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Of Note: ‘Call It Off’ by Shamir

Of Note: ‘Call It Off’ by Shamir

There’s so much going on in Shamir’s new single, ‘Call It Off’, that is would be difficult to call attention to it all.

Let’s start with that voice!  What an amazing instrument.  What a jaw-dropping range.

I’ll be honest… I thought this was being sung by a woman.  It is not. 

Shamir seems to be a part of a new, Nicki Minaj-inspired, male singer surge (find Toddrik Hall on YouTube).  Shamir is what Jermaine Stewart hath wrought, but even edgier and much more off the beaten path.

Next – check out that Teddy Riley / Michael Jackson thing he’s got going in the background.  It is dead on.  Damn thing percolates, gets under your skin and finds a place to live in your head.

Rather fascinated by this young man. 

Twenty-year old Shamir is from Las Vegas and soon to belong to the world.

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Hot guys pictures said...

Yeah, this whole situation right here reminds me of the phenomenon that is Toddrik Hall... But cool, good for this guy. And best of luck! :)