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Friday, September 27, 2013

Black Leather BDSM Camp, Part VI: How to Enjoy a Farm Boy

Friday, 10:30 pm – 1:00 am

Paul was not a boy, but a man a few years my senior, something that surprised me, for he was in great shape (must be all that country living).  As we sat on the stage I felt myself relax and enjoy the moment.  With the music and the lights and the festive air of a special occasion, it made me feel a little like something I had yearned for back in high school.  It felt like I was a school dance, which was silly (especially at my age), but I decided to give into the notion, indulging both, myself, and Paul, by giving him my undivided attention.

Well, almost.  The handsome stud that had been part of our earlier threesome was standing across from us, near the entrance to the dungeon, looking at me.  I loved his bald head, his muscular, beefy body, and his perfect blonde fur.  Something about his eyes and his mouth drew me to him, but I found myself nestling into Paul, more and more. 

At 6’4/6’5, Paul had a strength that felt comforting.  Being vulnerable is always difficult for me, but, over the years I have managed to develop a kind of synthetic/temporary intimate rapport with my legion of transient lovers. I guess it’s an extension of my childhood preoccupation with playing ‘Let’s Pretend’.  I’m careful not to lead folks on and noted that Paul was giving off a ‘searching for significant other’ vibe.  So, instead of offering up a lot of information about myself, I listened to his stories (which included a rather lengthy tale about a satanic cow) and concentrated on enjoying his physical proximity.

He kept checking in with me, not wanting to monopolize my time, in case I wanted to explore the dungeon more.  But I already knew everyone that was in the bar that night.  I also knew I already had the attention of the two guys that mattered to me. 

At some point, Paul left my side (I can’t remember why), and the other half of our threesome moved in to talk to me.  He mentioned how hot it was getting his dick sucked while watching me get plowed by Paul’s huge cock.   He said, “You look like you’d be a lot of fun to fuck.  I’d love to breed your ass.”  "Bring it on," I replied.

He then apologized for losing his hard on and for not cumming while we were playing earlier.  Turns out, he’d begun drinking early in the afternoon and was now too drunk to be much good sexually.  I assured him that wasn’t a big deal and that I thought he was hot and had contributed a lot to our little ménage. 

His name was Devin and it turned out that we had probably run into each other in the past (probably at the warehouse parties in Minneapolis).  He then asked me if I was up for getting fucked in the morning.  Maybe he would stop by my tent and use my hole.   Liking the idea a lot, I explained where my tent was in relation to the bar. 

At this point, Paul returned, standing off to the side, discreetly blending in (as much as he could) with a group of guys near the DJ booth.  Devin said he’d probably be heading for bed soon, in order to sleep off all the booze, but promised to stop by in the morning.  I was looking forward to it.  He was a total hunk and I would be lucky to have a second chance at his sweet bod. 

Once Devin disappeared back into the dungeon, Paul ambled over with a sheepish smile.  Again, he asked if he was keeping me from anything and I reassured him that was not the case.  We kissed.  Whenever I see others making out in public, I’m always a tad envious and fairly certain part of the pair’s pleasure is derived from others witnessing their bliss. I’d be lying if I told you that was not the case with Paul.  Sure, his posture and grill work might have placed him in the category of ‘Funny Valentine’, but, in my eyes (and ass), he was the best thing going that night.

I led him back to the room with the bone-shaped fuck chair.  Easing into it, I told him I’d wanted to try the chair since I first laid eyes on it.  He straddled the little kneeling bench and in no time was deep dicking my hole.  On occasion he would lean over and we’d lock lips.  Our connection was deep enough that I didn’t really mind or pay much attention to the other men gathered around me, playing with my nipples, stroking my chest, arms, and cock.  The session went on forever.  This time I didn’t bother with the poppers – I wanted to feel every nuance. 

Paul played safe, which surprised me, and he even apologized for it at one point (I told him he had nothing to apologize for and that using condoms was actually rather admirable).   They may have also played an important part in the secret of his ardor and staying power, for it was another fifteen minutes of pounding that my hole endured.  I was feeling like one greedy, greasy, gluttonous size queen.  He finally pulled out and requested a break.  My hole needed one, too.

Finding our way to the first booth, with its comfy sofa and 1980’s porn on the television screen, we plopped down to catch our breath.  Our legs intertwined, we talked and laughed – about what, I can’t remember.  He was good company.  Once our sweaty bodies had a chance to cool and dry, I nestled into him again, kissing him tenderly, as I did.  His dick was still rock hard, something, given his size, I couldn’t help but admire.  Just the thought of getting him off kept my own dick nice and stiff.

