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2013 Twin Cities Gay Pride Parade

Yep, I went.  I saw.  I took photos.  

Managed to shake hands with Al Franken and Mayor R.T. Rybak.  Got several hugs. Got hit on once (I was wearing my Piggly Wiggly t-shirt).  Paired up with a quartet of tipsy ageless lesbians and we have a date for 9:00 am at the same spot next year.  

It was a long ass parade: short on drag queens, short on circuit boys, and not exactly what I would call a 'tight formation'.  

But it was Gay Pride.  It was our pride.

Click on any image to see it full-sized.

This was one of my favorites.

 I have a crush on this little ginger dude behind the lady in blue. 
 If anyone knows him, hook me up!

 For Ray:  A couple of cowboys!

Former Minnesota Viking's Chris Kluwe 
served as this year's Grand Marshal.

 This lady is responsible for getting the Vikings a new stadium... 
a stadium we taxpayers will be paying for forever.

 For Ray: The Wells Fargo Wagon!

 Lots of dogs in the parade.  I felt so sorry for them, 
as it was quite hot and they all seemed so thirsty.

I think this is a take-off on 'Reno 911',
but I have no idea what that little beard thing is 
sticking on his crotch.

 I'm not sure what he's advertising, 
but paint me curious yellow!

 This gentleman entertained the crowd doing 
an erotic variation of  'The Truffle Shuffle'

 This is Senator Scott Dibble and his partner Richard Leyva, 
and Representative Karen Clark and her partner Jacquelyn.  
Scott and Karen were instrumental in 
getting the gay marriage bill passed this year.

This lady has no top on!  
But you have to give her props 
for doing the whole parade in those shoes.

This poor bride had a mini-anxiety attack 
and had to take a break.   Every child that 
saw her wanted their picture taken with her.  
And obviously,that little boy is going to ask 
an awful lot of questions when he gets home!

 Another one of my favorites!

 Best costume!

 The man on the right is responsible for the 
Friday and Saturday night 'Warehouse Parties'.

 Finally, some beefcake.

Happy 2013 Gay Pride, everybody!


John said...

I agree, not enough beefcake or drag queens --though I LOVED the 'wedding cake' queen. And you would think a gay parade would have more gaw-jess floats, right? And this parade definitely needs to 'tighten up.' Oh, well Happy Pride! P.S. Too many church groups.

Stan said...

Great post! Thanks for the pix. Looks like it was a fun time for all.

Stan said...

btw: hearing the bikers coming always get my motor running!

whkattk said...

I'll have to disagree with John (above) about too many church groups. I'll say, not enough of them. Organized religion has been responsible for 90% of the oppression of gay people. In fact, no matter how much the legal teams file using civil rights as the basis, the laws restricting gay marriage and same-sex couples adopting children stems from a basis of organized religion quoting Bible passages and touting their moral standards. So, it really is an issue of them cramming their religious beliefs down everyone else's throats. The more that organized religion comes to accept that two men (or women) can form a loving, committed relationship, the better.
Sorry for the rant! I'm glad you had a good time despite the lack of beefcake!

John said...

I agree with you, whkaattk, I just meant the church groups are boring. They never wear costumes or make a float, they all just schlump down the street in their boring, straight drag. It's a PARADE! Dress up! Do something interesting! That's all I meant.