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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Wonderland Burlesque's Adore & Deplore Quiz III: On Topic

Wonderland Burlesque's
Adore & Deplore Quiz III: 
On Topic

For today's Adore & Deplore Quiz, we'll keep it quite simple. I will drop a topic and you supply something you currently adore and something you currently deplore. You can simply list an item or go ahead and feel free to explain your answers (you know I will.) (Roll eyes, here.)

Good news? We are only doing five topics - because you're offering up something you deplore and adore - you're still answering ten questions (my arbitrary number required for a quiz), and that is plenty. 

Those are the rules. It doesn't get much simpler... here we go!

--- ---

1/ Politics

Adore: Uncle Joe. 

I must say, I was not happy when Joe got the nomination. Given the times and what was at stake, there were better candidates (Elizabeth Warren comes to mind.) Throughout the campaign, I was concerned, because he seemed so feeble, so weak, so old. 

But Uncle Joe keeps proving himself. His was an impressive first 100 days, and he continues to make great strides. His handling of the Covid Vaccine roll-out alone wins him my loyalty. His style is very quiet. He is not one for big, showy, empty gestures. His speeches are a bit too self-referential for my taste (he's big on creating emotional connections to his past), but he is well-spoken and (*gasp*) very presidential.

I do not miss all the daily controversies; the name calling, the insidious tweets, and the dog whistles. Though I'm sure the news media does, because nothing sells like scandal. With Uncle Joe? What do they have to work with? A misbehaving dog is about as scandalous as it's gotten. 

Deplore: Supposed August Reinstatement

Boy, it's tough to narrow it down. There are a number of individuals on both sides of the aisle who need a good raking over the coals (Joe Manchin, MoscowMitch, Lily Lyndsey Grahamcrackers, Kevin 'I never met a statement I would not make if I thought it would benefit me' McCarthy), but I am going to go with the latest Q-Anon nonsense regarding the reinstatement of the orange ogre in August. 


Who comes up with this stuff? How much meth does one need to smoke in order to come up with a new Q-Anon theory? And I'd say it's all laughable, but it's not. Last time? People died. I know that the Repulsive-cans resent that we keep bringing it up, but the January 6th insurrection is something we need to thoroughly examine and do everything we can to prevent from happening again. The people involved in the Q-Anon movement? They are far too gullible and not bright enough to sort fact from fiction; they have proven this time and time again. To not intervene early in the process is tantamount to allowing an autistic child to bash their head into a cement wall repeatedly. It's high time we figure out how to put a helmet on these assholes, so they stop doing so much damage to our democracy.

2/ The News Media

Adore: Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Best show in town. Her press briefings serve up a near-daily beatdown of Fox News' insipid Peter Doocy, who continues to roll out a clown show every time he asks a supposedly baited question. Doocy's not clever and at this point it's a bit like watching a favorite cartoon where the villain hatches a plot to trip up the hero and the hero sidesteps the trap and every episode ends with the hero gently chiding the villain for being such a shithead. 

It simply demonstrates that the current administration is not giving the press corps the 'red meat' they have come to expect. Fox News has nothing to work with these days... and it is killing them. At this point? Their idea of what amounts to a scandal at the White House is embarrassing - for them. It's like Aunt Hilda coming to your house for Thanksgiving, searching for something to criticize and having to settle for, 'My napkin wasn't folded properly and the Jello was much too red.' 

Deplore: Lester Holt

I'm really angry with Lester Holt of NBC News. Typically, over the years, I have had nothing but respect for the man, but recently, during an interview with Vice President Kamala Harris while she was in Guatemala to address people coming from there to our southern border. She was at the source of the problem, determining why people were coming and what could be done to prevent them from leaving their own country - identifying that lack of jobs/income/opportunity was the number one reason. She spoke with the heads of major US corporations about possibly creating job opportunities for Guatemalans. 

