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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, August 06, 2010

Six Dicks and a Cheeseburger: You Want Fries with That?

Last week I wrote about exactly when I thought my habit of looking for more than one sex partner may have developed and traced it to events that took place in a men’s room at a park located in Santa Monica, CA. I promised to share the details of that day in this week’s post.

If you recall, from last week’s post, the restroom was located in a park off a main drag in Santa Monica, near a Jack In The Box. The park had a fountain at its center with benches scattered throughout. Behind the restroom was a tennis court. It was a very popular cruising spot, even though the place smelled awful and was filthy. There were three stalls; the third stall was hidden from those walking in when the front entrance door was open. In the event that you were in the middle of something and got walked in on, playing in or in front of the third stall left plenty of time for you to recover or move quickly into the middle stall in order to escape detection. None of the stalls had doors, so if you wanted to fool around there you had to accept the fact that other dudes were going to gawk. During the time I played there, I never saw a single cop anywhere in the park. This lack of surveillance tended to give people license to engage in some pretty risky and outrageous behavior.

On the day when I first managed six dudes in less than two hours, I had decided to leave work before noon so I could check out the situation during lunch hour. Usually I was there after work, which meant after 5:00 pm. I wanted to see if it was busier during the day. It was and I wasn’t disappointed.

Arriving, I ducked inside the restroom, hot on the heels of a tennis player; a cute, blonde preppy-type, coming off the nearby courts. We headed to the urinals, unzipped and played wag the flag a bit before retiring to the far stall where we made out like bandits while taking turns sucking each other. His hairless body was in good shape and his dick, though average, still held a lot of promise. He shot his load in a relatively short time, after which we kissed and laughed a bit more before he zipped up and left. Caught up in an adrenaline rush and fearing that I might get caught, I decided to get outside as quickly as possible. As I had entered behind the blonde, I remembered seeing his tennis partner, who was even cuter, sitting on a bench just outside the door of the men’s room. Much to my disappointment, just as I was exiting, he was coming in. He gave me the eye as I passed, but for some reason (fear) I thought it too risky to turn around and walk back in so soon. Instead I walked to the other side of the park before circling back and finding a distant bench to occupy. From the safety of my bench I watched, sadly, as the two tennis players got on their bikes and rode away. My loss, I thought.

Within minutes, I saw this really, really tall business dude in a suit go in. He had a full head of dark, thick hair and a mustache. He reminded me of this banker I used to babysit for when I was a teen, whom I always hoped would come home one night without his wife and proposition me. My latent memory fueled my lust as I made a bee line to that little building. He was standing at the urinal when I walked in, so, as a strategic move, I chose the first stall. The first stall looked onto the urinals from a side view, so when sitting on the can, you got to see a perfect porno profile of whoever was peeing at the urinal. I dropped my pants and sat down quickly, placing my hands in my lap in order to hide my hard-on. From my vantage point it was quite obvious to me that Mr. Businessman was not all business at the moment; in his hands he was holding one big motherfucking rock hard dick. Our eyes met and in a matter of seconds we were standing in the middle of the room deep kissing like no tomorrow. I got down on my knees and smacked his giant fuck rod on my face several times before opening wide and attempting to give him head. His dick, given its width and length, was just way too much for me. To this day, I always feel a little sorry for the guys whose cocks are so big that they can’t get a decent blow job – I said a little sorry; I think that’s the only possible downside to being so blessed. Also, to be fair, I have to admit that during that period of my life I was not much of a cocksucker; I was more about the kissing, getting my dick sucked and fucking ass.

After paying lip service to providing some lip service, I soon returned to the upright position, where we proceeded to mack the hell out of one another. In fact, the dude was so tall and lustful that he actually physically picked me (6’1, 175 lbs.) up, allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist without missing a single kiss. In hindsight, if there was ever a time I should have become a bottom, this was it. What a golden opportunity to be fucked by a Grade-A tool. Instead, with my pants still on, I ran the crack of my ass over the length of his dick as he held me and that felt pretty awesome. Once he put me down we got off the old fashioned way, with him unleashing one hell of a load onto the dirty concrete via my hand. He quickly put himself back together and after a brief peck on the mouth headed out the door; probably back to work. He left me standing there with a hard on, wondering if this was the same scene that took place at home with his wife every morning as he left for the office. (Side note: I would run into this gentleman three more times at the same restroom. He was always worth the trip.)

Putting myself together, I again made my way to that same park bench, the one with the optimum vantage point. Twenty minutes or so probably went by. I’m sure I missed something because I was also busy checking out who was in the park near the fountain. Deciding that perhaps that was all that was going to happen for the day, I made my way to my car. I was just about to get in when a car pulled up and parked right next to the men’s room. Out shot an intense black dude in a suit. He seemed wary and scanned the landscape to check and see if anyone was watching him. Our eyes met. His face wore a scowl which made him look sexy and dangerous. I stood still as he closed his car door and made his way to restroom, looking over his shoulder one last time before ducking inside. Not needing an engraved invitation, I slammed my car door and swiftly made my way into the men’s room.

