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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Wonderland Burlesque's Adore and Deplore Quiz

Wonderland Burlesque's
Adore and Deplore Quiz

A little fun one. Something cutesy. And relatively simple. 

All questions begin with 'What's in your... '

You supply something you adore and something you deplore. Explain your choices if you feel the need (you know me - I always do.)

Let's get started, shall we?

--- ---

1/ What's in your refrigerator?

Adore: Fresh Spinach

I eat it almost every day. Typically in a finely-chopped salad at dinner. Chopping is the key to enjoying a salad. I dislike big pieces of lettuce and spinach. It makes me feel like a cow, the dressing never adheres correctly, it's messy, it's awkward. I like to throw it on any sandwich... including my current favorite lunch - toasted naan bread smeared with olive tapenade hummus, into which I press a handful of a somewhat finely chopped spinach and lettuce, purple cabbage, shaved carrot combo, topped with sliced cherry tomatoes. It makes me happy, it checks the boxes on not only all the nutrition requirements, but also my personal flavor requirements, is relatively healthy and easy to make and guilt free.

Spinach can be added to just about everything, including soups. At the end of the week, if I have any leftover? I simply steam it and mix it with whatever rice bowl I am eating. 

It's very good for you. 

Deplore: Chicken Breast

Hercules, last of the dogs, requires additional protein. Over the years, The Ex stopped trusting dog foods and we just make Hercules his own special meal every day. It takes ten to fifteen minutes. That's just the way it is. Dogs are carnivores. So, I put up with it. And it's for Hercules, who is the most dog-like dog I have every met. He's just a sweetie. Annoying. He barks. But a sweetie. 

As a vegetarian, I rather resent having to handle meat. 

Well... that kind of meat.

2/ What's in your freezer?

Adore: Beyond Sausage (Brats)

These are the most delicious things on the planet (if you like brats - which I did). The texture and flavor are perfect. I adore sinking my teeth in one. And juicy, too. Thanks to things like Beyond Sausage (their burgers are great, too), I don't miss meat at all. Although I sometimes wonder if eating things that satisfy because they remind me of meat isn't defeating some sort of purpose. I mean, you become a vegetarian to give up meat... so, if you're eating things that are like meat, are you actually a vegetarian? 

I know, I know... I am over-thinking this. 

I just don't want to be a hypocrite (as if that is possible). 

Deplore: Aldi's Chik'n Fingers

I've come to realize for my major protein sources I tend to rely on pre-packaged foods and most of those foods fall under the category of 'junk' foods. Take Aldi's Chik'n Fingers for example. They are awful. They don't remind me of chicken fingers at all. I make them in the air fryer (greatest kitchen appliance ever) and they turn out well, but the texture is off and the taste suspect. I dunk them in a yellow mustard, mayo combo and they are edible. But I really need to be asking more of myself and more of my food. This is dialing it in at a lazy level. 

And while they are vegan, are they nutritious? I suspect the answer is 'no'. So I don't like them, they don't taste good, they aren't nutritious. Then why am I eating and buying them? 

Because I want Aldi's to stock more plant-based foods, so I support the ones they do have. 

Time to rethink that strategy. 

3/ What's in your cupboard?

Adore: Smoked Paprika

I love this spice. I dunno why. It makes everything taste wonderful. I love it in soup. I love it in a rice bowl. Risotto. Couscous. Anything. 

Deplore: Spice 'Mixes' 

Gift giving goes in cycles. This past Xmas, it was all about gift baskets, featuring bottles of wine, crackers, almonds, olives, etc. Very nice. Some it not to my taste (Candied almonds? NO!). The previous year it was all about spice mixes. There are actual stores that specialize in this and then there are those enterprising folks at the farm markets. These mixes come in individual glass grinders. The grinders are fun. I like grinding, but I don't care for spice mixes. 

Bloody Mary. Cancun. Flavorful Feast. The names are fun. But what you end up working with? Well, it's a little bit like allowing Bob's Carlos alone in the kitchen with a spice rack. You end up with every spice in the world on your dish and it becomes hard to discern what compliments your dish and what overpowers it. I tend to use my spices in my homemade soups and this is where I have also learned to loath these mixes. 

