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Monday, April 12, 2021

Acquired Tastes XLIII: Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 45 - 101 Enterprises, Part 1 of 4

Acquired Tastes XLIII
Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 45
101 Enterprises, Part 1 of 4

Information regarding publishers of classic gay pulp fiction is hard to come by. Given the censorship laws at the time and the subject material, let's just say that many such publishers knew better than to leave much of a paper trail. 101 Enterprises is one such publisher. 

Here's the little that is known about them:

101 Enterprises operated out of New York from 1967-69. During that time they published 48 books and I managed to find covers for all of  them.  

These books were not bound; they did not have a spine. Rather, they had a graphic wrap (a cover) and were held together with centered staples. 

The artwork varied greatly, and included crude drawings, and 'borrowed' images and illustrations.

All the authors wrote under pseudonyms in order to avoid prosecution. Many of the pseudonyms were one-offs and untraceable.

And, according to Somewhere Books

"The writing is pretty atrocious. But no one was buying books like this for the writing; they were intended to be titillating and to be read one time. Given the stigma of owning books like this, it’s shocking that any of them still exist! One final note: the cover price is $1.25; for perspective, minimum hourly wage in 1968 was $1.00 in some states, and a gallon of gas cost 34 cents. Most paperback books were priced under a dollar and hardcovers were priced under $5.00. Apparently, there was a bit of a premium on hard-to-find (gay) erotica, however cheaply published and poorly written."

At a later date, we'll be taking a look at the first chapter of one the titles published by this imprint. I've also actually read one book published by 101 Enterprises, and, yes, it's true: the writing is unintentionally hilarious. I'll be writing a review on that book for a future post. 

--- ---

Route 69
Author: Carl Coolen

 A favorite destination of many a gay, Route 69 is everybody's favorite Homo Highway! As illustrations go, this one is very good and very atypical for 101 Enterprises. Carl Coolen, like many of the other authors listed here is an untraceable pseudonym. 

--- ---

'The' Operation
Author: Alexander Goodwell

I'm not sure what is going on this cover. The patient is definitely well-defined, but his chest looks odd and the way his hospital gown falls - there's something clearly feminine being implied, even though he has a ken doll face. The doc, on the other hand appears to be oddly perched on the edge of that bedside stand. And, while his uniform fits him like a glove, his left leg appear oddly deformed. Since the word 'The' is emphasized in the title, I'll give you one guess what this is all about.

--- ---

Sailors & Their Boys
Author: Gary Rich

Hmm. I don't see sailors, just 'boys'. Something tells me the young man featured prominently on the cover of this one possibly lived his entire life without ever realizing he was a gay pulp fiction cover boy.  

--- ---

Baby Face
Author: Anthony Dalton

This illustrator is responsible for a few other covers for 101 Enterprises. Dreamy and suggestive, but not very well executed. As for the title... it would seem that incest and love of the very young are topics 101 Enterprises was rather enamored with. Or? Were they merely filling a niche in the market? Giving the people what they want?

--- ---

Summer Awakening
Author: Bruce King

This drawing strikes me as something that Tom of Finland would have created; the anatomy, the stances, the detail. But this appears to be a tracing of a Tom Finland original. True? Thoughts? 

--- ---

Boys In Love With Other Boys
Author: Gene Holland

This one would seem to be by the same illustrator as Summer Awakening. Check out the hair on the tenant; very five years ago, no? And that is one super Super. That man could come bang on my pipes with that big tool of his any old time of the day or night. 

--- ---

Big Daddy's Boy
Author: Paul Richards

So, how do we read that title? Is it a boy belonging to Big Daddy? Or is this a novel about a big daddy's boy, you know like a big mama's boy? Also... while 101 Enterprise occasionally shelled out for some original artwork, they more frequently lifted things from magazines and other sources. Case in point? How did they get away with it? Easy. The people taking those photos or creating those illustrations? They were dealing with the same censorship laws as 101 Enterprises. The likelihood of the artist or photographer coming forward and taking the publisher to court? Not unless they wanted to be slapped with an obscenity charge.

--- ---

Rough Trade Italian Style
Author Teryl Andrews

Finally, a name I recognize. Teryl Andrews is none other than Thom Racina, who was/is a television writer (Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, Family) who just happened to hire a young Brad Pitt to be his personal assistant. 

Racina was so impressed with young Brad, he tried to get the producers of Days of Our Lives to allow him to have a two year character arch on the show. However, everybody in charge thought Pitt was dreadful and said 'no'. On the upside? The audition got Pitt his SAG card, so Racina is really responsible for getting Pitt his start in the industry. 

Racina wrote a few novels for 101 Enterprises and a few for Greenleaf Classics. Learn about him and his work for Greenleaf Classics, here, and here

--- ---

Swallow The Leader
Author: Michael Robins

Huh. Have YOU ever fallen asleep while looking at porn? I mean... how bad can it be? Or do you think that he passed out at the sight of a naked woman? Well, his buddy seems pretty interested... in something. This is one of my favorite titles.

