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TMI Questions – Classic Edition: The Games People Play

TMI Questions – Classic Edition: The Games People Play

Games are more than luck.  They involve skill, daring, intellect, knowledge and the ability to strategize.

That’s why some feel that life is the biggest game of all. 

But if life is a game, then I must have slept through the part where they explained the rules. 

I think a lot of us did.

That would explain so much, wouldn’t it?

Or is it all in the roll of the dice?

Questions designed to reveal Too Much Information

TMI Questions – Classic Edition: The Games People Play

What were your favorite games as a kid?

Kick the Can – sucked at it, but loved it

Scrabble – still love it, but now I know how to play it

Shoots and Ladders – loved, loved this game as a kid

Hide and Seek – spooky fun

Chess – I think this is how you determine whether you are a big picture kind of person
I was a sore loser, so eventually no one wanted to play with me.  Go figure.

Which Monopoly piece best describes you?

The Shoe.

Yes, the shoe.

Think about it.

Ever play ‘Doctor’?

Yes. Just once.  It was with a female cousin of mine who was two years older than me.  I was sleeping over at her place, a horse ranch.  We were sleeping out in this tiny shed near the main barn, when, just before dawn, we decided to get naked. 

I felt her up and I know we checked out what we both had and I think we kissed, but that was the extent of it. 

As dawn approached, we moved our naked selves to the roof of the shed and watched the sun come up. 

How are you at Strip Poker?

The only person I have played strip poker was with this rather odd friendship I struck up with one summer when I was thirteen.  He lived next to the community pool and was a year older than me.  He had never said so much as ‘boo’ to me, but for some reason invited me over to his house for a sleepover.  I remember we went swimming and when we got back to his bedroom, we took our sweet time changing in front of each other.  But I was pretty clueless, as was he… I think.

Later we moved into his family’s RV, which was parked in the driveway of his home.  We were going to sleep there that night.  That’s when we played strip poker, which, having never played poker before, I didn’t understand.  I was much more interested in learning the rules than I was removing clothing. 

Yep, not much of a slut, at the time.  Could have made it a lot easier for the dude, but, like I said, I was pretty clueless.

Needless to say, he quickly lost all interest in me.

Best time for solving Rubik's Cube?


As in, I have better things to do with my time.

Rock, Paper, Scissors? Or Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?

I’m a traditionalist.  I also like to keep things simple.   And not so much a nerd, so it’s Rock, Paper, Scissors for me. 

Do you still play board games with friends? Which ones?

Yes.  The boyfriend is crazy into board games.  He kickstarts them.  He buys them.  He collects them.  His entire apartment is filled with them. 

We have a small group we play with.  I am finding out ‘the more the merrier’ and co-op games (where you play as a team) are hella fun with larger groups.

Current favorites include:

Board Games
  • Krosmaster Arena – love the little characters, still learning how to play effectively – the symbols throw me
Carnival Zombie – love this co-op game, it takes hours and hours – I have never been one for group activities but this rocks

Agricola – farm building game, super fun

Mr. Card Game
There is also a game where you build/plan a city, but I can’t remember the name of it.

Typically, when playing, I ask a lot of questions and seek a lot of advice, which the boyfriend is good about – up to a point.  Honestly?  Some of these board games are wicked complicated and I suffer from brain freeze halfway through the explanation of how to play.  I find myself frequently questioning my intelligence when playing these games. It is a foreign way of thinking, for me. 

I am much better at games where we work as a team and build toward a consensus.  In other words: I like it when people tell me what to do.

I am better at losing than I used to be.  In the bad old days, I would get mega-pissed if I was losing, and on occasion, still do.  But more and more, I am learning that in the big scheme of things: winning isn’t important - enjoying the game and the company is.

Video Games
  • Civilization
  • Skylanders
  • Injustice: DC Universe
  • Diablo III
  • Earth Defense Force 2025
  • Alice

 I suck at video games and get very frustrated.  Civilization, which behaves like a board game, is the only game that goes my speed.  It’s those controllers.  Sometimes I simply hammer away hoping for the best.

Yeah, like I said, I suck at video games.

But I enjoy them.  How perverse.

What role-playing games do you play in the bedroom?

None, currently.  Unless you count the whole ‘Sir’ thing as role play. 

There was a time when it played a huge role in my sex life.  I was basically eager to please and would go with whatever scene got the other dude hot and bothered.  It typically resulted in some very hot sex - with invitations to return for more.

I’ve done quite a few scenes:
  • Dom/Sub – played both, fun
  • Daddy/Son – played both, fun
  • Doctor – eh, too clinical
  • Kidnap – played the victim – very rough, scarily fun
  • VCR Repairman – kind of fun
  • Coach/Jock – always fun – love me a jockstrap or a singlet
  • Professor/Student – What a snore
  • Scoutmaster/Scout – Yay, way fun - we pretended I was attempting to become an Eagle Scout – I don’t think there are merit badges for THAT – tent optional
  • Best Buds – depends on the bud
  • Whore – guess what role I played?  Guess whether I enjoyed it or not?
  • Farmhand – mmm, I’m good on a farm
  • Mechanics – sex in a hot, sticky garage in summer – hell yeah
  • Others – too vague and anonymous to describe

There was only one scene that made me so uncomfortable I had to opt out.  I’d been seeing this guy on and off for about a year.  He was into me being his ‘boy’ – despite the fact that I was a good foot taller than he was. 

It was pretty hot and sexy at times.  But then he got religious on me (something about praying to God to be a good boy and then actually praying) and then, suddenly, I was supposed to be a young boy – as in really young.  And that’s when I told him I didn’t feel good. Because I didn’t.  That… that crap is just wrong and is a total dick killer.

I never saw him again.

Yeah… role play is fun, but… you need to know where to draw the line.

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whkattk said...

Games? Yeah, life is one big game, but I'm not very competitive by nature.
As a kid, all sorts of board & card games. All kinds of outdoors stuff - baseball, hide & seek, and crap.
Played doctor with a neighbor girl - didn't last long cuz they moved.
Role played for sex only a couple times - I have to admit, I'm not good at it (no matter what the role or game).