Now, granted, these were gifts. And I love a gift. Who doesn't. But once you've received and acknowledged the gift, the gift becomes your responsibility. I don't like waste, so I feel compelled to use whatever I am given, even if it is not to my liking. So, I keep using these spices. Sparingly, as I wonder about the condition of the taste buds of the person who thought putting a dozen spices together in one grinder was a good idea. 

4/ What's in your closet?

Adore:  My H&M Black Peacoat

It's heavy and fits like a glove. It has beautiful lines and is in pristine condition. 

I rarely wear it. 

It was a gift from The Boyfriend. I'd always wanted one, but could never bring myself to spend that much on a coat. It was very sweet of him and one of my favorite gifts ever. Such gifts are one of the reasons to have a boyfriend. No, I don't expect such things all the time. But just this once... I got something I absolutely wanted. So I treasure it. 

Like I treasure him. 

Deplore: All my 'Will & Grace' Clothes

If you watched the show back in the day (not the reboot - oh, please, no), then you know 'the look'. No, I am not cute and darkly handsome like Eric McCormack, but I appreciated the look at the time and it rather informed mens wear for quite some time. I naturally fell in line, because I like how easy it was to put things together - cookie cutter clothing. And it all looked good and sharp... when it was new. 

But I never let go of it. It's all been worn to death and is no longer very interesting looking. Comfortable, yes? But then so are my trainers (the ones where my big toe pokes through.) 

I need to do a clean sweep and dump all of it... but I can't. It's like the woman who gets stuck in time, insisting on wearing her hair like it was styled in her senior high school photo. Or the man who listens to nothing but Buddy Holly era rock 'n roll, insisting, loudly and to anyone who will listen, that new music is garbage. 

I did change up my work clothes. I went in for button down shirts and sleek-fitting jeans. 

But my heart still wants to wear nothing but clothing from an age long gone. 

During Covid? During the winter, I wore nothing but clothing from 2005. I went through a period when I thought Kohl's stores were the bomb. There was a line of clothing called Helix and I could not get enough of it. 

So, now that we are talking about returning to work and being 'public' people again, I may have to buy some new things. I don't want to, but I also don't want to feel self-conscious about my clothes; which I typically don't - I'm too busy actually working. Still... 

...perhaps it is time to move on. 

5/ What's in your bathroom?

Adore: Generic Viagra

So, for some reason Walgreens keeps giving me a 30 day supply each month. I asked my nurse practitioner about it and she says that they haven't prescribed it for me in over four years. But somehow, Walgreens auto-renewal prescription system has it in mind that I am a sex maniac (somewhat true) in need of a daily raging boner (and who doesn't like one of those?) 

This has been going on for the past 13 months - in other words - it began with the Covid pandemic. I talked to a nurse, asking her to stop it, and she informed me that I have to call and grapple with the automated system myself.

Except, I won't do that.

I loathe calling 1-800 numbers and punching in #1 or #2. If it was a matter of talking to a human being directly, I would do that, but no humans exist in the world of Walgreens. So, for the past 13 months I have dutifully gone in and picked up my monthly prescription for boner pills. Not that I have been taking them. I have had no need; no sex during the Covid pandemic. Not even last summer.

So, I have a bit of a stockpile: over 360 10 mg pills. I think about what to do with them (they have a shelf life). Maybe I will have an old man party? Or go visit the local illegal bathhouse and put out a little bowl of them with a warning sign not to take if you have a heart condition or blood pressure issues. 

I dunno. And technically? I don't need them. I get hard just fine all on my own. But the boner they do provide? It is like you're seventeen again (cue: Eurythmics). And given that I'm on 'this side' of things? 

Well, who wouldn't enjoy that?

Deplore: A Foot Scraper

I loathe my feet. 

Years of dancing and wearing bad shoes did a number on them. They have never recovered. 

And, thus far, I have resisted taking matters into my own hands and doing the things I should to fix them... like soaking them and doing all that nonsense. 

Currently, they work enough to get the job done. I can run. So? Why bother.

But I am embarrassed by them. Other than The Boyfriend, no one gets to see them. He tells me they are not so bad, and he is sweet to say so, but I don't buy it. 

I know. 

That's the real reason I loathe sandals. I can't wear them. Not in public. 

This self-loathing has not led me to actually tackle the problem or consult a doctor. No. Instead, I pay lip service to the idea of getting them back into viewing shape by buying things I think will push me in that direction. They don't. This medieval looking device (it looks like a kitchen utensil - a cheese grater!) is still in the package because every time I think about using it my eyes go wide with fear. I can't imagine scraping skin with it. Instead, I envision things going horribly wrong and me ending up with bloody stumps. 

