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Of Note: ‘What A Day’ by Fantine feat. Wyclef Jean and El Cata

Of Note: ‘What A Day’ by Fantine 
feat. Wyclef Jean and El Cata

I loathed Mariah Carey’s whole rapid-fire sex-kitten murmur thing.  It powered a lot of her post-‘Glitter’-breakdown hits.  I’m not sure why I disliked it.  The style simply annoyed me.  Like she was getting away with something, given that she once possessed one of the most amazing voices on the planet and had somehow managed to ravage it.  I assumed her vocal deterioration was from deepthroating one too many, if you know what I mean – but maybe it was all that Cristal.

So why did I fall instantly in love with Fantine’s latest, which is similarly powered?

I think it has to do with the subject material.  And, perhaps, vocal authenticity.

I mean, how can you hate a woman who is out there ‘working for a dollar’? Now, I must confess, initially I thought Ms. Fantine was a respectable working-class gal, putting up with the daily nonsense one does when working for a living.  But upon closer inspection, it would seem that she may, in fact, be just another pole dancing hoochie mama.  Something that disappoints this listener, but sure to inspire many others.

Fantine is a Russian-born Australian currently living in Miami.  She’s been active since 2010, employing a sweet blend of soulful jazz.  Her second album was produced by Emilio Estefan (Gloria Estefan) and released in 2013. 

Her latest is a collaboration with Emilio, Wyclef Jean and El Cata. 

I love it.  From beat one.  Even the rap sections are first rate.  By the time this diva in the making gets to moaning “Oh what a day, what day, what a crazy day” - I am SO sold.  I’m all “I know the feeling, honey”. 

‘What A Day’ is the perfect song for that ride home after a hard day at the office (a sentiment that should clue you into a little of what ‘moi’ has to put up with on a daily basis making my own damn dollar). 

Yeah, in a way, we are all pole dancers. 


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Hot Studs said...

Nice one, good tune. ;)