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Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Tuesday Titillation: Autumn Splendor

Tuesday Titillation
Autumn Splendor

Ah, autumn leaves... 

And becomes winter!

So be sure to enjoy it while you can. 

Get outside and breathe in that crisp air. 

Appreciate its many colors and embrace delightfully melancholy season.

To every season...
Turn, turn, turn.
- uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Autumn Leaves - Nat King Cole

Autumnsong - Manic Street Preachers

Monday, October 02, 2023

Acquired Tastes XLIII: Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 167 - Grand Prix Classics

Acquired Tastes XLIII
Gay Pulp Fiction, Part 167
Grand Prix Classics

Today, we take a look at yet another vintage gay pulp fiction imprint.

Very little information is available (as per usual) about Grand Prix Classics - and, of course, given the era during which they were published, they wanted it that way.

I actually own one of these... the first one pictured, Seafood For Joe. There is no publication page, so no information about the publisher. The author's name doesn't even appear on the cover - though it is on what passes for the title page. Plus, there's no numbering system, so hard to tell what order the books were printed in.

These aren't your typical vintage gay pulp fiction books; they're more akin to pamphlets. Measuring 7" by 4.5", they lack a spine. Instead, they are stapled in the center and folded - like a pamphlet or those small cookbooks they used to giveaway in the 1950's and 60's.

Also note, these are not exactly War And Peace. And by that, I mean they are more like novelettes than novels. There are no page numbers, the type is double-spaced, and the one I have, Seafood For Joe, clocks out after 68 pages. 

At the back of the book, there are an additional two pages of advertising. The first advertises four illustrated adult stories: Ram, I A Homo, Able Bodied and Whopper. No authors mentioned.

"The best illustrated story book combinations available. Each book is a big 124 of fun filled pictures and stories." You can purchase them via mail order by clipping out and filling in the little coupon on at the bottom of the advertisement. They sell for $3 each or you can have all four for $10. "Add 25 cents postage and handling charge for each book." The address to send your order to is listed as:

Box 380
Canal Street Station
New York, N.Y. 10013

At the bottom it says "I Certify BY MY SIGNATURE THAT I"M OVER 21." Though there is no place indicated to actually sign one's name.

The second page of advertisements is for two magazines offered by the same company/address. For $5 each, you can own a copy of Pucker or Gander.

From what I can gather, there were only a dozen books published by this imprint. And the cover style varies greatly - given the time (all published in 1969), they are very colorful and artistically adventurous. There are four distinct cover styles, all done by the same illustrator - with three titles each.

Based on what I've found, I think this imprint may be related to Lavender Publications and Monkey Publications - we'll take a look at both in the coming weeks. My hunch is based on a similarity in the book cover art, a shared author, and the pamphlet design style.

As always, if you happen to know anything about any of these imprints, please leave the info in the comments section. I'd love to learn more.

--- ---
 Seafood For Joe
Author: Dave Allen 
Grand Prix Classics 

Dave Allen wrote four books for this imprint.

There's a copy of this one up for sale on eBay for $189. I certainly did not pay that for my copy, but good to know. I think I purchased mine before the vintage gay pulp fiction market went price crazy.

The back of this book, complete with blurb and the distinctive Grand Prix Classics logo.

--- ---

Hot Tip
Author: Dave Allen 
Grand Prix Classics 

--- ---

 Schoolboys In Love
Author: Dave Allen 
Grand Prix Classics 

--- ---

Whipping Man
Author: Dan Breaker
Grand Prix Classics 

Dan Breaker wrote seven books for this imprint.
--- ---

 Virgin Boy
Author: Dan Breaker
Grand Prix Classics 

--- ---

Male Whore
Author: Dan Breaker
Grand Prix Classics 

--- ---

Sadist Overseer
Author: Dan Breaker
Grand Prix Classics 

--- ---

Author: Jim Curry
 Grand Prix Classics 

Jim Curry wrote one book for this imprint. He's also written titles for Midwood, and Lavender Publications.

--- ---

 Hollywood Homo
Author: Dave Allen 
Grand Prix Classics 

--- ---

Hot & Loose
Author: Dan Breaker
Grand Prix Classics

There's a copy for sale of this one for $49.99 at Kayo Books in San Francisco.

"Pete and Sidney are the sexiest All-American queens going and get this... they're twins!"

--- ---

 Midnight Marine
Author: Dan Breaker
Grand Prix Classics 

A copy of this one on eBay for $189.00.

