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Of Note: ‘Satellites’ by Mew

Of Note: ‘Satellites’ by Mew

I have an appreciation for music that takes sudden left turns, landing the listener in unexpected territory.  It’s a matter of defying expectations and forcing the audience’s ears to remain steadfastly on guard.  Many artists (10cc, Todd Rundgren) frequently managed this with ease, while never losing their melodic intent.

Such is the case with all the songs I’ll be featuring this week. 

Today’s example: Mew’s cryptic, celestial, sweeping ‘Satellites’.

Mew, a Danish progressive, alternative band, has been around since 1994 – but ‘Satellites’ marks a new high for the group, garnering them a lot more attention stateside.     

There’s a wonderful buoyancy to the whole grand proceedings as the vocals soar above the propulsive, air-streamed guitars. It takes you on a journey to I know not where.  But I am so on-board.

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