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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Lost Boys: Vintage Images of Jeremy Scott, Part I

Lost Boys: 
Vintage Images of Jeremy Scott. Part 1

You are in for a treat. 

Vintage porn stars... you never know what you're going to stumble on. 

The story of Jeremy Scott? 

An absolute treasure trove of information... a trail a mile long. We have love, intrigue, deception, love triangles, danger, fame, art, Hollywood, a serial killer and sex... lots and lots of sex.  

It would actually make for a fascinating movie. 

If it is, indeed, all true.

And now that I have your attention, without further ado, let's take a look at the fascinating life and times of one of my personal favorite porn stars, Jeremy Scott.

--- ---

Jeremy Scott
AKA: Troy Andrew Myers
Birthday: October 17, 1961
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Death: May 28, 1994

Height: 5'  
Weight: 134
Hair: Brown/Blonde

Years Active: 1980 - 1991
Films: 33
Compilations: 14
Studios: HIS, LeSalon, Catalina Video, LA Video, NOVA, etc.

On October 17, 1961, Troy Andrew Myers was born in San Diego, CA to Seth A. and Judy Japs Myers. His father's family came from Pennsylvania, while his mother's family, all California Mormons, originated from Los Angeles. He grew up in a family that included a brother, William Arthur and a sister, Candice Estill. Note: In one profile I came across they claimed that he had two adopted siblings: a boy, Bailey (six years younger than) and Courtney (11 years younger than), though neither is mentioned in his Rockford, IL obituary. 

The family eventually settled in Costa Mesa, CA. There, his father, who it is believed may have been a repressed homosexual, owned and operated a hairstyling salon, while his mother took in and cared for foster children, many of whom were emotionally disturbed or physically handicapped. 

This led to a chaotic home life, for example: one of the foster children once pulled a knife on Troy - in his own home. That? That could traumatize a guy!

In addition to the strife the foster children provided, Troy's father's behavior added to the drama. Troy realized that he, himself, was gay at a very early age. This triggered what one writer called "a strong rage-response" in his father, who would severely punish Troy for anything he saw as an expression of that sexuality. Further complicating things, the parents would dote on Troy - constantly urging him to become famous and do something with his life - while also remaining emotionally distant.

 Appearances mattered greatly to the Myers family and from the outside? Things appeared to be rather perfect, but then... things were not what they seemed. 

Despite his father's efforts, Troy did act out on his sexuality. Described as "sexually precocious", in his early teens, Troy became immersed in a world of tearoom/restroom encounters, public sex in parks and cruising. His activities didn't go unnoticed; leading at least one person who knew him in high school to label him "a sex addict" due to his seemingly constant need for sex with other men. And while he had no boyfriend or male lover, Troy did have several girlfriends during his teen years, engaging in heavy petting or oral sex with several of them. Penetrative sex with females was limited to one girl, Emma, who was his best friend in high school.

A bright boy, in June 1978, Myers would receive his high school diploma, graduating a year early. 

Enter Brian Ayres (or Ian Ayres, as he became known later in life.) Ayres wrote extensively about his life with Myers. It's primarily information he's provided that informs this post. However, Ayres abruptly stopped writing about Myers in 2008, and now rarely speaks about his time with Myers in interviews.  
On October 11, 1978, the two met in a mens room at the South Coast Plaza Mall in Costa Mesa, CA. 

It was love at first sight. 

Myers was the more aggressive, sexually experienced one, and it was he who pursued Ayres, who at that time was 20 years old. After their initial tryst, the two spoke on the phone a couple of times and went on two 'coffee' dates. On the fourth day of their acquaintance, they had sex below an underpass. Ayres believes that Myers' father saw them from the overpass above, which led to Myers receiving a severe beating at the hands of his father that night. This upset Myers' mother greatly. However, because Myers' father never revealed what led to the beating, she welcomed Ayres into the family with open arms. She came to view Ayres as "the older role model" her son needed. 

A few days after the incident of the beating, Myers would discover that Ayres had a boyfriend; Garret - a "wealthy, hung, slightly muscular blonde." Rashly, Ayres immediately broke up with Garret, whom he  had just given a gold diamond ring that spelled out the word 'LOVE' - which Ayres now wanted back. Devastated, Garret said he would return the ring, but failed to do so. Learning of this situation, Myers convinced Ayres that they needed to get the ring back, so the two broke into Garrett's home in order to retrieve it. 