But rather than acknowledge what she was doing (and she repeated what she was doing several times), Holt kept hammering away at the fact that she wasn't visiting the southern border. He was like a dog with a rancid bone. So the interview was Holt asking the same stupid question and Harris explaining what she was hoping to accomplish in Guatemala. 

Harris could go to the border, of course. But it would be an empty gesture - something that the previous administration was very good at - pointless photo ops. Instead, she was broadening her understanding and seeking solutions while trying out her diplomatic wings. 

The fact that Holt refused to listen to her was troublesome. Was it because she's a woman? Was he just trying serve up a hardball interview? Or was he really simply being an ass? It boggles the mind and I really would like him held accountable for it. 

While she kept her cool, one could see that Harris was flustered, in the sense that she could not understand why he kept hammering away at a visit to the US border. It felt like I was watching a parent patiently explain the same thing over and over again to a petulant child. Given that? I have nothing but respect for the lady... although I do wish she'd called him on it right there and then - but then, that would have created a news cycle and I know she was thinking she has better things to do. 

3/ Rich People

Adore: Taxing and Auditing Them

Oh, I want them to pay and pay big. I also want to see them punished, but, as history has proven, when you have that amount of cash and have managed to do so without pissing off other rich people, you get to pretty much skate. 

I do hope Uncle Joe goes for broke and goes after the rich, hitting them where they will never feel it - their pocket books. When you have billions of dollars what does a few million going to the government matter? But the Repulsive-cans seem to want to keep this issue alive in order to increase divisiveness. How they ever managed to convince the a-little-above-average Joes making 100K a year that this is an issue that affects them?  A mystery to me, but those bozos continue to stoke the fires of outrage every time the issue comes up. 

Thing is? If you make 100K in this country? You are NOT RICH. You are barely middle class. You are not the Walton Family. You are not Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates, or any other fat, fat cat. You make 100K a year? You are a skinny, malnourished cat who is living beyond their means, helping the likes of Wells Fargo rake in uber profits. If you make 100K and support the Repulsive-cans?  You're a fucking idiot. YOU are a cuckold. You're their bitch, bitch. 

Deplore: Jeff Bezos 

I know, easy target. But it's not the means by which he made his fortune that I am complaining about. He exploits people and resources and I think that's some heavy karma to live with... but the Walton Family is even worse and they remain unscathed by their treachery, so... it's, unfortunately, a moot point.

No, my issue is how he spends it. Going up into space? What a tool. No wonder his ex-wife divorced his stupid, selfish, spoiled rich boy self. Jeff, you need to do better things with your money... like solve world hunger, you ignoramus. I mean how clueless do you have to be? But, perhaps, in order to acquire the amount of wealth he has, one has to sell their soul, behaving so ruthlessly that all compassion is sacrificed, leaving nothing but a black hole that can never be filled. Not with material things or experiences. 

What does a human being become once they become immune to life?

4/ The Great Outdoors

Adore: Weeding. 

I know, right? But I really get into it. It satisfies two components I personally need quenched in order to be happy. First, it's singular in focus and a simple task. You pull from the ground things that are not supposed to be there. You don't even have to be good at it or do it well. If you leave a root here and there? Who cares. You'll get it next weekend when you have to do it again. And secondly, it satisfies the completist in me; they all have to go. Every single one. Your goal? Wipe them out. 

It's a strange thing to make one happy and, I must say, initially, I was not thrilled with the idea of doing it at all... but it is outside. It is interacting with an aspect of nature. 

And it sure looks great when it's all done. 

Oh, my gardens? Hideous. Embarrassing. I don't have a green thumb or any idea what I am doing. I make the best of what is already there and add a few things here and there - none of it with any plan. And the soil I have to work with is so poor (weirdly sandy) that nothing flourishes. Still... I do it. 

Because for some reason? It makes me happy.

Deplore: People Who Litter. 

I won't call them 'litterbugs' because that's not fair to bugs, which are cute. And people who litter? So not cute. 

