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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Wonderland Burlesque's Adore & Deplore Quiz II

Wonderland Burlesque's
Adore & Deplore Quiz II

I had fun with this last week, and I think you did, too. Same rules apply.

This week, all questions begin with 'What's on your... '

You supply something you adore and something you deplore. Or not. I get it. A lot of people enjoy keeping things positive! 

Explain your choices if you feel the need (you know me - I always do.)

And that's it. Let's dig in...

1/ What's on your kitchen counter?

Adore: Ninja Air Fryer

I bought these for everyone last Xmas. I'd never used one, I just had a hunch. They are amazing. Like my favorite appliance ever. Perfect bagels. Non-greasy french fries. Amazing tator tots. You get one of these, you will never go out to eat again. Everyone I bought one for turned their nose up at it... like, why do I need another appliance? And I get that, but now they use it almost daily and love the results. Easy to use. Easy to clean. 

I also love my Ninja blender. The individual sized containers make for perfect all-fruit smoothies. Freeze a ripe banana. Cut, add other fruit, and some 100% fruit juice and you have something healthy and fun.  

Deplore: Way too much stuff. 

We have cutting boards on top of cutting boards. There is very little room for actual food prep. We are always negotiating for space. Cooking is a chore to begin with, this inconvenience just adds to the frustration. I have tried to talk to The Ex about it, but he is stuck in his ways and I figure it is just something I have to live with... until the day I don't or choose not to. I have a kitchenette in the bunker, but I like having more light when I cook, so we co-habit the main kitchen. I plan on renovating the kitchenette, but am reticent to pull the trigger. I know that doing so will create havoc and I don't deal with chaos as well as I cope with working in limited space. 

2/ What's on your dining room table?

Adore: Fresh Flowers

The Ex and I both like fresh flowers in the house - he, more so  than I. There's always a vase of them in the center of the table and it's fun to see how long we can get them to last. It's a small treat - one that we could do without, but joy is in short supply, so take advantage of what you find.

Deplore: An array of 'things' from dead relatives. 

Ceramic knick-knacks are the bane of my existence. The Ex is very sentimental, death-obsessed, and keeps all sorts of things that he inherited from dead relatives. Currently, six of these things fight for room in the center of the dining room table with the vase of cut flowers. Individually? They are not bad. They are all from the 1940's and 1950's. I like them, but not all together and not in the center of the dining room table. 

However, I share this house with someone who clearly needs these visual reminders of those he has lost. 

And I know what battles not to pick. 

It's not like I eat at the table, or sit at it at it.  I typically eat while standing over the kitchen sink. Eating for me? Day to day? Not a social thing. A necessity I dispatch as quickly as feasible. 

He actually eats sitting at the dining room table. 

So, all that stuff?  That's his thing. It makes him happy. Good for him. 

(That said, you should see the shrine to all our dead dogs.)

3/ What's on your bedside table?

Adore: Books

I have a stack of them. I tend to read two at a time. It is the last thing I do most nights. I love reading a full chapter or two of something. It's gives me a nice feeling of accomplishment before turning out the lights. 

Deplore: Too Many Books

I have a stack of them. I can't help it. There are all these tiny libraries in my neighborhood - depositories for books people want to pass on to others. I can't pass one without looking. You never know what you will find. I bring one home and on the pile it goes. 

It's nice, having so much to choose from. But it also causes me anxiety because I can't imagine actually reading them all and with them sitting there, all stacked up? It's a constant reminder that I have a lot to get through. 

I will read them. And then return them to a tiny library so someone else can enjoy them. 

But that stack (it's a three shelf unit and each shelf is full of books)? It is a constant concern.

4/ What's on your television?

Adore: Old Movies on Air TV

There are two channels that show nothing but old movies. Typically, every day of the week has a theme: Film Noir, Classic Comedy, Classic Drama, Westerns or Military, Musicals, etc. It's fun to stumble on some of these. My favorite? I adore watching Sunday nights - they show old Film Noir classics - movies I've never heard of starring actors I vaguely remember. The women are all dames or broads and the men are all driven and tough guys. The dialogue is stilted. The acting as stiff as the walls of the set. But I adore them. And I get to see these for free. The commercial breaks are annoying, but then are also a great opportunity to run take care of something in prep for the next day, or get a snack. 

