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TMI Questions: Time, Time, Time… - Classic Edition

Time, time time, see what’s become of me
While I looked around
For my possibilities
I was so hard please…
- ‘ Hazy Shade of Winter’ written by Paul Simon

Sean must be taking a break, which I totally understand.  But I need blog fodder, so I am going to be dipping into the TMI archives for some classic questions, which is something I have always hoped to do.

This week it’s all about time. 

My current schedule is something I am still trying to adapt to.  Fitting it all in has been something of a challenge while some people have been very vocal about not getting enough quality time with yours truly.

Not the boyfriend, though.

Hey, I’ve got my priorities straight… so to speak.

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information


TMI Questions: Time, Time, Time…
Classic Edition

How many hours in a good night's sleep and what's good?

The going rate is supposed to be eight hours, but I typically get by on five and a half to six. 

That’s too little.  My body is constantly telling me I require more.  I love to nap, so I’d like to believe that makes up for some of it, but then I am also aware of the studies that say you can’t make up for lost sleep.  

And sometimes, lately, there isn’t a whole lot of sleeping getting done during those naps.  But that’s the upside of having a boyfriend who enjoys naps as much as I do.

As for the quality of sleep getting done during those six hours each night?  It’s not good. 

I frequently find myself ‘skimming’ the surface of sleep without ever actually falling asleep.  This can be refreshing, but I find it doesn’t keep my candle lit as long.  Also, I suffer from night terrors (childhood trauma).  My dreams tend to be very vivid, in color, and detailed.  There is plenty of emotion involved, the story is well-connected with events flowing logically from one thing to another - and these stories?  They frequently go very, very wrong which has me waking and screaming and ending up totally freaked out.

I could take something to sleep (and have), but virtually being knocked unconscious is hard to recover from and I feel it for days after. 

So, skimming seems to work, for now.  It’s like daydreaming with your eyes shut.   

How many hours a day do you spend just on social media?

Currently, not much.  And really, my only means of social media has been blogging and reading other blogs.  I have boycotted Facebook due to my lack of interest in reconnecting with or revisiting my past.  Gave up all the gay sites, too, due to lack of need/desire. 

I guess people aren’t my thing.

Excluding porn and social media, how many hours a day do you spend on the internet and what are you doing?

Excluding porn?  Are you implying there are other things?

Work-related activities include: purchasing things, research, reading articles, training, and communication.

Personal activities include: reading news articles, research, reading blogs, listening to music, and communication.

I am on-line almost constantly when at work, usually reading news articles or researching something and/or listening to music.  So, my work day consists of almost constant internet usage, be it work-related or curiosity.

My after work hours used to be spent this way, as well, with the addition of porn/blogging.  I would sit on the end of my couch all evening.  I would use my laptop as a deflector shield.

But no more. 

I still blog on occasion, but I haven’t had the time I used to in order to read / comment on the writings / posts of others.  That will change.  My alone time will no doubt regain some type of equilibrium once I get my schedule down and the whole discovery / enraptured phase of my current relationship mellows out. 

Not sure when that might be.

Check with me in five years.

I remain hopelessly fascinated.

How do you and how long is your commute to and from work?

Drive, by myself, Monday-Friday

Total time is 15-20 minutes, which is 15-20 minutes too long for the rest of the world, as they have to put up with my manic, aggressive, over-the-top driving style. Fortunately this takes place at 6:00 am, when most people are either opening their eyes or still asleep. 

That said… I am getting better.  I am changing my behaviors.  I’ve come to realize that there is little gained in switching lanes repeatedly.  That getting ahead of that poky driver / school bus / semi / city bus is not going to get me ‘there’ (wherever that may be) any sooner.  That bellowing expletives and giving the heavens the finger isn’t going to help matters much at all. 

Yep.  I’m one of ‘those’ drivers.  And while the above listed behaviors may make me feel better about the situation, I do believe they rob me of a lot of joy.  I now concentrate on singing harmony with whatever little pop gem plays forth from my radio / CD player, rather than share obscene gestures and play ‘press the brake pedal’ with my fellow commuters. 

Still… pointing out the horrid driving habits remains a hobby.

As for my own driving?  Why, naturally, my conduct is above reproach. I (ahem) remain the only safe / good driver on the road.


On average, how many hours do you work a week?

Hmm.  Define ‘work’.

My job?  It gets a solid 40 plus.  I go in early and leave as soon as possible.  Not out of disinterest or dissatisfaction, but I do have a lot of other things that have to be done.  Also, I work to live, not live to work.  It’s a job.  It gives me money, stability, a nice gym to work out in, and great health insurance among other benefits.