The other day, I was at the prairie and decided to walk down to the lake front - a place I generally avoid. All those kids. Smoking pot and drinking. Their terrible music. And nobody talks in a normal voice, they all try to talk over each other, so the din is excruciating. 

It was early and very few people were about. 

I could not get over all the trash. Personal-use tissues, bottles, cans; thrown in the bushes or left in clumps in the grass. Disgusting. My impulse was to grab a bag and start picking it up... but it's not mine to do. I take care of the prairie and that is enough. What's down there? That's on them. They have to live with it... the dirty hippies. Maybe, if it gets bad enough, they'll actually do something about it because... who wants to lie in the sun next to a bunch of used wet wipes? Ick. 

And another thing? People who feel the need to clean out their cars and simply throw their old bags of fast food waste in the street or in a parking lot. Who are these people? Who raised you? 

Thing is... you never see these people do it. All you see is what they leave behind. It's a little like tracking an animal by looking for their bodily waste. And I don't believe in hunting animals... but these people? I sure would like to track them down and hand them back all the crap they think someone else needs to deal with. 

Azz-wipes, indeed.

5/ Summer

Adore: The Heat!

Love it. I want to marry this weather. I don't even mind when it's that moist, humid kind of heat. As long as I have time to be out at the prairie wearing as little as possible (with drones and cops about one must wear something), I am in heaven. 

The sun does seem more intense, again, this year. Is that a real thing? Or simply because I'm older? 

That said, I already have a bitching tan. And, as I've gotten older, I realize the reason people like being tan is because it covers up so many of the signs of aging. Yes, we're fooling ourselves, of course... tanning, especially when not done properly, only ages our looks more, but... for the moment, it makes me happy - so its a trade off I'm willing to make. I mean, I'm looking older anyway, at least this way I get to have six months where looking in the mirror is a bit less of a horror show. 

Another thing? Less clothing. Love it. Yes, it makes you more aware of every pooch and sag, but... I do love not being all bound up in spandex-infused fabrics. The me I see? I can live with that.

Oh, and sweating. How sexy is that. I don't know when that became 'a thing' for me, but, hell, yes... I love to sweat a little and I love looking at a sweaty man... but only outdoors. Don't bring that inside. It's only sexy outside... or between the sheets.

Deplore: Fireworks and Gunfire

This is an issue year-round, here, in Murderapolis, but it seems worse each summer. 

First off - if you're not cocooning yourself in your house with central air... then you have windows open and/or are in your yard more. 

And, given that, one of these - fireworks and gunfire - would actually seem to be, for me, more egregious than the other. And, yes, I realize this is a rather odd, callous distinction to make... 

But gunfire is limited and effects only a few people. And it's not constant. I mean, here, in Murderapolis, we only kill a couple of people a week that way. Sometimes children, but then... if they're in the way... what do they expect. Right? 

And there's absolutely nothing we can do about gunfire. Gun control legislation? Are you nuts. Talk about political suicide. I mean, just think of all the hunters you'd deprive the pleasure of destroying a deer with an AK-47?  We all know Bambi deserves to be not only shot, but obliterated. How dare he make our eight year-old man/child self cry!

No, it's the nightly fireworks in highly-populated neighborhoods that I think is the bigger problem. First, there's the frequency. Then there's how long it goes on. My poor dog? He thinks we live in Afghanistan. Even with the house shut up tight, the air conditioner roaring, the television amped, he still spends the night under a table, cowering. 

I can't wrap my head around who are the bigger fools... the city council members who passed this ordinance allowing fireworks in the city of Murderapolis, or the idiots spending their time and money terrorizing small animals and their neighbors by using the streets of said city as a place to 'celebrate.'

They never clean up after themselves. The debris is always left as is. And there never seems to be an hour that is sacred... 2:00 am? Sure. Why not. And it's not like it happens for 15 minutes, or 30. No. We are treated to the noise of at lease an hours worth. 