--- ---

Young Tim
Author: Jim Belaire

Call the Eek Police! Man, if a dude I'm hooking up with answers the door holding a teddy bear, I am so pretending I have the wrong apartment. Also... is that a cigarette? And is he wearing training pants? Infantilism? It's a thing - a kink. Not mine. But somebody's. 

--- ---

Flower Boy
Author: Teryl Andrews
"Love" was the rule of "Flower Children" of San Francisco

Another from Thom Racina. Did anybody proof read that tagline? The drawing is okay, kind of slight. It certainly does appear to put the 'children' in 'Flower Children'. Eek Police time?

--- ---

Little Boy Gay
Author: Mario Ricco

This was also published under the title $2 Trick for Homosexual Classics imprint. 

Huh... are you sensing a theme here with 101 Enterprises offerings? Awk-ward.

--- ---

That's it for today. Next Monday we'll take a look at a dozen more Enterprise 101 titles.

In the meantime, leave your thoughts in the comments section. You know how I love hearing from you. 

Thanks for reading.

Route 66 - Depeche Mode

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sunday Diva/Three From the Hip: Shirley Bassey

Sunday Diva/Three From The Hip:
Shirley Bassey

In my own personal big gay church, there is a wing dedicated to what can only be described as...The True Divas. These are ones who may do many things in life, but from the moment they opened their mouths to sing they became the one thing they were meant to become: a true diva.

One such passionate soul?

Dame Shirley Bassey.

Unmistakable. Riveting. Electric.

Big, bold and brassy. 

Her voice possesses one of the most beautiful tones ever heard.

Everything she's done? She's done it with class. 

And no one... and I mean no one, wears a gown like Shirley Bassey. 

Every gesture a symphony, every sequin and feather a moment of unadulterated magic.

The gospel according to her?

Well, here are three from the hip, dropping from her lips.

The topic? Men

"I think men are afraid to be with a successful woman, because we are terribly strong, we know what we want and we are not fragile enough."

"I've always been the breadwinner and men don't like that. They turn on you. They bite the hand that feeds them. Eventually, too, they become very jealous of the love one has with an audience."

"It's hard for a man to live with a successful woman - they seem to resent you so much. Very few men are generous enough to accept success in their women."

Diamonds Are Forever - Shirley Bassey

I Thought I'd Ring You - Shirley Bassey 
feat. Alain Delon

Get This Party Started - Shirley Bassey

And one last parting shot...

"Diamonds never leave you... men do!"

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Weekend Onesie: Adrift

Weekend Onesie:

What a week.

I locked all my keys in my car.

I locked myself out of my house.

I couldn't find my billfold on three separate occasions.

I misplaced my keys over a dozen times.

It's a period of transition and, as it is for everyone, change is difficult for me.

We're already ten days into April. (Why, suddenly, is the world in such a rush?)

The weather keeps changing; cold, cool, hot, cool. So I keep changing jackets. And I keep my keys in the pockets of said jackets. And because I am transitioning from this jacket to that jacket to no jacket, I frequently forget where I've left my keys.

It's like I can't keep track of my props.

My big black leather bag (the black hole of man purses), which serves as my world safety net, has been dumped and sorted so many times. I have cursed myself and others and the keys themselves, blaming my brain for being too stupid to keep track of the one thing I need to get from A to B.

It doesn't help that I'm transitioning from being relatively sedentary (due to covid) to much more active. There are suddenly all these health-related appointments to get to - on time - which is a concept now somewhat foreign to my mind. I lose track of time and keep downplaying the amount  I actually need to get all cleaned up and out the door. And once out the door, there always seems to be something - an object - that I have forgotten (billfold, cell phone, house keys, car keys, wet wipes).

It makes me feel crazy and incompetent.

But I am also very out of practice.

I know this is temporary. The weather will settle into a single season and I will get my act together.

But, in the meantime, I struggle with myself... against myself.

I always feel a bit lost between acts. Once I recognize where I am in the story? I snap to like a soldier. But until then?

I feel adrift.

--- ---

Catch a wave, dears.
Find your storyline.
Snap to.
- uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Waiting In Vain - Annie Lennox

Friday, April 09, 2021

Friday Fun: Happy National Unicorn Day!

Friday Fun:
Happy National Unicorn Day!

Friday Fun posts always pose a problem: there are so many national holidays to choose from!

For today's post, I considered:

National Alcohol Screening Day - but the idea of a bunch of pictures of yours truly watching porn on my laptop, martini in hand, did nothing for me.

National Cherish An Antique Day - but something has to be 100 years old to qualify as an antique. I googled it. There are simply not that many centenarian gay guys getting naked on the internet.

National Chinese Almond Cookie Day - but... that's racist!

So, you get National Unicorn Day!

This My Pretty Pony boy sure is cute. 

I wonder if he's found his 'Brony'?

Google it.

I'll wait...

--- ---

 May rainbows and glitter shoot out your ass!
Have a lovely day.
And a fabulous weekend.
- uptonking at Wonderland Burlesque

Unicorn Highway - Lady Gaga

The Last Unicorn - Passenger