock.

Immediately he starts calling the shots, ordering me to suck his dick. Crouching before him in a flash, I don’t even bother with poppers at this point, because, in awe of my luck and his beautiful dick, I’m terrified if I don’t respond quickly enough this vision of hunkiness will evaporate. Fucker’s cock is huge – much longer and thicker than his dick pics or modest estimation indicated. Working my lips past the head, he releases this monster into my custody. My senses are in overdrive – so much to take in. I slobber all over that mother, licking his balls and swallowing as much of it as I can handle. He has a great voice and an easy smile. I like and trust him instantly.

Easing his white t over his head he exposes a chest full of curly, light brown hair. My hands immediately move up to his nips. So very manly and sexy as hell. He asks me when was the last time I got to play with such a big dick and my mind races back to a time late last fall when this handsome bicyclist with a big nine-incher fucked me under a bridge. “Last fall,” I manage to choke out. Reaching over my back, he works a digit into my primed hole. I gasp. He’s so fucking sure of himself, so in command. “I gotta have some of that hot ass.” Dude doesn’t need to ask twice.

Ordering me to lean on the hood of his car, I stand and turn around. A little fearful of the impact his big cock could have on my hole, I caution him to go slow. He does and after a bit of initial wincing, my ass relaxes and I’m able to accommodate all of him. The width of his dick stretches the rim of my hole to breaking point and I just have to have a hit of poppers. The poppers I have are old, and not all that potent, but they are enough to do the trick (so to speak). Soon I’m working my ass back and forth along the full length of his fuckstick with ease, giving him the go ahead to commence some serious fucking. And he does; deep and sure – it’s ram and jam time.

The entire time he is working my hole he’s talking shit about getting another big dicked top to come to his garage to use my ass. I play along; the idea does have its appeal and I am not at all opposed to multiple playmates. As he is pile driving my ass, I arch up and lean back. Soon his lips find mine and we are exchanging hot, staccato breaths along with our porno dreams. He’s very complimentary throughout our play date; seems the dude really digs my ass for some reason. I don’t see it at all – I mean, I am of a certain age and gravity has certainly taking its toll, along with that fucking 8-hours-a-day desk job I muddle through during the week. But here I am, naked in a garage, bent over the hood of some dudes car with one of the finest tools I have ever laid hands on up my ass, so I just go with it. The porn talk continues to build in intensity. Before I know it he is talking about a group of guys lining up to fuck my hole. Staying in my role as bottom slut, I talk some shit which sends him over the edge. He dumps his load deep in my gut. It’s fucking hot, for sure, but even he thinks it was too soon and says as much.

But it’s cool, because as soon as we both catch our breath and make sure his dick is nice and clean, I’m back, crouched before him, slobbering on his knob. This time, he’s sitting in a chair telling me that if I keep it up he’ll have another go at my ass. I haven’t shot my load yet, so that’s enough to inspire me to put in a little effort; very little, as it turns out. In a matter of a minute, he is back at full mast, hard as a rock. Figuring I’ll change it up a bit, I heave myself up, placing my feet on the outer sides of his thighs. This is heaven for a bottom – to have a rock hard, thick dick poised and ready, waiting for you to slide down on. I grab the back of the chair and slowly, very slowly, work my hole down the length of his monster meat. As I reach the base, I feel a pop, like something locking into place – it’s weird and comforting at the same time, as if to signify: goal achieved. With his encouragement, I remain seated on his cock for a bit, enjoying it’s fullness up inside of me. My knees are up by my ears as I begin to slowly ascend. He’s loving all this tension, telling me what a fine, tight ass I have. Soon I’m bouncing up and down on his dick for all I’m worth, my head falling back as hot gasps of air escape my gaping mouth. My dick slides, pressed along his furry chest and I am thinking it might be possible for me to cum from the friction alone. Frequently, I’m surprised by my own dexterity and today is no exception. Having exhausted this position, I can tell that he wants to be in charge again. I disengage and move to in front of his car.

Resuming the position, with my dick in my hand, he mounts me again and we fall into some hot rhythms, mixing it up real nice. Given the limitations of the situation (no place to lie down) we manage just fine. His porn talk turns to a scenario where we are two buddies working on our cars on a sweet Sunday afternoon, both horny as hell and needing to fuck. My legs are spread wide as he rams away, fucking the cum right out of me. It hits the dirty concrete between my legs with a series of satisfying splats and I feel every inch the porno bottom bitch this dude has made me out to be.

I never get that second load from the dude, but I do get a lot of promises of a return invitation. He’s serious about me finding a second big dicked top to share my ass with. I never hold my breath regarding such promises, but this guy sure seems sincere. Maybe I’ll put out an ad on craigslist for our next get together, if and when it gets planned.

I hand him a wet wipe – always the boy scout, I cum prepared. As we clean up, he again he tells me how much he is looking forward to our next encounter. I nod my head and smile as I get dressed. Conversation flows pretty easily between us – I guess talking like a porn star loosens one’s tongue. Both dressed, he opens the garage door. We say our good-byes and I back out.

Whether or not I ever see him again remains to be seen. But I quite like the idea of his garage hosting a bunch of tops to use my holes. Add Image

Hey, dudes? Line forms in the rear (so to speak).

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BlkJack said...

What a hot scene! Had a boner the entire time. Can't wait to see if he arranged a follow-up session.