Once inside, my eyes adjusting to the light, I walked straight to the urinals. Glancing to my left I could see the black dude in the suit move swiftly from in front of the third stall into the second stall. He stood with his back to me and that is when I noticed, in the third stall, one of the familiar lurkers; a flabby white kid with glasses who always sat on one of the johns all hunched over. He was in his early twenties and had a full head of black hair that was cut in a kind of modified bowl cut - it wasn’t flattering. He seemed a bit overweight and soft, so I’d never been keen on his energy and therefore never let him suck me off, though apparently he had almost landed this dude in the suit. We all froze in position for about a minute. I wasn’t sure if I should leave and let them have a go at it or if I should stand my ground and try to poach the kid’s trick – a practice I normally loathe (when it happens to me). Using my peripheral vision, I could see that the black dude was standing in the middle stall with his legs spread wide apart, obviously stroking his dick. With his back to me, he kept looking over his shoulder in order to feel me out. Finally I turned just enough to allow him to see the hard on I was sporting and that was enough to get him to turn around and face me.

His dick wasn’t all that big, maybe 7 inches max, but he sure was hot looking. His face now sported a brilliant, hard smile, the white of his teeth blazing in contrast to the darkness of his skin. His stance remained wide and it was only a matter of seconds before I was crouched down in front of him, engulfing his hard prick. The nice thing about cocks this size is that they are easier to suck, in other words, I could actually do something with this one. After sucking his dick for a few moments, the dude pulled me up on my feet. Our lips met, as he pulled me into the stall, pushing me against the wall shared with the third stall. He was a great kisser, passionate and forceful. A bit shorter than me, he had a full head of black, close-cut hair and a very solid, muscular body. I loved the mounds of his ass, although I could tell by his demeanor that my dick was never going to get anywhere near his hole. That didn’t stop my hands from molding, pushing and cupping those globes for all they were worth. His generous lips found their way to my dick and he worked it for a bit, but I could tell he wasn’t all that into it. Soon he was standing upright again, kissing me deeply. Suddenly, he pushed down on my shoulders, forcing me to slide my back down the stall wall. Having pinned me there, he began fucking my face, his hands holding the sides of my head like a vice. There was something almost mean about his thrusts. As he was about to climax, he grew still and looked toward the ceiling. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as the first spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. Then he resumed thrusting, only slower and more deliberately with his hands now cradling the sides of my jaw. Gradually, with each blast of cum, his body began to relax, until his face shone down on mine with a grateful, relieved smile. He grabbed me under my armpits and lifted me up to his level. Planting his lips on mine, his tongue greedily sought out any trace of the cum he had just deposited in my mouth. After a bit, he stood back and with a shy smile, put himself back together. With a sense of urgency, he made his way to the sink where he washed his hands only to discover there were no paper towels. He looked back at me with raised eyebrows, his sopping hands prone away from his body, their fingers spread wide and helpless. With three quick flicks of his wrist, his smile still brilliant, he flung the water to the floor and exited into the sunlight.

I was still leaning against the stall wall, playing with my dick when another dude walked in and moved to behind the open door. I quickly turned my back to him to hide my prick. Glancing over my shoulder, I could see that his hands were busy undoing his belt; apparently the dude knew exactly what he wanted and was in a hurry. I turned around just as he was undoing his fly. The guy was young, maybe mid-twenties at the most. He bore a striking resemblance to Rob Lowe, though his features were just a tad softer. Wearing a pair of dress pants, a white shirt and a tie, he was all business and economy. He nodded his head as if to indicate that he wanted me to come over and play with his dick. I moved toward him, and cupped his balls with my right hand. He may have been cute as hell, but his dick was definitely on the small side. Also, manscaping was obviously not his thing, as his whole crotch was covered with long, wild, straight, dull black pubes. I moved in for a kiss only to be rebuffed with another harsh nod of his head. “Suck it. Hurry up.” Well, never one to refuse a direct order, I did just that. It may have been a small dick, but it was attached to a real cute guy who also apparently did not lack ego. As I worked his cock with my mouth he kept urging me on until, finally, as he neared climax, he bellowed, “Yeah, take that load, faggot.” He shot his load and disappeared with the same bluster he came in with. I stole a look over at the kid sitting in stall three, shrugged my shoulders, and began to exit, with the intention of returning to my bench outside.