So, yes... I despise my feet and, in turn, everything I have bought in the hopes of rehabilitating them.

6/ What's in your garage/shed/storage space/attic?

Adore: My bicycle

It is an amazing bike. So lightweight. So easy to pedal. I feel powerful and capable and happy when I am riding it. 

The Boyfriend keeps telling me I need to up my resistance. But why? Life is hard enough. I've found the one thing that makes it easy to move with speed and grace. 

Why 'resist' that?

Deplore: A giant Wicker Armoire I bought from a tenant who was moving

Crazy lady in a small house with too much furniture. She is moving. The Ex is 'helping'. He always gets over-involved in the lives of our tenants (and they don't mind, because he is charming and, if they listen to his babble long enough, he'll do things for them). He brings home a photo on his phone of something he knows I "will love." It's a toast-colored wicker armoire... two drawers at the bottom, two doors at the top. She needs money and is selling it. I give him money and say sure... I'll buy it. 

The day of the big move... The Ex and I go over to pick it up. It is huge. And I don't want it. But I keep my mouth shut. She's moving. It's stressful. She is glad to be rid of it. Now it's mine. This is what happens when you buy things without actually seeing them, as in, being in the same room with them. 

We get it home. I tell The Ex it is not going into the bunker. I don't tell him 'I hate it'. I just stall. And then confess a month later that I don't want it in the bunker. We agree it will serve as storage in the garage. It's a nice piece of furniture. If I lived in a giant house, I could see it being in a room. I do not live in a giant house. I do not see it being in any room. I feel bad for it. It thought it was going to be placed in a nice house and filled with clothing. 

Instead it is filled with bags of potting soil, clay pots and gardening equipment. 

Such is life, am I right? We see ourselves becoming one thing... but we end up as something else altogether. 

7/ What's in your DVD/Video collection?

Adore: All my vintage VHS Classic Gay Porn

Adore! (Especially the giant boxes.) Seventies porn is the best. Those NOVA films are absolutely terrible and so much fun. They don't really sexually excite anymore... it's more about the vintage, the age they invoke and my memories of myself when first viewing them. I remember thinking they were just the best-most-horrible-secret-deviant thing ever! 

I still do. And I own them. Not renting. I hated renting porn. Because you had to walk up to the counter and have someone fetch the film and that person then passed judgement on what you were checking out. And then, you had to return them... and heaven help you if you didn't bother to rewind, for then they had proof that you actually watched some of the tape (typically about 20 minutes) - which made you a total perv. 

Now? I embrace my perv. 

And share it on this blog with all of you!

(Lucky, lucky you.)

Deplore: Anything with Kirsty Alley

I used to love this weight-fluctuating nut bag. Adore her. No, she has never been what I would call a 'great actress' or 'comedienne'. Her work is all work... like you see her sweat. Like you see how much effort she has to put into every moment. She talks like a key punch. And she has her signature fallbacks - that whine. Oh, christ on a popsicle stick - that whine. You just want to punch her. 

But she was a great broad. And I love me a great broad. Like... if she wasn't the fucked up mess of a human being she is, she would be a hoot go out and get plastered with (my personal way of rating the worthiness of human beings). 

But, no. 

She's a monster. 

An ugly monster. On the inside. I don't care how fat or sloppy she is... yes, there was a time when I would have fucked her. But no more. Haven't felt that way in ages. 

She morphed into this totally messed up human. I mean, the demons in her head are at war with one another 24/7 and she belongs in a nut house. And I am not being misogynistic here... I get that women have the right to be total dicks. I respect their autonomy. But Kirsty is a lost soul. I think there still is a wonderful person in there. Sweet. Kind. But having sold her soul to Scientology in order to sustain some kind of acting career placed her in a very, very dark place. We are talking about a place beyond Gary Busey. I mean, he's fucked up, for sure... but that is a natural sort. It's the difference between smoking chronic everyday and doing meth ever fifteen minutes. 

Kirsty? I don't see that ending well. She's a hammer coming down hard on the soft spot of a baby's head.

So, I went through this period, and this was before she revealed her true Disney Villainess self, where I collected all her movies. I mean, I even have a copy of that Disney thing where she plays the motherfucking tooth fairy! I mean, I even have a copy of that horrible movie where she and (vomit a little here) Tim Allen pretend to be Amish. That's how hardcore I went for this woman. 

