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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Taxation WITH Representation! Just click yes.

I’d like to propose a new tax system. It’s based on the United Way donation allocation model.

When you pledge to the United Way via corporate donation, there is a space to specify where your money goes. You can actually name the non-profit social service organization you wish to your donation to support.

What if we got to do the same thing with our income tax?

Let’s look at our federal income tax dollars.

Okay – first off, keep in mind that a percentage of your United Way donation is going to go towards supporting the infrastructure of the organization. So the same would be true of our tax dollars. Since it is the U.S. government we are talking about, let’s earmark a good 25% to supporting the infrastructure (with all the government bloat it will probably take 50%, but let’s be optimistic). Then, – just to be on the safe side (pun intended), let’s earmark another 25% towards our national defense fund (it ends up there anyway, right?).

That leaves 50% for us to designate to the programs/causes we wish to support. Don’t want to fund abortions? Then don’t designate – click the no box. Want to keep a woman’s right to receive an abortion legal…. designate it! Don’t believe big corporations should be getting subsidies from the federal government? Click the no box. Like the idea – then designate a percentage of your discretionary tax dollars to it. Feel that the NEA is a piece of crap organization? Click the no box. Believe in supporting artists who urinate into a glass tube and then stick a crucifix in it and call it art? Believe that by supporting such art we will have a better world? Designate a percentage to it.

The thing is… programs that gain support will be supported by people who value what those organizations produce. Those that few or none support? They will go away. Period. Talk about your taxation with representation!

Same goes for our state and city taxes. A certain percentage for infrastructure (government) and a certain percent for police, fire, city services, etc. Want to save the wetlands? Designate to it. Don’t want a new sports arena built with your tax dollars? Click the no box. Have children or planning on having children? Then designate to the public school in your neighborhood. Hate kids? Click the no box. Hate kids, but love public green spaces – designate it for city parks (yes, the kids will benefit, too – but, hey, the rugrats are going to exist so might as well give them green spaces to run in – it will teach them respect for nature).

Then let’s get rid of those complicated loopholes and tax credits. Let’s have a straight tax on everything – except food and clothing. You make a lot of money? Guess what? That makes you privileged. It also gives you a lot of discretionary tax monies to allocate for whatever programs you wish. Plus, then the rich can’t cry that they are footing the bill disproportionately than the rest of us.

And this separation of church and state stuff? What are we afraid of? Let’s tax those church’s! Tax ‘em good! Treat them just like everybody else. Why not? The reason they are tax-free is because of the separation doctrine. So let’s do away with it. I think they would welcome it – aren’t they are always the first to cry foul anytime a Democrat points out when something is in violation of one of its tenants? So – let’s do away with it and tax them the same across the board tax everyone else experiences. And their ministers… they need to pony up, too. No more ministers living a life of extreme luxury hiding behind their crystal cathedrals. That way – if you really want a bronze statue to sit in the lobby of your state capitol building – then designate a portion of your funds for it.

You want to support a nativity scene on the lawn of your state capitol building? Designate to it. Want churches to teach creationism and abstinence in our public schools? Designate to it. Don’t want any of your funding to go to religious-affiliated programs? Just check the no box.

Now, just to make sure that no one skews the system too much by allocating all of their discretionary tax dollars for a pet project (like say, a bronze statue) people will only be able to allocate a certain percentage per project. Let’s say a ceiling of 10% and a floor of 5%. That way you can support 10-20 causes. Don’t want to make that many decisions? Then just check the put-funds-where-needed box – I’m sure the government won’t have any trouble figuring out how to spend your money (they sure don’t now).

Seems simple enough. So why aren’t we doing this?

But what about the poor?

Yes, what about them?

Who will help them?

You, if you so choose. But – you will get a real voice in just how you wish to help them.

If you feel that the world benefits from single mother’s pooping out babies and living on welfare - then designate your tax dollars to it. Feel that a short-term transitional welfare to work program is a better option? Designate to it. Hate the poor? Click that no box. (It’s okay – Scrooge would have in a heartbeat.)

What about the disabled?

Have a loved one who is disabled? Designate to programs that support them.

What about….?

Hey, get with the program, here – designate or check the no box. Come on, already. It really is that simple.

I love this program. It will eventually right all of the wrongs in our society. Our society will become what the majority wishes it to be… and in doing so – certain behaviors will no longer be tolerated and all will truly be represented – we will vote with our wallets!

But gay people and other ‘fringe’ elements will suffer.

No… not really. Not the ‘fringe’ elements that actually work for a living – actually contribute something to society. In fact, I think you will find that once gay and lesbians get a say about where their tax dollars go – you will then learn just how many of us there actually are in this country. That, and just how much money we make.

The thing is… the only ones that will suffer are those that refuse to get with the program. But then they are usually the same ‘ones’ who have refused to get with any program. Their numbers will eventually dwindle, because that kind of behavior will not be tolerated. What do I mean by ‘that kind of behavior?’

Laziness. Laziness as a lifestyle will become a thing of the past.

There’s one other upside to this designation of tax dollars that I should mention. Taxes will now become something everyone looks forward to doing. Everyone will find the time – because it’s their money and they get to say how they want to spend it!

Okay.. there’s more to this post coming – think about the following: Organized crime and other illegal businesses. Think about illegal drugs and prostitution. Think about those that fall between the cracks.

I’ve got more answers for you. So stay tuned.

By the way… I am really curious to here what you have to say about my new taxation proposal. Just use the comments button below and poke holes in my theories. Go ahead. It’s what they are there for!