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Of Note: ‘Free People’ by Tony Moran, Featuring Martha Wash

Of Note:  ‘Free People’ by Tony Moran 
Featuring Martha Wash

This song grabbed my attention immediately.  Just try to resist!

Tony Moran has been a mainstay of the club scene for ages.  He was there before the current DJ culture was even born, delivering house music colored with his unique flavor.  Typically, he teams up with a dance diva (Kristine W., Frenchie Davis, Anastasia, Debbie Holiday, Deborah Cox, etc.) and brings it on home every time.

‘Free People’, destined to be his next #1 on Billboard’s Dance Club Play chart, features just such a diva; the powerhouse known as Martha Wash.  Martha hit it big last year (with Tony’s help) with the truly awesome ‘I’m Not Coming Down’.  The woman shows no signs of stopping.  And neither does Tony.

People like Calvin Harris and David Guetta owe a bit debt to this man, for they would not exist without him.

(And he is drop dead gorgeous, too.) (Grrrrr....)

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