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TMI Questions: How Do You Like….?

Picky?  Fickle?  Choosy?  Discerning?  

If you'd asked me before answering this week's TMI Questions, I would have said.... 'Who? Me?  No Way!'

But now?  Now, I'm not so sure.

Is it a matter of taste?  Age?  Experience?  

Now?  All I want to know is: How Do You Like... now?

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information


TMI Questions: How Do You Like….?

Your coffee?

One cup in the morning, before 7:00 am.  Black.  Columbian.  Must be fresh. Preferably the first cup out of the pot. 

At home, I turn off the coffee maker right after it brews.  I dislike coffee that sits on a heating unit; it burns the coffee, altering the flavor.  I also dislike microwaved coffee.

If, on some rare occasion, I want a treat or am sitting at a coffee shop - (which, I suspect, will be the case this winter, since that is the time I tend to write more and get to be outside less) - and decide to have a coffee it would be: a decaf (if decaffeinated using a natural process) latte, 2% Milk, with a quarter shot of caramel (I don’t like it sweet). 

My favorite coffee?  It’s at Eli’s in downtown Minneapolis.  Perfect roast, always hot, and the perfect end to a meal there.  I will put half and half in it as a treat. 

I won’t drink coffee just to have coffee.  I’d rather do without, and have a glass of water.  Or herbal tea.

Pet Peeve: Worst coffee?  Those crap-pocinos that Starbucks, McDonalds and the like foist on the public.  Sugared-up frozen garbage, that’s what they are. 

Also – flavored coffees like: Chocolate-Cherry Vanilla-Crème Brulee-Dutch Apple hybrids.  Blech.

Your sandwich cut? In half, square or diagonal? Crust or no crust?

Diagonal.  I like stacking it off-kilter on a plate like it was being photographed. It makes me feel like I know how to cook (seriously – I am that delusional in the kitchen).

Definitely with crust.  Love crust.  I usually toast the bread, so the crust plays an important part in the crunch/fiber factor.

Current faves:
Toasted Cheese (Swiss, Cheddar, Provolone, or Marble) on Whole Grain
Toasted Rye with sprouts, tomato, and avocado
Toasted 9-Grain with Seeds and natural peanut butter

Pet Peeve: Soggy bread.  Mayo.  Excessive condiments (I don’t use them).  Meat. Soggy vegan/grilled vegetable sandwiches.  Tuna fish and egg salad made with too much mayo or greek yogurt.

Your coffee or tea?

After my one cup of coffee in the morning, I typically drink lemon herbal tea all day long.  It makes me happy and I like the hot liquid in my throat.  It also helps with my sinus issues.  I bet I drink at least seven cups throughout my workday (plus lots of water).

Pet Peeve:  Restaurants that don’t offer herbal tea.  Decaf tea is not the same as herbal tea.  Also – restaurants that offer chamomile tea as their only herbal choice.  What?  Do I look like I want to fall asleep?  What do you mean, ‘calm down’?

Your alcoholic beverages?

I’ve become rather singular in my alcoholic desires.  Keep in mind that I probably have two drinks a month, tops.

Boodles (or Hendricks) gin martini, up, side of ice, three olives (plain).  It must be super cold.  When that first sip hits the back of my throat?  I swear my head expands for five minutes.  Love that feeling, especially when the drink is well-deserved.

I like my booze straight forward and unadorned.  The sole exception: Bloody Marys – which I have made with gin. I like all the little food things you get with them – cheese chunks, celery, pepperoncini, etc., along with the spicy tomato mix.

Pet Peeves: Dislike flavored vodka things and sweet drinks, along with those well-meaning people who think I should give them a try.  That’s a little like being gay and being told ‘You just haven’t met the right girl, yet’.

Your ice-cream served: cup, cone, soft or hard?


I don’t eat ice cream these days.  Whenever someone offers me ice cream with pie or cake, I always decline.  I don’t have it in the house, either.  Never have. It is not on my radar.

When I did eat ice cream, I liked those small, brown sugar, waffle cones.  Those huge things they serve today?  What is up with that?  It’s gross.

