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Three Ways to Sunday

Sunday afternoon, one of my favorites hit me up on-line. We’ve known each other for several years now. I used to play with his partner, a man we’ll call To Sir With Love; a dom sweetheart of a man with a full beard and a quick smile. He’s into leather, glory holes, and role play. I’d been playing with TSWL for about two years – very on and off – when he suggested a three-way with his partner, whom we’ll call Little Dom. Little Dom is a short, bald otter with a very nice body and a commanding manner. He’s also a really nice guy. At the initial three-way I would have to honestly say that I felt we didn’t exactly hit it off. There was some weird tension in the bedroom – part of it deriving from the fact that I didn’t know how comfortable Little Dom was with the whole scene. But we played nice and everyone got their cookies.

And then I didn’t hear from them for about a year. Surprised? No, not really. I find that once a couple invites you in to play, a second invitation isn’t likely to come – ever. There have been exceptions, four couples, to be exact, but for the most part – three-ways with established couples are usually a one off thing.

Now, during that year, To Sir With Love would talk to me on-line whenever we came across one another, but scheduling time with him alone proved difficult. We only saw each other three times that fourth year. This was always in the basement of his new home; a real classic beauty designed by a very famous architect. We’d play on a weight bench. Sometimes he would sort of tie me up or try to suspend me from the rafters, and once he put me in this cubby with a hole cut in the door – his version of a glory hole. It was all fun and games and nothing dangerous at all, for To Sir With Love has one of the kindest hearts ever. He’s about 6’2” with a salt and pepper beard, a head full of fine, wispy hair, and a nice furry chest. He’s one of those guys with whom one can feel totally at ease with.

But playtime with To Sir With Love becomes non-existent in the fifth year and I just chalk it up to changing tastes and the fact that I no longer see him on-line.

So, the next year there’s a dude keeps inviting me over to his house. However, since there is no face pic involved, I am a little hesitant, and always beg off. The body shots are hot – nice, tight, otter bod. And I like his attitude. So after a few months of connect and deflect, he lays it on the line – it’s Little Dom, To Sir With Love’s partner! They have an open relationship (always have), so since there’s no fear on my part that TSWL will be upset or feel betrayed, I set up a play date. Since then, Little Dom and I see each other four to six times a year and it is always well worth the drive.

Little Dom is a compact cutie who stands about 5’8”. He works out and I really dig the texture of his skin and his nice little hairless ass. From the moment we got together by ourselves, we were firing on all cylinders. Sex with him is always very vigorous, athletic and verbal. Usually it involves a lot of poppers, too. He’s a great little top, and loves encouraging his ‘boy’.

I get over to his place on Sunday much later than either of us had hoped. We decide to play on the three season porch because of the weather and something about being naked on that screened enclosure pushes all my buttons and I am just horny as hell.

I take my time sucking his dick. It’s as cute as the rest of Little Dom, probably about 7”, but always nice and hard. There is a very relaxed vibe in the air and we both seem to be going with the flow. When he moves on to fucking me, he’s very complimentary and really taking his time. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy a top who takes their time getting in there. On occasion I like a nice fast slam/bam, but those that take their time and explore the various sensations a dick in an ass can create? They are tops (in both senses of the word) in my book. Note: There are poppers in the room, but neither of us seems interested, for we’re much more intent on staying in the moment and experiencing each other fully. We play for about a half an hour on the porch – he fucks me every which way we can think of me – me on top, doggy-style, me on my back, side saddle, etc. And it all takes place at a very intense, but leisurely pace. Oh, the kissing – I forgot to mention that; Little Dom is a great kisser. We seem real in-tune on that level and it adds a lot to our play.

At the thirty minute mark, Little Dom suggests that we retire to a back bedroom to finish playing. I don’t know if he was suddenly concerned about the neighbors or what, but I always do whatever he says, so, naked, off we toddled. Once in the bedroom, play resumes. Only, Little Dom makes the mistake of kneeling on the bed with his ass in the air and I, feeling wicked, decide to see how far I can push him. See, Little Dom is okay with having his ass played with – in fact, when I first met him – during that initial three way with To Sir With Love?, I thought he was a bottom. He’s not. But he does like his ass played with and eaten. Earlier, on the three season porch, while sucking his dick, I’d also moved down and ate his ass a bit. He was sitting on the couch and I was on my knees before him, between his spread legs. I simply rolled him back and up and kept slurping away, eventually zeroing in on his little red pucker. He enjoyed it immensely and that got me rock hard, so much so, I almost wanted to attempt fucking him right then and there. But I resisted. That is, until we got to the back bedroom.

So there he is, kneeling on the bed, his fine little hairless ass in the air and I just grab hold and eat him big time. He’s definitely enjoying it and I decide to take it a step further. I turn the tables on him and get all dom, telling/asking him if I can stick my dick in him. He doesn’t seem too resistant to the idea, and I proceed. His little hole is so fucking tight, I barely get half my dick in him and he’s over it. But it was hot. He then resumes the dom role, and away we go. Fifteen minutes later, he’s fucking me doggy, with me facing the door, when who should appear in the doorway, but To Sir With Love!

TSWL walks over, with a sly smile on his face. I am busy getting my ass majorly assaulted and can’t even muster up a ‘hello’, as I’m too busy grunting and making other sounds. He unzips and offers up his dick. I take him in my mouth and this seems to send both Little Dom and myself into gay porn heaven. Little Dom’s pace and intensity pick up and I am just enjoying the hell out of being totally pig roasted by two of my favorite dudes.

I am working all my magic on To Sir With Love’s dick when Little Dom shoots his load. After, he backs off, and lies on the bed watching me suck off his partner. I stay on all fours because - hey it was working for me, so why mess with the configuration? Well, To Sir With Love is proving to be a hard sell, and I am really having to work his dick like a pro and in the process I work myself into a major sweat. Next thing I know, Little Dom is up and back in my ass, pounding away! Within ten minutes he cums a second time and, again, lies back down on the bed and watches. After that, TSWL takes matters into his own hand and strokes a nice load of cum into my eager, slut mouth.

Well, needless to say, I am very sweaty (hey, I work hard for what I want) and very excited. On my knees, I lean back and with much encouragement from Little Dom, I jerk myself off, delivering a nice load all over my stomach and thighs.

All in all, a very pleasant surprise!

I retire to shower and clean up. We kiss our good-byes and I head home. They are such sweet guys and I never have any complaints or concerns when I leave their company. And that’s the joy of casual sex with dudes whom you have a little history with – there’s comfort to be found in the familiar, and, as my little adventure on Sunday demonstrates, the familiar can also keep delivering pleasant and exciting surprises.

Needless to say I do hope I get invited back again soon.

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