Curled up in each other, our eyes strayed to the television screen.  The porn was not good.  In fact, it was rather ugly and silly – something about the outdoor patio of a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, two, not very attractive twink-wannabes getting it on, as the waiter and a couple of drag queens have tizzy fits.  We laughed at it and enjoyed the physical closeness of each other, as well as the normalcy of it.  It could have been any Saturday night on the couch watching the tube.

It’s at this point that Tom, the dude I’d met the previous night, made his presence known.  He’d visited me at my campsite earlier that morning and unceremoniously shot his load all over my abs.  Now, he became… well, to be honest, something of a pest.  He’d been on the fringe of things all evening, mostly keeping his distance.  But after witnessing the banging my ass received in the bone-shaped fuck chair at the hands of Paul, Tom wanted in on the action.  As Paul and I sat on the couch, he walked up to us three times.  

Anyone with a clue would have understood that we were not interested in a group thing, but Tom, of course, failed to get the message.  Two other people walked up and they immediately recognized that we were being exclusive. They were sensitive to the energy and the vibe, smiled and walked away.  But not Tom.  Third time he approached, inexplicably, he shot his load all over Paul’s thigh.  WTF?  

Paul was good-natured about it, and had about the same reaction as I'd earlier (see… we are alike in more ways than one).  I grabbed some paper towels to clean him up.  Our conversation turned to sex on the farm, how old where you when you first… blah, blah.  I’m not going to lie: the idea of living on a farm with a big-dicked farmer kind of got me daydreaming a bit.  I’d love to be taking Paul’s cock up my ass in the hayloft, the barn, the barnyard, or an open field.  Hell, let’s make porn in that corn!  But the reality was, these days; I’m a city mouse with too many responsibilities that keep me in the city.  I wouldn’t want to be a weekend farmer, like the gay couple Paul currently helps out on an on-going basis.  So, nice fantasy, but not in the cards for this guy.

We kissed, sucked and played with each other’s dicks. He fucked me on the couch for a bit, but it was awkward and I called a halt to it because I could see that he was spending too much energy just maintaining balance.   Instead, we ended up jerking each other off.   I shot first, with Paul following pretty quickly.  After cleaning up, we relaxed and talked some more.  Twenty minutes later, I was ready to go shower and hit the hay. 

Things got a little sticky.  Turned out his air mattress hadn’t worked, so he was going to be sleeping on the ground. I fought the urge to invite him over to sleep with me in my tent.  Not a good idea; could be construed as something other than just sharing a bed, so I kept my mouth shut.  I felt bad, having monopolized his evening, if more was what he’d expected.  I did my best to not lead him on. 

After letting him know that I would be around until noon the next day, we parted ways.  I ran to my campsite, grabbed a towel and then hit the showers.  It felt good.  The night air was warm and I slept fairly well that night. As I drifted off, I wondered what it would have been like sleeping with Paul, but was glad I hadn’t opened that door.  The way I sleep?  Tossing and turning?  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

It was a good night, one that had surpassed my expectations. 

Funny, how one person can make all the difference in the world.

Saturday, 5:30 – 9:30 am

I woke early the next day and remained awake.  It was my final day at the NCN Campground, and I was already wishing I could have stayed longer.  I really liked my campsite.  And the men I had met, while not all my kind of fun, were certainly friendly and welcoming enough.
As I was eating my breakfast, I got a text message from the friend taking care of my dogs. One of them was sick.  I texted back that I would be on my way as soon as I could.  After finishing breakfast, I started breaking down my campsite. 

The idea of leaving sooner than I’d wanted made me sad.  Thankfully, packing up proceed much easier than I’d anticipated.  I was interrupted by Devin, the cute, bald dude who’d been part of the previous evening’s threesome.  He was disappointed to see that my tent was down, as he was looking forward to fucking me.  His dick was half hard as we talked. 

Hmmm, I thought… do I have time for one for the road?  Looking in Devin’s handsome mug I decide, fuck yeah, I did. After learning where his truck was parked (he was sleeping in the back), I promised to roll on by before heading out.  We parted ways, so I could finish stowing my gear. 

I was about to head to the restroom to clean up, when Paul stopped by.  We kissed and exchanged email addresses.  I told him how much fun I’d had the previous night and was sorry that I had to head out earlier than I’d planned.  Promising to keep in touch, he ambled off, with that wistful, aww-shucks-ma’am grin of his, pulling at my heartstrings the entire way. 

