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Of Note: ‘Show Me’ by Team Me

Of Note: ‘Show Me’ by Team Me

‘Show Me’ is another example of the modern pop I have developed an ear for in the past few years. 

Team Me demonstrates the same pop smarts that made Passion Pit and Phoenix so popular.  Their sound is a tad shrill, just like the groups I previously mentioned, but contains enough melodic structure and tone to snag the listener’s ear. 

It shimmers with a positive, driven vibe.

Indie-pop band, Team Me hit it big in 2011 in their homeland of Norway with their debut album, ‘To The Treetops!’.  It won Norway’s equivalent of a Grammy and was proclaimed by many media outlets in the country as the best debut album by any pop band.  By coincidence, they are also former touring buds with the group I featured in yesterday's 'Of Note': The Wombats.

The group released their follow-up, 'Blind As Night’ in 2014.  

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