Vanilla was always my go-to flavor, though I did like nuts in it or fruit/fruit infused ice cream.  And it had to be the real thing – no chemicals, additives, pseudo-dairy substitutes or artificial anything

Dairy queen soft serve vanilla.  Otherwise hard.

Pet Peeve: Ice cream with candy bits (gummy worms, Skittles, peanut butter cups, etc.).  Hey, if you want that, go eat a candy bar.

And… People who think they can eat ice cream anywhere – such as while shopping for clothing.  Really?  Yeah, you dripping chocolate schmootz all over those cashmere sweaters your grubby hands are pawing through?  Yeah, that’s really helpful to the merchants.  Get a clue.

Your hair–long or short? Up or down? Straight or curly? Permed or natural?

What hair?

What’s left is buzzed down to nothing daily. I have come to appreciate my chrome dome.  Saves a lot of money and time.

Do I wish I had hair?  Yeah, of course. But there’s an upside to not having it, too.  Like not having to deal with people cutting your hair.  Or buying shampoo.  Or hair product.  Or looking like you belong in a boy band.

Pet Peeve:  Ball caps are designed to fit people with hair.  Therefore, they ride on top of my ears and that hurts.  They also look bad (ill-fitted, wrinkly).  Maybe it’s just me.  I might have a small head.

Your cell phone?

I just upgraded to a new Motorola Droid RAZR (CE0168) 4G Lite Verizon – and, yes, I am aware that it is already obsolete. 

I haven’t warmed to it yet.  I keep it charged and have taken a few pics of my dogs with it.  Otherwise, I use it to text (infrequently) and answer calls (hardly ever).  I simply don’t care for phones.  I feel they are a means of communication that is unnecessary.  I’d rather email.

Pet Peeve: Other people’s cell phone use.  What is wrong with you?  While you drive?  Really?  You can merge onto the highway with that phone planted in your left ear?  And those of you who text while driving – you are one accident away from having your own PSA on the television!

I once witnessed a dude on his cell phone approach a pharmacy cashier, fling money at her, never greet her, never speak a word to her.  It was appalling to watch.  Dude was talking to his friend about some pussy he got the previous night, so it wasn’t even an important call. 

Cell phones have created a whole new generation of rude and reckless behavior. 

I hate them. (Except when dudes take pics of themselves in the bathroom mirror.  Love those!)

Your computer?

Dell Laptops.  I keep upgrading, giving my old ones to nieces in need.

Tried others, including Apple products, but, eh.  For what I use it for, Dell has what I need.

I have one for work, one for home, and one in the trunk of my car.

I keep them pretty simple.  I don’t play games.  I don’t watch movies on them.  I don’t do any of the usual facebook/social media stuff.  And as of three months ago, I no longer use them to visit gay sites to hook-up.  I write (Wonderland Burlesque is a type of writing exercise for me).  That’s all I do with them.  Plus work-related spreadsheets and the like.  Email.  Some budget stuff. 

I never know when I will have an opportunity to write, so I have fashioned my life so I have access to a laptop at all times. 

Pet Peeve: Wireless internet servers that need to be re-booted to ensure maximum speed.  Coffee shops don’t seem to understand that you need to do that on occasion.  And, sometimes, trying to explain this to the baristas is like talking to a mounted deer head. 

Your web browser?

Explorer: Huffington Post, Billboard Magazine, The A.V. Club, Amazon

Chrome: Blogger, Hotmail, Porn Blogs

Pet Peeve: Chrome behaves differently in relation to Blogger on all three of my laptops.  It is weird.  Fonts, alignment, uploading, etc.  Always problematic.  And always an issue when I am in a hurry.

Your car?

I have a 2005 Silver Saturn Ion that I have maintained to the utmost of my ability. I have taken it to the same certified shop since day one. It has great get-up-and-go power.  It is paid for.  I love it. 

I used to lease a new Saturn every three years, which was nice; I liked having a new car. And I probably would have continued to do so, but GMC bought the brand, proceeded to over-design the crap out of them, lowered the MPG, and raised the price, until Saturn lovers said, “Screw this.”