But just as I was coming out, this tall, slim black youth with a generous smile wafted past me. The smile and look in his eyes were enough to send me spinning around, following him right back into the men’s room. There was something very wily about him; maybe a bit effeminate, but not too much so. He was wearing a polo shirt. In a split second we were deep kissing each other in the middle stall, our hands roaming freely over each other’s bodies. Initially, there was something rather frantic about the whole thing. Before I knew it we were both bare-chested, with our pants around our ankles. He sucked me first, quite expertly I might add, getting me very close to losing my load before letting up. Then it was my turn to go down on him. His dick was about 8.5 inches and way thick. I took a deep whiff of his balls. His hygiene was above reproach, but there was still a touch of funk down there, a fresh musk which I personally find to be better than poppers.

I managed to slurp on his big dong for a couple of minutes before he let me know he had something else in mind. He turned around and offered up his ass to me. Never one to turn down a free meal, how could I refuse? I dove in deep with my tongue. His ass cheeks were round and firm, like a pair of succulent chocolate melons. He was bracing himself with his arms against the wall shared by the first and second stall. After a point, due to my previous activities that day, my knees began to give, so I had to stand. As I did, I placed my rigid dick on the crack of his magnificent ass and began to run it up and down, pressing against his slick hole. I think he probably would have been good to go and allowed me to fuck him, but it turns out the dude had been working his own rod the entire time; just the pressure of my dick against his ass was enough to push him over the edge. He turned his head back around to kiss me as he unloaded all over that stall wall. It was a total joy to see. As his jizz dripped down that wall, he turned around and kissed me deeply again. My dick strained against his spent member as they meshed into one hot mess. We parted slowly, lingering in spite of our surroundings and the fact that we could be discovered at any second. So intense was our brief time together neither wanted to leave the other, as if there remained some unfinished business between us - and there was; I still hadn’t lost my load. But the moment had passed. Finally he put back on his shirt and made his way to the exit, pausing just long enough to turn back and give me a wistful bat of his eyes.

I put myself together and, as I was exiting, looked over to the kid sitting in the third stall. I felt bad for poaching every dude that had just walked in, but, hey… the dick wants what the dick wants. Granted, I could have thrown the poor dude a bone, say, mine, but I just wasn’t into him no matter how hard my cock pushed against the zipper of my trousers.

Making my way back to my bench near the fountain, I checked my watch. Had it really only been an hour? I should have been getting back to work, but part of me wanted to see if I could bag just one more before calling it a day. For the next twenty minutes I kept checking my watch every five, trying to convince myself that nothing else was going to happen. I had all but made up my mind to pack up shop when this really cute brown-haired dude walked past me. With a turn of his head, we made eye contact and suddenly any thought of leaving was out of the question. He had a long, heart-shaped face and a full head of soft, light brown hair. Shorter than me by at least five inches, his body looked compact and tight in his khakis and plaid summer shirt. Ultimately, it was his eyes and cryptic smile that drew me in.

Following at a safe distance while checking to make sure no one was watching me go in the men’s room for what felt like the umpteenth time, I made my way inside. My eyes immediately went to the third stall and to my relief the paunchy kid had renounced his throne and disappeared. Next, they fell upon the cute little guy that had lured me into this men’s room. He was standing in the second stall with his back to me. Remembering the fresh cum on that stall wall, I decided to hold my ground just behind the main door; if he wanted to play, he’d have to walk my way – which is exactly what he did. Soon, he was standing in front of me, our hands wandering all over each other in search of a little something-something. Neither of us needed to look very hard (pun intended). Once our hands found each other’s dick, zippers and belts came undone and shirts unbuttoned until we were standing bone to bone. Confession: I have a thing for cute guys with dark hair who are shorter than me. Normally, they are not that into me. This guy was an exception to the rule, so I was way into it. His dick was the same size as mine. He even matched my width. His ass was covered with a nice swirl of dark hair - not so much as to seem abnormal, but enough to make it super appealing. We had a great time sucking each other, and I really thought about fucking him, but sometimes a hand job is really enough, especially when the kissing is this nice and intense. We came at the same time, our lips still melded as our cum hit the floor. The afterglow was pretty intense as well. Had we not been in a filthy men’s room risking discovery we probably would have lingered a bit longer. As it was, we put ourselves back together, headed out into the sun and with a reluctant smile, went our separate ways.

The whole experience left me feeling elated; each incident seemed to escalate my adrenaline high. I experience the same type of high when I engage in a food binge. The chief difference being that I am usually quite hungry after a sex binge. Which made that Jack In The Box across the street from that park a real convenience. I ate there many times after cruising that park, in spite of the rather sketchy nature of the food. To this day, whenever I see a commercial for a Jack In The Box, I think of my activities in that park.

Fast sex and fast food… is there any more potent combination?