I haven't watched any of them. They sit there. I mean, really? Do I want to watch a talking baby movie? No. But I own two of them. 

See? This is the downside of being a completist. 

And once you get the collection? Good luck getting yourself to let go of it... even if you come to despise the very thing that made you collect it in the first place. 

8/ What's in your CD/Album/Music collection?

Disco - Kylie Minogue

Not a bad cut on the whole damn thing. Magic, I Don't Want To Miss A Thing... I listen to this non-stop in the car. She chirps away, her voice all morphed and manipulated by machinery and I love it. It makes me happy. She? Makes me happy. Lady has joy in her heart.

No. It's not earthshaking stuff. But it is fun. Lots of fun. 

And that's what I - we all - need these days. Some fun. 

So I recommend you allow your little inner disco dolly to come out and purchase a copy for yourself. 

Your feet and heart will thank you.

Deplore: An almost complete collection of the works of Keiko Matsui

Who? Japanese light jazz/new age keyboard artist Keiko Matsui likes to record CDs. 

I have most of them. How did that happen? 

When I was a kid, my friends and I would pool our money and send in for a crate of albums. We would have no idea what would arrive, which was part of the fun. For fifty bucks they would send you 200 albums. When they arrived, we would all gather at my best friend's house and take turns picking something from the pile. Oh... the things I grabbed. I always went for female artists and R&B, which was great, because no one else wanted that stuff. I also got all the bubble gum pop. It was fun. It was educational. I was exposed to many, many different types of music by artists I would never have heard otherwise. We did this twice a year. 

Anyway... fast forward. During my eBay phase, I stumbled on an offering where they do the same with CDs. I bought one. It was wonderful. Only this time, I got to keep (or re-sell) everything. 

And, again... I was exposed to things I would never buy any other way. 

Keiko Matsui had a good dozen CDs in there. And I can't part with them until I listen to them. And I don't want to listen to them because it all sounds exactly the same and is so boring. I think Keiko must make her money writing the music companies use to entertain their customers when they put them on hold; because listening to her music for any length of time? Oh, yes... 

You WILL want to hang up.

9/ What's in your library?

Adore: House of Mirth by Edith Wharton

I'd recently read Age of Innocence and, once I got used to the language, found it a pleasant read. I was happy to be finally reading something considered 'classic'. Pat on the back. Yay, me. 

I enjoyed it enough to tackle her House of Mirth.

This may be the best novel I have ever read. Again, I had to adjust to the language. It is Victorian. It is a bit stilted, with convoluted sentence structures. Her use of language; florid. I would say this book serves as the birthplace of all Harlequin romances. 

It's also an incredible character study and captures a period in time succinctly. It takes on status, class, and decorum. 

My heart pounds when I read this book. I know how it ends, but the people and stakes at play are such that I get swept away in Wharton's rather heated language. It's not an easy read. But well worth it. 

I enjoy examinations of integrity. I enjoy the pulling apart of motivations, wants and needs. Having someone's blind spots dissected? Fascinating. Wharton does an excellent job of it. I can't recommend this enough. 

If you want to challenge yourself and totally escape? Give this one a try. It will take you a bit to get used to the language, the style... but the effort will pay off big time, I promise.

 Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto by Chuck Klosterman

This cluck. OMG. SMH.

I despise the writers over at The Onion, that bastion of sophomoric humor. I dislike it when people pat themselves on the back WHILE they are being clever. Barf. 

This book? One big barf. 

Chapter one? He whines about some magical pixie queen who won't give him the time of day and would rather go see Coldplay in concert than spend the weekend with him in New York in a four star hotel. 

You want to punch the dude. Hard. In the nuts. Repeatedly. Not only is he a misogynistic white privileged shit stain of a human being, but he's stupid. Clearly, this woman would rather ram her head repeatedly into a brick wall than spend five minutes with you. Take the hint. Move on. No, instead, he pines and complains and blames Coldplay. 


What a total tool.  

And this is typical of the self-referential cultural-debris laden bullshit that stinks up The Onion. They want you to believe they are dealing you an intellectually stimulating essay; an examination of modern culture, when, in fact, it's about as compelling and informed as dried jizz stains on your hotel room sheets. 