On October 17th, six days after the two had swapped baby batter in a mall mens room, Myers turned 17, which came as something of a shock to Ayres, who was under the impression that Myers was of age. That would be because Myers had lied about his age - yes, it seems 20 year-old Ayres had been having sex with a 16 year-old boy. 

But... water under the bridge (or underpass, in this case); the two carried on with the affair. 

As you can imagine, that is an awful lot to happen in the first week of a relationship. To have survived such drama/trauma, there must have truly been something 'there' between the two. Now... Ayres is an interesting subject in his own right. He began life as part of his parent's traveling carnival. When his folks split up, Ayres would go with his mother, who fell into a life of prostitution. Primarily a poet, Ayres would write a memoir detailing his early life called Body Parts. In it, he shares tales of his unusual childhood (his mother ran a house of prostitution, enlisted him. as a minor, to shoplift items for her, and turned him on to the world of drugs via her 'diet pills'), his obsessions with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean (the latter of whom he would learn all about from a transgender prostitute as they smoked weed together when he was twelve), and the graves of famous people. 

Brian Ayres, February 1, 1979
Taken on an overpass in Costa Mesa, California, with South Coast Plaza (where they met) in the distance. Listening to cassette tape playing Heroes by David Bowie. Photo taken by Troy Andrew Myers on February 1, 1979. The combo stereo/cassette player belonged to Troy, as well as the shirt Brian Ayres is wearing.

By early 1979, the pair, still very much in love, shared an apartment in Laguna Beach. To support their lifestyle, Ayres worked as a handyman and gofer at a motor home park, while Myers, who was still 17, was hustling - working as a street prostitute, in both Los Angeles and New York City. He was also dancing nude and performing on-stage sex acts (solo and with other performers); activities Ayres was well aware of. 

What Ayres was not aware of? 

Well, it was about this time that Ayres felt Myers started becoming distant and secretive.  At first Ayres could only extract bits and pieces about what was going on. One day, Myers casually mentioned that he'd met someone named 'Scott', who was "just a friend." A few days later Myers asked Ayres if he liked the name 'Jeremy'.

In April of that year, the two would go on a road trip  to visit the grave of  James Dean. Before the trip, the two paid Meyer's father a visit at his hair salon in Costa Mesa, where they were both convinced to bleach their hair. Myers also dared Ayres to get his hair permed, which which Ayres did. 

 The photo above, dated April of 1979, was taken by Brian's cousin Peggy R. Jones at her husband's funeral home in Heltonville, Indiana, after the boys visited the grave of James Dean. During their time in Heltonville, they also met Dean's aunt Ortense, cousin Marcus Winslow, Jr. and Dean's high school drama coach, Adeline Nall. Their lodgings? The two slept in the room next to where bodies were embalmed.

Once they returned to Laguna Beach, Ayres watched as Myer's personality continued to transform. His lover was becoming something of a prima donna and acting even more secretive, going so far as to show up one day with his naturally straight hair newly permed - just as Ayres had done shortly before their road trip to Heltonville.

 A full year and a half would pass before Ayres would learn exactly what was going on. 

One day in early 1981, Myers invited Ayres to the premiere screening of a gay porn film called Class of '84: Part 2 at a porn theatre in Los Angeles. Ayres, always up for an adventure, agreed to go... 

...and that is when Ayres saw Myers as Jeremy Scott for the first time: in a movie theatre full of people, up on a giant screen getting gang-banged in the ass and mouth by 30 other men.

- End of Part I -

--- ---

Sorry for the two-parter. Not only is there a ton of information to sift through and share, but I am also struggling to verify  facts and get the various timelines to line up correctly. This is a complicated story.

Given that...

I hope this is enough to get you to stick around for Part II. 

Trust me, this story is just getting started. 

I mean, we still have that whole serial killer thing to explore...

(Hee, hee.)

That's all for today.

Thanks for reading.

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Jimmy said...

How fascinating. Like a Soap Opera. Can't wait for Part Deux!

Myers is definitely Xersexer's type!

whkattk said...

Whoa... Holy crap. Sounds like he had a rough life. Well, you have me fully intrigued.

SickoRicko said...

Wow, there's more?

Sixpence Notthewiser said...

This has everything: intrigue, drama, sex, porn!
I love it. Your 'Lost Boys' posts inspired my post today about a guy I saw in a porn video.
I love that photo of them both with blond hair. And I loved that they shared clothes!