When I retire? Watching these will be a priority. Something about the 1940's and early 50's just gets to me. The simplicity? Everything is black and white, good or evil. Duplicitousness is never rewarded. If you break a law, you pay... even if you get away with it. 

The sets and costumes? Amazing.  

Deplore: The News

I watch it while I make dinner. I love Lester Holt on NBC. And I like our NBC affiliate news team, too. Very professional, slightly bias toward the kinder, gentler side of life. But the news always upsets me. Wrapping my head around the choices people make and how those choices affect other peoples' lives? Painful. 

But it's necessary... to listen, to learn, to keep up. I don't want to be uninformed. I don't want to live in a bubble. 

There was a time when I took it all very seriously. Now I listen and watch with a bit more detachment. One has to discern when a crisis is truly a crisis. According to newscasters? Everything is a crisis. I get it. That's their job. That's how they secure viewers, which bring in advertisers, which is who pays their salaries.

But I don't play along anymore. When you watch the news on television you have to do so with so many filters in place. It's no longer simply the facts or the words that are being spoken... you have to discern why they are presenting something in a certain way. Why phrase it like that? What's in it for them? What's their bias, their angle. 

You can't watch the news and be a passive viewer. You have to work at it. Be on the defensive.

And that's why I like watching old movies. I get to let my guard down. 

5/ What's on your radio?

Adore: LOVE 105 FM

They play the greatest stuff. Yacht rock. Secretary rock. Vintage, childhood, young adulthood memories. I love pop music and I love music history, so it's always fun to hear what they come up with. Yes, it's pre-programmed, which is a shame, because I remember when the personality of a DJ helped inform what music you were listening to. 

I play the radio when I am in the bathroom doing my daily regime. It helps me move through the routine of it with a smile on my face. 

Deplore: Talk Radio

I never listen to talk radio. It is terrible stuff. I avoid conservative radio at all costs. Repugnant. 

The rest? If it's not boring (NPR) - and, yes, I know some people adore that stuff (but not me) - then it is a variation on The Howard Stern Show where two or three people 'chat' about stuff and try to amuse. Sadly, they are all too frequently white privileged people who think that we all can relate to whatever pops out of their mouths. I don't care. I don't want to hear it. You think you're fascinating and amusing? I find you insipid and boring. 

They are never insightful. They are never provocative. But they are frequently unintentionally offensive. It's their privilege shining through. I'm not sure how such unaware people get into positions where they get to flap their gaps for our amusement. When I used to be able to go to the gym, I would frequently get stuck listening to such drivel and it would piss me off to no end. 

I tend not to like these people. I would never spend time with these people. So why are they talking at me through the radio? Radios are for music. 

Just let the music do the talking.

6/ What's on your walls?

Adore: Tie: Linocut: Dancing Dinosaur With Volcano, and Watercolor: Sonny's Black Eye

Love both. They make me so happy. The best art is personal. You develop a personal relationship with it. 

The linocut has a childlike simplicity to it I adore. It's well done. I like its energy and the fact that it doesn't try too hard. And the subject? Humorous. 

The watercolor holds a lot of mystery. Shadows and veiled eyes. Also well done. 

Deplore: That painting from The Artist that hangs over my toilet

Some museum in LA is doing a retrospect. They have requested this painting. I'm not going to comply, because once it's out of my possession, I doubt I would ever see it again. 

So, no. It will remain where it is. Hanging over my toilet. 

Given my history with The Artist? 

It's the most fitting place for it. 

7/ What's on your to-do list?

Adore: Gardening

I never think of myself as one of those people (and, technically, I don't think I am). 

I'm not much of a gardener. But I am committed to making The Boyfriend's place look as nice as possible. I went and spent a ton at a nursery on Sunday and then replanted it all. I've been weeding and transplanting various things. 

I doubt most of it will work out, but effort not, not outcome?

Do I enjoy it? Yes. Once I get started. I like playing in the dirt. I like digging holes. I like weeding. 

It takes a lot more time than I would like, but then I figure -  the time I put in now will be rewarded in a month or so. 

We hope. 

My thumb? Not so green. But we'll see. 