See, I have to spend time with my Mom and Dad every day.  This is on orders from my youngest sister who visits from Madison for a weekend each month.  It makes sense to me and I knew the day was coming.  Of course, she didn’t tell me directly that was what was expected, but I got the message – loud and clear.

Then there are my dogs, the rental properties, my house, etc. 

So I could never be one of those 60 plus hours per week people.  Ugh.  I tried that in L.A. and it made me physically ill.

Though, in light of all my other commitments, I feel I am on-call to work all the time.

Of course, lately…. my priorities are a bit different.

How long does it take you to get ready for work?

Depends on what day of the week it is and how much shaving / buzzing I have to do.

Typically? 15-20 minutes.  On those days when only a few things get shaved 30 minutes.  On those days when I want to trim up everything?  45 to an hour and 15 minutes.

I have gotten really lazy about the shaving / buzzing thing lately.  My BF likes a hairy chest, so I don’t have to do my pecs anymore (though I think they may get a nice trim soon).  Nor does he insist on shaved or buzzed anything.  He’s very easy going (and sexy as hell) and I am following his lead on this.   

A night out?

That’s a good two hours if I am at my home.  Anytime I try to get by with less, I end up running late.

The whole douching thing is part of that picture. 

And if you ever want to be absolutely, 100% sure that your ass will NOT get fucked that night? 

Be sure to douche before going out. 

Works like a charm every time.

Why is that?

How many hours a week do you spend with friends?

My family – they are my friends.  Plus, I have a few (very few) friends that I am not related to.  Average?  14 – 20 hours.  Sometimes more. But not much.

I’m not including the time I am currently spending with my BF.   And he’s a friend, for sure.  Among other things. 

Delicious things.

How many hours do you spend working out?

I typically work out between 60 to 90 minutes.  I used to only work out Monday through Friday, but now I take a spin class on Saturday mornings (75 minutes) and on Sunday mornings the BF and I hit the gym (90 minutes). 

The other day I realized I’d worked out 23 days out of 25 days.  So I made this an ‘opt out’ week and overhauled my regimen again.   Going forward – I will work out six days in a row and no more.  The body requires down time in order to avoid injury.  Which is something, at my age, I can’t afford.

I love my work outs.  I love working out with the BF.  He’s hella smart about this stuff, so it’s like having a personal trainer. 

Plus, shower time is way fun and, typically, after getting some food, a nap figures into the equation.

Delicious things.

On other physical activities?

You mean shoveling snow?  Mowing lawn?  Cleaning house? 

As much time as it takes and not a second more, unless it’s a deep clean or an end of season kind of thing.

I do hike a lot.  Not so much in winter, but, as you know, I love to roam outdoor trails during the rest of the year.  Will that be the case this year?  We’ll see.  

How long is a good JO session?

As long as it takes for the other person to get off.

I never jerk off alone.  Why would I?  Oh, I’ll work my own stuff, but in-the-flesh inspiration is the way to go. 

What's the shortest and longest amount of time you've spent having sex – to completion?

Shortest: In a mens room, in front of the urinals, in front of others – four to five minutes.  Included butt sex.

Longest:  Four hours plus.  We were both pleasantly high on weed, GGG, and energetic as fuck.  It was like Cirque du So-Gay.  Limbs were flying everywhere.  We flip fucked the whole time.  Our tongues went places I’d never considered before and I had holes plugged I didn’t even know I had.  I came like four times, he came five times.  It was way fun and I completely lost track of the time.

It was an epic fuck.

So, of course…

…we never saw each other again.




FelchingPisser said...

I haven't said Happy New Year--but you seem to be doing that quite well on your own. I wish you the best...

whkattk said...

The Stones. There ya go - that's the one. And Bernadette Peters with "Time Heals Everything." Uh-huh, yep.

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

Between Xmas and New Year's falling on TMI Tuesdays and then having my internet go down, I have had a bit of a break - mostly good excuses for lack of inspiration but TMI Q's will be back next week.

mistress maddie said...

Well, people have always complemented my looks for being in my thirties. And like Sophia Loren, getting enough sleep is the best revenge!I get 10 hours a night. My socializing is kept to weekends and Friday evenings. Blogging per night is a hour to three hours, as I only follow about 40. My much more smart with time in the winter as I get almost to recluse status, bit all goes out the window when spring and summer arrive!

O!Daddie now at said...

Cirque de So Gay ??? LOLOLOL

BlkJack said...

I, too, have not wished you a hapoy new year! I am so happy to hear that you and the bf are doing great.

buffnbeefy said...

Seems like there is never enough time. I am currently reading Jim Henson's biography, and on almost every page, it talks about how he was always obsessed with time and never having enough of it.
BTW thanks for commenting and like some of my posts on G+. I really appreciate that.
Love your G+ and blog posts as well.