That's quite an arsenal. And that's what we are dealing with here. Two different kinds of arsenal. Both sharing one distinctive facet. It's like the people of Whoville. Both, a means of letting the rest of us know...'we are here, we are here, we are here.' 

Until we are not. 

--- ---

That's all for now, kids.

Leave your answers in the comments section or post them on your site and share a link here. 

Thank you for reading. Enjoy!

Sweat - Inner Circle

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - 
C+C Music Factory


Mistress Maddie said...

The outdoors I love everything about it!!!!! And not one thing I deplore about summer...bring on the sun heat humid weather I say. The hotter the better! Last week reminded me of Costa Rica here!!!

As for the rest? I have just about given up on most news, reports and politics. Now that Biden has gotten the virus almost under control and continues to rule it, now he has other campaign promises to keep....I hope he doesn't forget.

whkattk said...

1. Not much there to adore. The Dems remain too mild-mannered to get anything accomplished. DEPLORE: Moscow Mitch and every Repug who continues to spread the lies and obstruct.
2. Rachel Maddow because, yeah you know she's a liberal, but she really just tells the news, explains it, then asks a guest if she got it right. DEPLORE: All the TRUMP TV stations.
3. Those who give and give generously to assist non-profits. DEPLORE: Koch brothers industries as they funnel as much dark money as they can into the Repugs.
4. Lying in the sun and breeze. Hiking, swimming. All naked, of course. DEPLORE: Winter, for obvious reasons. LOL
5. Lying in the sun, floating in the pool. DEPLORE: Yeah, the fireworks. The neighbors really loud parties that stretch on into the wee hours.

Bob said...

1/ Politics

Adore: Pete Buttigieg

It’s his simple common sense, which is lacking in most politicians. I sincerely hope he runs for President again one day so I can vote for him again.

Deplore: Obstructionist, Lying, Party Over Country GQPers Who Think an Insurrection is an Actual FUCKING Picnic.

2/ The News Media

Adore: Press Secretary Jen Psaki

I’ll agree; again, it’s the simple common sense.

Deplore: Fox News

No explanation.

3/ Rich People

Adore: Mackenzie Bezos Smith

She took the millions and millions in her divorce settlement from rich pig and has made a pledge to give most, if not all, of it away.

Deplore: Jeff Bezos

He can fuck all the way off.

4/ The Great Outdoors

Adore: Getting into it.

Walking hiking strolling biking in the fresh air. Clersansing to me in so many ways.

Deplore: People Who Litter.

Agreed. Take your sh*t home and put it in your own trash!

5/ Summer

Adore: Sunny days

Not so much the heat, because here it comes with humidity, but the sun and blue skies.

Deplore: Humidity

If I wanna get hot and sticky, it better be in a fun way and not just the weather,

SickoRicko said...

I'm always amazed at the number of images you post.

Jimmy said...

1. Politics: Adore Kamala. Deplore the last president.

2.News Media: Adore Brianna Kielar. Deplore all of FOX.

3. Rich People: I have known two or three. I really have no feeling one way or the other.

4. Great Outdoors: I use to collect cemetery roses. I'd take cutting from grave sites and root them. The fun was researching them and identifying the particular rose. Some were very old.

5. Summer: Adore the last day of it. Deplore, heat, humidity and hurricanes. Not to mention rain.

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Ok, so that gif of that man's tits bouncing got me hypnotized so it took me five minutes to get here.
Politics: Adore Uncle Joe. Deplore Moscow Mitch.
News Media: Adore Rachel Maddow. Deplore anything Fox 'News'.
Rich people: eat them. After you tax them.
Great outdoors: I love going on walks or hikes. I deplore anybody who dares to not apply the campground ground rule.
Summer: I love the beach. I deplore the noisy fireworks. And I always fear there's going to be a fire somewhere.


redneckstdildopig said...

I adore your blog - keep up the good work.
I adore the musi videos you post. Brings back old memories.