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Of Note: ‘Giving Up’ by HAERTS

Of Note: ‘Giving Up’ by HAERTS

If 'Til Tuesday and The Dream Academy had a love child, it would be HAERTS.

Formed in 2010, HAERTS is a quartet out of Brooklyn, New York, consisting of vocalist Nini Fabi, keyboardist Ben Gegert, guitarist Garrett Ienner, and bassist Derek McWilliams.  They all met while studying at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.  After a short stint as a trio under a different name, the four joined forces in Brooklyn and became HEARTS.

2012’s ‘Wings’ got quite a bit of airplay in the United States.  Their second single, 2013’s ‘All the Days’ was voted song of the summer by Elle Magazine.  On October 27, 2014, they released their self-titled debut album on Columbia Records.

Their latest single, ‘Giving Up’, is as atmospheric and ethereal as it is propulsive, sending my finger to the repeat button often.   Take a listen and hear why.

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whkattk said...

Huh...Her tone is reminiscent of .... I can't capture a name right now. But, I like it. I think I'll be buying the album.