Their headlines are pure gold. As concepts they all work. But then they start actually writing? That's when you want to cram as many small toys toddlers should never play with in your ears and eye sockets as you can. 

Chuck Klosterman? You have a nut punch coming, buddy. You are so un-self aware. You are a total azzhat. I repeat... a shit stain of a human being.

10/ What's in your heart?

Adore: Kindness

I want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. 


Way too many people are unevolved and lack self-awareness. 

--- ---

That's it for today.

Your turn. Leave your answers in the comments section, or post on your blog and leave a link here. 

You can make it as simple or as complex as you like. Explain your answers or allow them to speak for themselves - it's all good. 

Have a lovely day. And, as always...

Thanks for reading. 

17 Again - Eurythmics 

The Bike Song - Mark Ronson, The Business Intl.


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

I find Mark Ronson very attractive and talented. Love him blond Pity he's straight?
And I'm stealing this one. Too good to let it pass, but I' can't help but respond to some of your answers:
1. love spinach. When I was little, I ate it because they made Popeye strong! LOL
2. I love MorningStar products. I even like their 'corn dogs'. Somebody at work used to steal them during one summer years ago and they never knew they were vegan!
3. I love Paprika. I put it everywhere, too.
4. I live in H&M. Literally.
5. I cannot take Viagra. It gives me a raging headache. When the boners are gone, they'll be gone for me...
6. OMG Upton! You should do a DIY with the giant wicker armoire and fill it with plants!!!
7. Kristy Alley is batshit crazy. Scientology, honey.
8. I just realized I don't have where to play my CDs but my car!
9. Edith Wharton is totally underrated.
10. You ARE a kind man. I like that.


Hot guys said...

Always thought Mark Ronson was gay. Like, 100% gay. 🙂

My gaydar is still goin' crazy. And when he said he's pansexual or whatever, it kinda made sense. 😏

Then he denied it. Mess. 🤷‍♂️

Bob said...

1/ What's in your refrigerator?

Adore: Arugula. On a salad, in a sammich, tossed in pasta, it’s dee-lish!

Deplore: Carlos’ homemade marmalade because, and yes I tell him, too damned sweet for me.hicken Breast

2/ What's in your freezer?

Adore: Chorizo. For Chori-pollo; or my world-famous Enchi-Lasagna; for Albondigas.

Deplore: I can’t think of anything because if I deplore it, and Caros deplores it, it’s gone!!

3/ What's in your cupboard?

Adore: Microwave popcorn with olive oil and sea salt. My go-to if I want dessert. I do not have a sweet tooth.

Deplore: Worcestershire sauce. We buy it for Carlos but I loathe the stuff.

4/ What's in your closet?

Adore: My Doc Marten ankle boots.They don’t get much wear in warmer weather but come fall and windterI work them!

Deplore: Again, I think of nothing, because if I deplore it,I give it away. I am regularly “thinning the herd,”

5/ What's in your bathroom?

Adore: Shea butter face cream. Smells good, feels good, does good. An, being a simple gal, I don’t need costly potions and lotions.

Deplore: The tub surround. A re-do of the master bath is on the list!

6/ What's in your garage/shed/storage space/attic?

Adore: My paint collection from the years f repainting I’ve done at Casa Bob y Carlos. It inspires me.

Deplore: The broken sink that we keep meaning to get fixed and yet haven’t because we really never used it before it broke.

7/ What's in your DVD/Video collection?

Adore: Tim Burns documentary on New York City. I love it.

Deplore: Seabiscuit. Why.Did.We.Buy.That? I didn’t really care for the film and now I OWN a copy????

8/ What's in your CD/Album/Music collection?

Adore: Dana Ross. I have them all, but The Boss is my favorite.

Deplore: For some reason I bought the Rod Stewart collection on CD years ago and I have no idea why. I can count on one hand, half a hand, really, the songs of his I like.

9/ What's in your library?

Adore: The collection of Barbary Lane books by Armistead Maupin. They’re like old friends that you can always go back to visit.

Deplore: Nothing, because unlike wild impulse purchases in DVDs and CDs from back in the day, I have never kept a book I did not read or did not like.
10/ What's in your heart?

Adore: Love. Carlos, pets, family, friends.

Deplore: Sadness. At the way the world goes sometimes. I don’t “get” people.

whkattk said...

