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Of Note: ‘Run Like Hell’ by DownDownDown

Of Note: ‘Run Like Hell’ by DownDownDown

Here’s another little gem of a song that careens and swoops about, catching the listener off balance.  It’s complex, sophisticated, syncopated, and enjoys an enthusiastic cult following.

Expertly produced, ‘Run Like Hell’ glistens with confidence.  It’s irresistible, showcasing a canny combination of early ‘70’s soul and pop smarts.

The harmonies are spot on and the group’s use of dynamics demonstrates a sense of musicality rarely found.

DownDownDown (Jayce Basques, Jeff Harber, Aaron Prim, Slabs Humphrey, and Arielle Paige) hails from the San Francisco Bay area and have released four E.P.’s: ‘Day to Day’ and ‘Night Tonight’ in 2008 , ‘Say Hello To C’est La Vie’ in 2011, and ‘Make Out Like Bandits’ in 2012. 

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