--- ---

Sadist Fury
Author: Dan Breaker
Grand Prix Classics 

--- ---

And that's all for now.

Next week, we'll take a look at Monkey Publications and Lavender Publications.

Until then...

Thanks for reading!

Worship The Whip - Be Your Own Pet

Sunday, October 01, 2023

Sunday Diva / Three From The Hip: Janelle Monáe

Sunday Diva / Three From The Hip:
Janelle Monáe

In my own personal big gay church there is a wing dedicated to those who belong to the Rhythm Nation. These divas got us to think, encouraged us to love and respect ourselves, made us feel sexy as hell and... most importantly, got us to dance! This diva  has revolutionized how we think about female artists, music and image and in the process helped raise the nation's consciousness.

The one, the only...

Janelle Monáe.

Her work may well be influenced by other artists - but only the very best!

When she came on the scene? No one knew what to make of her. 

This? This was unique. And fresh. And funky. 

Time and again, she defies our expectations, never satisfied with repeating herself or standing still. 

Liberated, aware, and articulate as hell, she's at the forefront of a new generation of female artists calling the shots and dazzling all they encounter.

If her name is attached? It's stellar. It's pop smart.  It has integrity.

And the beauty of it? 

She's just getting started!

The gospel according to her?

Well, her are three from the hip, falling from her lips.

The topic? What She Believes.

"I'm a believer that the more I'm giving, the happier I am, and the more beautiful my exterior will be."

"I feel myself becoming the fearless person I have dreamt of being. Have I arrived? No. But I'm constantly evolving and challenging myself to be unafraid to make mistakes."

"It's a big universe. To stay in one tiny place is doing a disservice to yourself."

"We don't all have to take the same coordinates to get to the same destination. Being a young African American female artist, I want to open doors for young black girls."

"I believe it's time that women truly owned their superpowers and used their beauty and strength to change the world around them."

"One of my core values is to help redefine what it means to be a strong and beautiful woman in the music and fashion worlds and to empower the wonderful things that make us unique."

"I'm about women's empowerment. I'm about agency. I'm about being in control of your narrative and your body."

"I always think about the next generation and creating a different blueprint for them. That's my goal: to let them know there's another way."

"I believe that imagination inspires nations. It's something that I live by."

"One of my mantras is, 'Embrace what makes you unique, even if it makes others uncomfortable.' I keep that with me in my back pocket. Shoot, I keep it in my front pocket! I keep it in my hair."

"I'm a storyteller who wants to tell untold, meaningful, universal stories in unforgettable ways. I want to do it all, study it all, and find my place in it."

"I have not lost any of my crazy, fearless, raw, soulful, eclectic side and I plan on continuing to tell universal stories in an unforgettable way."

Tightrope - Janelle Monáe Feat. Big Boi

Make Me Feel  - Janelle Monáe 

 Lipstick Lover - Janelle Monáe

"Honestly, I don't believe in menswear. I focus on what pieces are most timeless, transcendent, match my lifestyle, remain remarkable, and command intriguing attention across the room at an art gallery."

"I always carry my classic black-and-white tux and custom-made George Esquivel saddle shoes."

"I have a great body, I really do. But I want to be taken seriously as an artist, and wearing anything that shows it off will be a distraction from the music. That's how my signature uniform, my tuxedo, came about. It's classic and timeless. You'll see me in black, white, and a pop of color on my lips. That pop adds a little magic."

"I have worn a tuxedo, but I have never covered up for respectability politics or to shame other women."

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Weekend Onesie: Physique III - Wrestlemainia

Weekend Onesie: Physique III

Found these up for auction on eBay; a bit of vintage gay fun... and history.

For we are nothing, if not our images - be they selfies, amateur, or professional. 

Today we have various pairs of oil-slicked men going at with one another, either indoors or in the wonder of mother nature - including a set of twins!

One can only imagine what a welcome sight these photos were as they arrived via the U.S. Postal service - for such sets were sold in the backs of a certain kind of 'men's' magazines or erotically-charged novels. Be it the lonely farmhand, the closeted construction worker, or a hypocritical U.S. senator. 

Yes, these photos served a purpose! And still do.

Pity, the listing failed to mention the photographer's name or his studio. If you happen to know, share the info in the comments section. We'd love to learn more.

As for now... enjoy them in the spirit they were created. 

They sure knew what they were doing!

Giving you a little something to grapple with.
So, grab hold and have some fun this weekend!
- uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque

Just Roll - Fabu

Roll To Me - Del Amitri