Hustling off to the restroom, I made quick business of my clean up, choosing not to shave my ass or balls.  If they were a bit bristly, I was pretty sure Devin would forgive me. Once done, I hightailed it back to my campsite, made sure it was spotless, said good-bye to it, and then drove around the lake toward Devin’s campsite.  Completely naked as I drove, dudes waved good-bye to me.  I hadn’t gotten really close to anyone, but Bill.  Still, it was sure nice to be waved at. See, I told you everybody was friendly.

I parked next to Devin’s truck, got out, and approached.  The truck had a cap on the back, with the tail gate facing the woods.   The back was open and I saw a naked Devin lying face up on an air mattress, playing with his cock.  Crawling up inside, I must admit, I was a tad disappointed.  I’d wanted Devin to fuck me out in the open or in the woods.  But, when in Rome, blah, blah, blah. 

I wasted no time swallowing Devin’s dick.  Seven inches, it felt sweet in my freshly gargled mouth.  I had no trouble getting him rock hard.  Once the fire was lit, I slid up next to him.  I wanted to feel all this lightly furry man’s body all over me.  The truck cap was on the short-side, so there was not a lot of room to maneuver about, still, we managed.  We kissed a bit.  To be honest, his kisses were nothing like Paul’s, but, I reminded myself, it was morning, in the light of day, so maybe holding back a little was to be expected.  

My hands found their way all over that man’s hot bod very quickly.  My one regret?  I did not get to look at his magnificent ass, for it was one of his best features and the way his light blonde fur sort of hovered and shone all over it tripped my trigger something awful.  But there was not enough room for that in the back of the truck for me to get the view I'd hoped for

Devin wanted to fuck me and asked if I wouldn’t mind lying on the mattress face down.  Things were moving very quickly, however, with a sick dog waiting at home, I decided that was just fine with me.  After squirting a generous amount of lube on my ass crack, he mounted me and went to town.  It felt good; nice and liquid.  I strained my head over my right shoulder so our lips could meet.  During the fuck, he didn’t change things up much, but given the logistics, there wasn’t a lot more he could have done.  Oh, never fear... we definitely got that truck a’rocking!   

His breathing changed, lapsing into quick, sharp intakes, our lips still touching.  “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum”.  He kept pumping it into me long after his orgasm had subsided.  I was hard, but nowhere near ready to cum.  That was cool with me.  He laid on top of me and we kissed for a bit, before he rolling off.  I felt my hole.  Nice and slick with cum and lube. 

He handed me some paper towels to clean up.   I explained that I was going to hit the showers again.  He invited me to use the ones near his campsite, but I told him I’d rather use the ones down near the entrance.  He wanted to come with and I thought that was sweet.  Naked and freshly-fucked, I drove the two of us toward the entrance.  After parking in one of the guest spots, we hurried inside.

The odd couple was there.  Hoping that they were all done and leaving soon, I hit the far stall to rinse out.  But, nope, that was not the case - they had yet to shower. 

Devin took the shower head next to the boy-too-beautiful and I ended up next to the retired executive.  At this point, I was feeling played out and, with a sick dog waiting for me at home, eager to hit the road.  Devin poured on the charm and I was fairly certain he was hoping something might  happen with the boy-too-beautiful.  It was hot watching him shower.  The boy-too-beautiful was very friendly. Still, even though I hadn’t cum earlier, I was not in the mood.

I finished up quickly and got outside to dry.  Toweling off, I had a great view of the inside of the group shower.  The boy-too-beautiful eyed me and then began soaping up the dick of the retired executive.  What I really would have liked to have seen was the boy-too-beautiful soap up his own dick and show hard.  By this time, Devin was practically salivating.  It was tempting, but I got dressed, said my good-byes and hit the road.

It had been a heady four days.  Overall, it was well worth the time and money.  I met some great guys and got laid a bunch.  Sure, it was not what I had hoped… there were no leather clad dom tops looking to enslave a piss whore bottom in order to humiliate him in front of others before fucking his brains out.  But that was a tall order to fill, and not on the menu at this particular event. 

Someday I would like to be in a scene where that would be possible.  Though I wonder if my Midwestern inhibitions would kick in and prevent me from letting my slut-self open up to the experience and take full advantage of what was being offered.  I do think the clock is ticking on those fantasies.  No doubt, I will just end up running out the clock.

But I will be returning to NCN Campground - hopefully for ManCamp next August.  The place rocked and had just enough going on to intrigue me.  Plus there were so many things I hadn’t explored – like late night trail walks and that abandoned trailer in the back that dudes use as a fuck shack. 

Hmm…. need to add those to the fantasy file.

That file is getting pretty big.