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Invasion of the Turdscooters

Invasion of the Turdscooters

I admit defeat. 

I have done my best recently, combing through the likes of Huffington Post, PolitiFact, RawStory, On Top Magazine, and The Advocate, searching for a single Turdscooter each week – one that floats above the rest. 

But, I have failed.

There are simply too many, given all the Republicans announcing their ridiculous, Quixote presidential aspirations, and the usual suspects grasping desperately for their final fifteen minutes of fame as the Supreme Court hears arguments regarding the constitutionality of state gay marriage bans. All their nonsense pours from their lips like so much spoiled milk, curdling this nation’s brains while encasing pure truth in a block of fetid news-fed cheese.

As their desperation for attention grows, so, too, does the audacity and ridiculousness of their claims and pronouncements. 

We have extremists everywhere – elected officials creating ludicrous legislation in our nation’s governmental halls, the small-minded and unenlightened acting out their fear of people different than themselves in deed and word in various states and on our television sets, and those misguided souls who feel deprived and mistreated, who choose to act out in anger while missing their intended target completely.

And then there are those predatory sorts who take advantage of all the chaos created by all the above.

It is about hate.  It is about fear.  It is about ignorance. 

It is about greed.  It is about the usefulness of poverty.

It is about the need to dominate.  The need to win.  The need to feel superior to others.

I throw my hands up. 

The tide is too strong this spring. 

Let them fight each other for airtime and ratings as they jockey for position, prestige, and renown.  They are empty princes and princesses; the kings and queens of nothing.

Let their rage fill the void their lack of vision and education has left in its wake.  And though their howl may appear to take up that space, it is ultimately without substance, sustaining nothing but the egos of those who bay.  For once it dissipates, the emptiness returns, its walls now swollen, the ache and hollow all the more apparent.

Let them all feast on each other until, injured and weakened, one by one, they retreat to their caves where their seething can begin anew.

It’s a mad circus. 

A relentless invasion whose onslaught shall boil, recoil, and surge forth until November 8th, 2016.  At which time it will merely be momentarily abated before beginning the whole process over.
You see, there is no resolution to this revolution.

But, rest assured… it will be televised! 


whkattk said...

They are like a bunch of hyenas. Their hyperbole is disgusting, yet laughable. They offend, yet claim to be the offended; attack and claim to be under siege.
If a single one had any sensible claim to their challenges they would not continue to rely on religion - because that is all they have, and it crams their beliefs down others throats. They ARE the American Taliban. For me, this is the worst affront of all, and I don't understand why this has not been brought up in any of the cases.

anne marie in philly said...

don't it make ya wanna puke? all the slimeballs crawling out from under their rocks to declare their candidacy. and NONE OF THEM have a snowball's chance in hell against HRC.