1. Fridge: Fresh veggies; a brisket brining. Deplore: Guacamole
2. Freezer: A variety of nuts. Deplore: Veggie scraps for soup base. (Store your smoked Paprika in the freezer, it helps maintain.)
3. Cupboard: Two shelves of spices. Deplore: Boxed desert mixes.
4. Closet: Just dumped 6 bags of stuff I no longer wear - gave it all to the local homeless teens shelter. Kept the 501s, sweatshirts, t-shrts, Kenneth Cole jacket. Deplore: brown sandals. I hate sandals.
5. Bathroom: Linen closet with towels, etc. Deplore: All the gadgetry and product the wife uses for her hair.
6. Garage: Garden tools I don't use. LOL. My old hiking boots and ice skates. Deplore: All the wife's painting supplies: canvases, paint, etc.
7. DVDs: Babs, of course; recording of theatre shows. Deplore: My wife's Criminal Intent collection.
8. CDs: Babs, of course. Then everything from swing bands to garage bands. Deplore: The wife's Garth Brooks boxed set she never opened.
9. Library: Everything from autobiographies to Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris. Deplore: ???
10. Heart: Empathy. Always. Deplore: Depression. I fight it more and more these days.

SickoRicko said...

Great collection of pix!

Jimmy said...

In the fridge,...Diet Coke ALWAYS. (deplore), Jello or anything with the same consistency.

In the freezer,....Stouffers and ice cream.

In the cupboard,...Canned soup, Chef Boyardee stuff. That is my after hurricane supply stuff.

In the closet,...White cotton polo shirts. It is all I wear. I do have ONE dress shirt and sports coat for my funeral (lol). Deplore,...long pants.

In the bathroom,....creams, lotions and salves. I have allergic skin issues which pops up during season changes. I deplore shaving!

The garage,...two cars, garden tools, charcoal grill, and a lot of old paint cans that need to be tossed.

DVD collection, porn (sorry). But we have a huge amount of movies. I can watch movies over and over ..

What is in my CD collection. A mix of everything , but mostly early music, medieval, baroque and classical. I love singing along with Mozart's g minor Masse. (again,lol)

Library,...BOOKS EVERYWHERE!!!!shelves, tables, floor. My husband has a thing for books and they rotate through the house from the Stonewall Library.

In my heart,...I feel like I'm a good person. Some people may not think the same. Being Irish, I possess the 'rage gene' which gets me into trouble but it is always for a good cause.

Mistress Maddie said...

What's in your refrigerator? Adore- fruit, veggies and balsamic chicken Deplore- Nothing, otherwise it wouldn't be in there.

What's in your freezer? Adore-Blueberry ice cream. Deplore- That's there is not more ice cream!!!

What's in your cupboard? Adore- Herbs de Provence oil. So many good uses and tasty. And I love all my herb spices. I m a huge herb person. Deplore- Lemon pepper spice. The only time I use it is when eating cucumber sandwiches.

What's in your closet? Adore- a Reiss, military green coat with fur lapel. I also like a theory suit that fit so well. It can be worn some many ways. Deplore- some Ralph Lauren plaid shirts. There out of here.

What's in your bathroom? Adore- Borghese Fango Face Mud. The best feeling mud facial EVER! Deplore- anything shaving. You best take care of your feet Upton! They are important. I do my feet once a week, with a foot soak and moisturize, nail cutting. My one friend said I have the prettiest feet he's ever seen.

What's in your DVD/Video collection? Adore-Auntie Mame with Roz Russel. Deplore- my porn. Why bother loading it when I can cam or watch online?

What's in your CD/Album/Music collection? Adore- a toss up between ABBA and Amy Winehouse Deplore- Samantha Mumbo. What was I thinking?

What's in your heart? Sugar and spice, good and evil, love and hate.

I look forward to all's answers to this.

anne marie in philly said...

1 - cheeses (adore), onions (deplore)

2 - pork chops (adore), sliced turkey breast (deplore)

3 - pasta (adore), onion soup mix (deplore)

4 - pants & t-shirts (adore); I donated everything I deplored last

5 - anti-bacterial liquid soap (adore), q-tips (deplore)

6 - our cars (adore), an old riding tractor (deplore)

7 - a variety (adore), SNL the first 5 seasons (deplore)

8 - a variety (adore), anything ABBA (deplore)

9 - auto/bio, history, travel, knitting books (adore); I donated everything I deplored last year

10 - love and hate (yin & yang)