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Wonderland Burlesque's 'Turdscooter of the Week': Scott Esk

Turdscooter of the Week: Scott Esk

One has to question the validity and sanity of any organization that would allow this man under their tent or help fund his campaign for public office. But such is the current state of the GOP.

Scott Esk, a Republican Tea Party Candidate from Oklahoma, is running in June 24th’s GOP primary for a seat in that state’s House of Representatives.  He looks “forward to applying Biblical principles to Oklahoma law”.

My, that waving wheat sure does smell sweet!

Mr. Esk believes that being gay is “worthy of death” and that, as a Bible-thumping republic, “we would be in the right to” stone gays to death.  He would have no problem with “legislation to put homosexuals to death”.

The litany of issues Mr. Esk has with the modern world is fairly long. 
Here’s some of the tenants of his personal platform:

  • No divorce, (although, apparently he is divorced)
  • Doctors who perform abortions should be punished
  • Bureaucrats who enact the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act should be punished
  • No licenses for guns
  • Cut education funding
  • Feels the EPA, FDA, OSHA, etc. “have no legitimate reason for existing”
  • Believes that “rights come from God – not from government.”

I feel sorry for the ex-Mrs. Esk.  Scott sounds like a lot of fun to live with.  I bet she’s still struggling to remove all those stains from the carpets.

Other fun facts about Mr. Esk:

  • Called Nelson Mandela a “low-life” “communist thug”
  • Called 911 to report “a large group of Mexicans” gathered at a shopping mall, because he “suspected that many of them were guilty of being here illegally” (the police failed to respond)

Yep, something tells me Mr. Esk is going to be leaving plenty of skid marks all over the hearts of Oklahoma, to say nothing of those of the Republican Party (that is, if they had a heart).

Let’s all give a great big shout out to Scott Esk, Wonderland Burlesque’s very first ‘Turdscooter of the Week’. 

Yee haw! 

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whkattk said...

Someone needs to send him to a class on Constitutional Law - though he'd probably wash out due to inattention. Ah, yes, ladies and gentlemen, the American Taliban is alive and well.