I saw the writing on the wall in 2009/2009.  I did a test drive of a couple of the new models and decided I better stick with what I had.  Glad I did.

I keep it as clean as possible.  No trash.  No smudginess.  I wipe things down all the time.  I don’t eat in it.  No smoking (of course).  The dogs are a little hard on it (one sheds a lot).  And there tends to be a lot of nature-related debris (leaves, twigs, pebbles) and the like on the seats and floor boards which I have dragged in when hiking. 

I love washing it and vacuuming it out at home.

I love that most of the body (with the exception of the hood and roof) is made of plastic.

I wish GMC had never bought Saturn and trashed the brand.   

Favorite vehicle ever: an old Ford pickup.  Loved that thing... to death.  It was an old landscaping truck and I just loved it.  Appealed to the country boy in me.   

Pet Peeve:  City/State/Nation Park Stickers, which are stuck in the lower right hand side of my windshield, have left this weird, opaque adhesive aftermath.  I have yet to tackle this.  Anyone have any suggestions or experience dealing with this issue?  It’s unsightly.

Your sex? Position? How often? Mild or wild? One or more?

Doggy-Style (standing up or on all fours), Missionary, any which way.  Tops get extra points for creativity and comfort.

How often?
Used to be almost every day (see past posts dealing yearly sex stats), but, I have gotten much better about controlling my impulses.  Typically, now, three times a week will do me fine – and it’s not all about the butt anymore!

Mild or Wild? 
Either.  I love both.  There are qualities to both that appeal to me. I’m pretty open to experimenting or playing it vanilla; anything from cuddling with clothes on to hang me from the ceiling and let your friends… ummm.  Well, you get the idea. Like Billy Joel, “I just go to extremes” (and everything in between.

One or more? 
More what?  Fucks in a day.  Been there, done that (and, on rare occasion, still do).  More than one at a time?  Yeah, guilty, but less likely these days.  My days of going to the warehouse parties and taking all cummers are gone for good.  These days, I am cherishing the manufactured intimacy two sexually-active, sexually-experienced, consenting adults (me, being one of them) can create within moments of meeting one another.  Lately, it seems, it’s all about the kissing.  Playing without it?  Over it. 

You expect me to put my lips on your dick, but you won’t put your lips on mine? 

Hmmm… you got another thing coming.

You see?  This is what happens with age.  You get pickier and pickier.  You distill everything down to what pleases you and discard/destroy/dismiss the rest.


So, what I want to know is…

…what am I missing out on?


whkattk said...

If you like your coffee fresh, black, and bold, may I suggest getting a Keurig? These things are great!! One cup at a time, takes about 30 seconds. I drink Daily Chef Columbian Supremo. Wonderful, full-bodied; never bitter or acidy.

The rest of the day I drink my home brewed iced tea.

Ice cream? Frozen Custard! (Chocolate) Yum!!

O!Daddie now at said...

Crap-o-chino?? LO-fking-l!!!

Next coffeemaker- try one with a thermos carafe instead of glass. The coffee doesn't stay scalding hot, but it's good to the last drop!!

Stan said...

I didn't know about the "chrome dome." Not that it matters. I see older guys at the gym desperately trying to comb over or hang on to what's left. I say shave it all off except for that chest fur!

I have both the Keurig Single cup Brewer and a drip coffee maker. The Keurig sits idle most of the time.

Skilled4Men said...

You're not missing out on a damn thing! I like to think maturity lends itself to refined tastes and better enlightenment.
That sticker residue... Goo Gone or liquid lighter fluid works like a charm! Use circular motions with a paper towel. ;{>

Queer Heaven said...

I enjoyed your post today. It is always interesting to know more about the bloggers I read.
for me fresh Black Coffee all day long..the evenings Vodka on the rocks.

mistress maddie said...

Where to start? Hummmmm, well we have alot of common interests starting with our cars! I have a Saturn ion 2007 in nickel.....amd love it. The rest you can just imagine,wink

cb said...

Hi! I live in Minneapolis and blog as well. And I think we would have a lot in common were we to meet.