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Of Note: 'We Can't Ever Die' by White Arrows

Of Note:
'We Can't Ever Die'
by White Arrows

I'm still playing catch-up with 2014.  

‘We Can’t Ever Die’ is from White Arrows’ second full-length, ‘In Bardo’.  The group came into being after a song Mickey Church wrote in New York caught the attention of a lot of blogs, including Nylon magazine. 

After that, Mickey moved to Los Angeles and began gathering members.  Since then, they have been touring the world as the opening act for such luminaries as Cults, The Neighbourhood, and Santigold, among others.

This song has gotten a lot of spins in my car.  Love the lyrics.  Love the sound; propulsive fun, deep bass, eighties sheen, great vocals, snazzy production.

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whkattk said...

Good club/dance stuff... He's got a distinct voice. If he makes smart creative moves, he could have a long career.

Happy Friday!