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TMI: Do You Have A Shoe Fetish?

Got a kick out of doing this last week, so decided to add this to my rotation.  

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information

This week's topic: Do you have a shoe fetish?

How many shoes (i.e.: all footwear) do you possess?
4 pairs of running shoes
1 Pair Black Ankle High Hiking Boots (like new because I never wear them – they are heavy)
1 Pair of Black Calf High Fuck-Me Boots (for leather nights and bath houses, and Mr. Dungeon Master),
1 Pair of Grey and Army Green Hiking Boots (never worn – they are SO stiff)
3 pair of what I call ‘cripple boy shoes’ – ankle high lace-up boots with eyelets (one of the pairs is still in the box, never worn)
3 pair of brown (various shades) slip-on dress shoes
3 pair of brown (various shades) lace-up dress shoes
5 pair of black slip-on  dress shoes (2 of which I have never worn)
2 pair of lace-up
2 pair of black show boots
1 pair of grey suede sneakers
1 pair of tan corduroy slippers
1 pair brown cowboy boots (for shit-kicking)

28 total?  There are probably more, but I am going from memory here.

I tend to stockpile shoes when they are on sale and they are something I feel comfortable wearing, hence the shoes that have never been worn. 

I tend to wear my shoes to death… beyond the point where they offer any support.  The heels are the first to go.

I love polishing my boots and dress shoes.
How does wearing shoes make you feel?
Protected.  Sometimes fashionable.  Typically butch.  Sexual only when I am wearing my kick-ass boots. 

What is the most you have spent on a pair of shoes?
$56.00 – I kid you not (a pair of Marc Anthony cripple boy boots).  I am not someone who buys expensive shoes.  I check the clearance shelves at Kohls.  I also buy used; hey, they’re new to me!

Do you have a favorite pair?
Yes.  My Kick-Ass Boots.  I only wear them on special occasions and the context is purely sexual.  Mr. Dungeon Master admires them, so I think they… well, kick ass.

What are your feet most comfortable in?
Cripple Boy Boots.  Hiking Boots.  Running Shoes.  I also like slippers. 

 Flip flops (betweens the toes) or sandals?
Neither.  Ick.  Seriously hate flip flops on EVERYBODY.  No one should wear them, ever – not in public and NOT AT THE OFFICE!!!   I dislike sandals on everyone except very elegant women wearing summer dresses sipping Mojitos on the veranda.

Why?  Most people’s toes and toe nails and feet are nasty.  Nasty, nasty, nasty.  Don’t be showing off your toenail fungus, your yellow, curled nails, your crusty ass heels.  That said… I do have a bit of a foot fetish, and when I am in the heat of things?  All those objections listed go out the window.  Go figure.

Do you match your belt to your shoes?
Typically, yes.  And with my outfit.  When wearing dress clothes (I rarely wear patterns, just solids), I choose brown if wearing browns, greens, reds, or yellows.  Blue, black, purple?  Black belt, black shoes.
Jeans are always worn with boots.  I will wear brown boots with black jeans that are grainy.  Solid black jeans get black boots. 

My sole exception to the brown belt/brown shoes – black belt/black shoes rule?  I have this kick ass black leather belt with turquoise and silver studs that an ex brought me back from Greece.  I will wear that with my brown cripple boy boots on occasion, because I really like that damn belt (not so much the ex).

Crocs are...
…creatures that live in the Everglades or the Swamps of Louisiana, eat hillbillies, dogs, and are used (sadly) to make belts , purses, and shoes (but, surprisingly, not CROCS). 

How have you used shoes/boots in sexual scenarios?
Have you met me?  Have you read my blog? 

I have worshipped boots on a hot dom… many times. 

One time in particular comes to mind.  This dude was a total stud; wearing black boots, a leather jock, and a harness.  Seated in this giant cushy chair, he sat spread-eagled and had me lick every inch of his muscled self.  When I got to the boots, he spit on me and the boots and made me lick it all up.  I humped those boots.  He pressed them firmly against my jocked junk just to the point of pain.  I shot my load all over them (at his command) and had to lick that up as well.  He ended up giving me a hot facial.
I loved that scene.  It was so primal.  And I think that was the first time boots came into play for me.  Needless to say, I get a tingle being around hot muscled dudes in black boots.  And a black dude in boots? Grrrrrrr!  I just want to serve and honor them and be obedient.  Good boys get rewards.  Bad boys get spanked.

Sometimes, it’s good to be bad.

Eh, now you got me all in a fucking sexual tizzy. 

I’m gonna go polish me some boots and listen to some Pretenders.

(Wait... Did I get off topic?)

‘Bad Boys Get Spanked’ by The Pretenders


Anonymous said...

just have a foot fetish

O!Daddie now at said...

hilarious... 'have u met me?' 'have u read my blog?' LO-FKING-L

Stan said...

I don't get off on feet at all but like you I love worshiping a Dom's boots. I also love getting fucked wearing work boots or sneakers.

SEAN said...

Great answers! and pics.

SEAN said...

The link works!

whkattk said...

Oh, the men's clothing industry would be sorely disappointed in me.

1 pair of sneakers
2 pair black loafers (1 for work, 1 for dress)
1 pair grey capeezio's
1 pair hiking boots

That's it. My total inventory. If I can, I'm barefoot.

The rest of my closet is just as scarce. 1 black suit, 2 sportscoats, a few pair of dress pants. Maybe 10 dress shirts - the rest is jeans and t-shirts.

I like to think of it as "low maintenance." LOL.

Skilled4Men said...

Well, I think I've got every category covered here... and an ever-evolving selection of flip-flops! (I attribute that to both location AND Foot Fetish!)

BlkJack said...

I love this post. Besides sexy, colorful underwear, shoes are next to what i love for myself and on men. After i check out a nice bulge, i look to see what he has on his feet. I don't care wheather he spends $2.00 or $1000 if they are not clean and polished i will form an opinion. Btw, i will still suck his cock, regardless of shoe condition. Lol.