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Work-Out Update: 2013

I’m now in my sixth year of regular work outs. This consistency has a lot to do with convenience - I work out at the gym at my place of work, which has everything I could ask for, except a pool. The fact that I have a fairly flexible work schedule (I can sneak away when I like), also helps. 

Last year, I was concerned that might change, however, I decided to remain with the same company and my new boss hasn’t complained about my working out, so I’m thinking it’s not an issue.

Odd.  It seems I’ve been posting these stats later and later each year (Is it really May, already?).  Not sure why that is, but I thought for consistencies sake I should get these out there.  

Here’s a look at my past and present (2013) stats:

Figures for 2009: Worked Out for an hour plus 220 times or 4.23 times a week – averaging 18 times per month.

Figures for 2010: Worked Out for an hour plus 206 times or 3.96 times a week – averaging 17 times per month.

Figures for 2011: Worked Out for an hour plus 215 times or 4.13 times a week – averaging 18 times per month

Figures for 2012: Worked Out for an hour plus 230 times or 4.42 times a week – averaging 19 times per month

Figures for 2013: Worked Out for an hour plus 217 times or 4.17 times a week – averaging 18 times per month

Down from the previous year; which surprises me, but there were some mitigating circumstances – including a week of jury duty and two, week-long vacations.  

However, it wasn’t due to injury, something that at my age I am concerned about.  Truth is, I’ve never been stronger, but, just to be on the safe side, I continue to be cautious when it comes to pushing too much weight.  I’d rather underperform a little, than risk sustaining an injury which puts me on the sidelines for any length of time.

As for the drop in the number of weekly work outs, I’m not worried.  Since the first of the year I have been averaging over 23 work outs per month, so I expect next year’s report will reflect that trend.

Once again, I don’t count any of the hiking/walking time that I put in during the year, reasoning that such exercise is standard routine (for me).   

In 2013, I continued taking Zumba, even driving 90 minutes on Wednesday nights in order to attend classes featuring my favorite instructor.  However, at the end of December I dropped that class. 

I also stopped attending Step classes, deciding to concentrate on strength building with weights and machines instead.   Not to say that I am completely through with taking classes, for in November, I started attending an early Saturday morning Spin class (with the boyfriend), which turned out to be a great way to kick off the weekend.

One of the major differences this year?  I stopped doing a full warm up before working out, saving it for the end, or cool down instead.  I guess this is the norm now, industry-wide.  It was news to me.

Concentrating on my legs has become a regular part of my weekly mix, as well as more of a focus on my shoulders.

Push-ups and crunches continue to be part of my daily routine.  Other than that, it has definitely been a year of constant change.  Looking back, I haven’t fallen into any standard routine; changing things up has become the new norm. 

As of November, the boyfriend has been instrumental in reshaping my work-outs.  We now go to my gym at work every weekend, and he acts as my trainer.  Yep, he gives the orders, and we both march.  It’s fun. 

I’ve never had a work out bud before and that kind of camaraderie really does make a difference.  We push each other.  He’s corrected my form numerous times while teaching me all sorts of free weight exercises that do not require a lot of weight in order to yield results.

I’ve definitely found the right guy to work out with.  He serves as inspiration on so many levels (I love just looking at him!)  Plus, showering afterwards has become something of a reward. 

But that is only on the weekends.

During the week I am still on my own…

…and then the locker room doesn’t seem nearly so interesting. 


Robert said...

Congrats on keeping with it! I hope that I can be as successful as you in a few years.

The journey of a thousand miles.....

So which one of these photos is you? ;-)

whkattk said...

It's admirable - on any level, really. Never did "work out" - my dancing and yoga kept me in favorable shape. But, now... I do my best to stay active and that's probably all I can ask for.

Bruce Chang said...

Yeah, my roommate in college and I were workout bud and there was a noticeable difference in both how much we pushed and how consistent we were together than when apart. I'm just horrible at finding a completely platonic guy that would work out the same way with me...

BlkJack said...

Having someone there to hold you accountable and guide is a great fit for a lot ofguys. As a Certified Personal Trainer it's something I stress with my clients. Btw, if anyone has any questions concerning training feel free to direct them my help others.