Deplore: Cleaning

I never used to be this way, pre-covid. But now? I don't want to clean. I don't want to vacuum my bunker. I don't want to dust the bunker.

Other people's places? I clean my mother's kitchen all the time and tidy her living room. I clean The Boyfriend's house every Friday/Saturday. I clean up after myself in the spaces I share with The Ex. 

But the bunker? I manage. I spray down the bathroom and wipe it down all the time. The rest? I do bits and pieces, but a not a full clean. 

Things get done on a must-be-done basis only. It's odd, because I am so disciplined cleaning up for other people. 

Me? I don't count. 

The only time the bunker gets the full treatment? When my piano tuner comes. 

Then, my place is a show palace!

8/ What's on your shopping list?

Adore: Mouth Wash

I love golden mouth wash - Listerine, or any brand with the same kick. 

I have a bottle of it everywhere... in the black hole of a bag, in the back pack I take to the prairie, in my bathroom, in my car, at the boyfriends, in a file cabinet at work. I have four spare bottles in a cabinet. 

I can't live without it and I use it at least six time a day. I just want fresh breath. I want to kill germs. I don't want a sore throat. And it makes good sense.

This time of year? I am fighting allergies and sinus issues. This stuff helps a little. It also gives me confidence. 

I eat a lot of garlic and onions. I simply want to minimize their effects. 

Using it makes me feel good. And it's harmless, so it's an obsession I allow myself. 

Deplore: Razor Blades

I hate buying them. They are expensive and environmentally unsound. It's like buying coffee pods for those single cup machines. I have one of those, but it remains in the box because I can't get over the amount of waste involved. I feel the same way about razor blades. 

But they are a necessity. I have to shave certain parts of my face and body. It keeps me human. I buzz what I can, but an electric razor cannot be used on certain areas of the body. Not my body. 

So, I keep buying them. 

I wish they weren't so expensive. 

9/ What's on your bucket list?

Adore: More Europe

That's my big plan. A trip overseas every year, once I retire. That's the whole reason to retire. For me. I want to go back to Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna (But not Rome). I want to go to France, England, Wales, Scotland, and Spain.

I also want to go to Brazil and visit some part of Mexico every year. 

Traveling will keep me young. And staying at all-inclusive, all-adult resorts will keep me happy.

Deplore: Play Piano And Sing At A Coffee House

If you deplore it, why is it on your bucket list? So, I don't deplore. I am just sort of dreading it.

Because this is something I have to try. 

My youngest sister has been helping me. When I go visit I get to perform during Happy Hour. I enjoy it. I like telling stories. I like sharing songs I've written. I like playing odd cover songs no one would think to play. 

But when it comes to public performances, I tend to take it way too seriously. I just want it to happen and be a relaxing, fun thing... not something to fuss or worry about. 

It will happen. I just am not ready to pull the trigger.

10/ What's on your mind?

Adore: The Prairie

The deer are very brave this year. When I sit on my blanket, they come within ten feet of me. 

There is one male deer who resents my presence. He bobs his head, stomps a hoof, and snorts at me. 

I take a book with me now. And I read. It used to be all about sex. But now... it's just about being. 

I am trying to get out of doing all my little rituals... like walking every path, or touching this tree and standing on this stump or that rock. But... old habits die hard. 

So far this year? I am enjoying it for the silence and the absence of others. Oh, I talk to some of the regulars, of course. We share info about this and that. But most of my time is spent in silence.

And I welcome that.

Deplore: Liz Cheney

Misogyny is alive and well in the GOP. McCarthy has put 'that women' in her place, huh? 

It's upsetting. The hypocrisy. They deplore cancel culture but, silence one of their own?  

The Repuglicans are doing an excellent job of shredding what little integrity they ever had. It's like watching a suicide bomber. I don't understand the mindset. To go all 'in' for someone who is so repugnant. What is that death wish about?

It's so obvious and calculated, I keep waiting for them to reveal their true motivation. 

This is not democracy. This is not America. At least not the country I thought I lived in. 

The wheels on the bus are coming off.

I have to say, I have never been more disenchanted with our country. I realize Papa Joe is doing all he can to right the ship - and doing a great job. But I don't recognize the seas we're sailing these days. 

