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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Sunday Diva/Three From The Hip: Amber

Sunday Diva/Three From The Hip: 

In my own personal big gay church, there is a wing festooned with disco balls, strobes and a pulsing dancefloor. Here reign the Divas of the Dancefloor; a rare cultural phenomena somewhat confined to the clubs. Their siren calls beckon you forth, bewitching you with soulful sounds and inspirational words, causing your body to gyrate as if taken by a spirit. Theirs is the world of house - and by house, I mean, these ladies know how to take you to church, son. With their voices we soar and are liberated from gravity's and reality's pull.

One such diva?


Marie-Claire 'Amber' Cremers

As dance divas go, this Danish native has always been unique. Yes, she got us to dance, but she also wanted us to think.

A very grounded person, her energy and vibe came from a place that one could almost describe as maternal.

Her love for the gay community? Unfaltering. Unquestioned.

This woman is on the right side of everything (just take a look at her Twitter account!)

As she moved forward with her career, her interests and POV became more and more the focus of her music; whether it was celebrating what it is to be sexual, calling for unity, or finding joy in everyday life. 

Her songs serve as milestones, markers perfectly capturing a specific time in the lives of those who joined her on the dancefloor. 

During her career, she managed to rack up 14 Billboard Dance hits - five in a row which snagged the #1 spot. 

As of 2019, she's still singing, still sharing her inspirational messages of love and hope - though her priorities have clearly changed. 

The gospel according to her?

Well, here are three from the hip, dropping from her lips.

The topic? What's Important

"I stepped out of the conventional music business around 2003, as I did not appreciate the intense pressure and lack of integrity and thievery. It is still an industry with lots of thieves and assholes, to be honest with you. I am more interested in taking control and charge of my life and having balance in my life than to worry about charts and who to bribe next to get my records played. I always advise starters to make sure to read up and learn about this industry. Stay in charge of your talent."

"I do not have that narcissistic kind of personality where I always have to be the center of attention and shoot selfies all day long. I am not that important to feel the need for an official and big legacy. If I brought you some joy with my music, great and wonderful! I really do not care what others, aka strangers, think of me. They will see what they see and say what they say about me anyway, without having ever gotten to know me. The only legacy that I truly care about is with the few people in my life that I dearly hold near and love and trust. I hope I will leave them with the clear knowledge that I truly cared for them and a warm feeling of home and love and that they will pass that on to theirs."

"I just like to live a simple life, stay happy and healthy and hopefully become a grandma one day. Make little silent and positive impacts at a time. Sounds simple, but I enjoy my normal and private life in Europe with a very small circle of people that I can trust and vice versa."

This Is Your Night - Amber

Above The Clouds - Amber
(Thunderpuss Mix - PNPVideomix) [HD]

Melt With The Sun - Amber feat. Sweet Rains
Hex Hector Mix

And one more parting shot...

"To the gay community: you know I have to give you a special shout out! I have nothing but love for you, because that is all I experience when I am around you. Thank you for your undying support."

On a personal note: Amber's Above The Clouds is the song I would play in the car on my way to classes once I decided to go back to college and finish my degree. It gave me courage, strength and a sense of hope - all necessary, and I will always be grateful

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Mistress Maddie said...

Now I love me some Amber. She is very fun and welcoming when in clubs for appearances and prides. Kristine W should observe Amber and see how it's done. My favorite jig is Sexual.