And while I'm not quite ready to abandon ship...

I do  hope there's room on the lifeboats for me.

--- ---

That's all for now, kids.

Your turn.

You know what to do: leave your answers in the comments section or post your answers on your blog and leave a link here. I love reading what you have to share.

These quizzes? They help me get to know you a little better. 

I certainly get to know myself better. Perhaps you do, too. 

Thanks for reading.

Let The Music Do The Talking - Aerosmith 

Let The Music Play - Shannon


Sixpence Notthewiser said...

Wait. Shannon sang Let the Music Play? Awesome.
And I love your quizzes! It's like having a long convo with you.
Now, let's see. I agree with the kitchen. It should be spacious. I don't really cook much, so the space I have is enough. And I tried using an air fryer and those things are complex!
I have a collection of seashells on my dining room table. In the summer, I keep fresh flowers there. Love them.
I'm with you and books. I think I mentioned they're everywhere in my place. What can I do? Never too many books! LOL
I don't have cable. I stream everything. Even the news. And I'd rather watch John Oliver or Colbert doing some investigative journalism than watch things that I've read about online during the day. Oh, and old movies rule.
I listen to my music, usually, when I drive. But those radio stations that play 'oldies' (which is basically music from the seventies and eighties) are my favs. Sometimes I also listen to one top ten station, but it bores me. I don't know half of the artists.
You've seen what's on my walls. I love all of it. It reminds me of people I love. I cackled when you mentioned the artwork above your toilet. Hahahahaha
And I've discovered gardening too! Yay!
And there's also traveling in my bucket list. I think I'd like to go to Alaska to visit my sister.
And on my mind it's summer. Goddess. I can't wait for it to be summer!


anne marie in philly said...

oooooh, shannon!

1 - adore mister coffee pot and convection oven; deplore spice rack

2 - adore nothing; deplore spouse's shit all over the table

3 - adore lavender pillow spray; deplore nothing

4 - I don't watch tv

5 - adore WRTI-FM 90.1 (our classical & jazz station); deplore every other station

6 - adore pix/posters/maps; deplore nothing


8 - weekly purchases, like diet pepsi and pantry staples; deplore nothing


10 - adore my blog friends and hope to see them soon; deplore my mental well being right now

Mistress Maddie said...

I always look forward to your answers Upton! You can come tickle my ivories!

What's on your kitchen counter? Canisters. utensils holder. Tons of cutting boards, only because I cut sweet and savory items on separate boards. No appliances of any kind except a kitchen aid. I don't use appliances for nothing.

What's on your dining room table? Since I don't have a dinning room, my kitchen table always has a huge candle and fresh flowers. Always.

What's on your bedside table? a lamp, clock, and flowers on each one. Deplore- when I accidently leave the fleshjack out, lol!!!!!

What's on your television? Almost always either PBS or BBC for my brit coms and mystery shows. Deplore nothing really. I don't watch much tv.

What's on your radio. I listen to radio a lot. I mostly have on WRTI-classical/jazz, WRDV and WDVR both a mix of vintage old songs, singers and swingers, folk and a mix of other music. I also stream LOL Radio, from the Woods' own dance station.

Deplore new breaks and talk radio...drives me nuts.

What's on your walls? The two nudes my friend did of me in pastels. They were such a thoughtful gift. Delpore...nothing..otherwise it wouldn't be hanging on my walls.

What's on your to-do list? Have three straight days of sex, fucking and sucking. You asked!!!! Deplore- cleaning the bathroom. I do a nice weekly clean in the bath, but I still hate cleaning a bathroom.

What's on your shopping list? Italian sweet creme for my coffee. Deplore-bags of tan bark for mothers garden.

What's on your bucket list? Trips to Lake Cuomo, Portofino and Nairobi. Deplore- doctor check up. He is very nice and too cute so it present me a problem.

10/ What's on your mind? Adore- getting back to work. Deplore- all polictians and my own distain for this country some days.

whkattk said...

1. Adore: Kitchen Aide Stand Mixer. Deplore: Some wired knife from a BIL.
2. A table cloth and a glass centerpiece.
3. A lamp. A book - always.
4. Oh, goodness. Netfilx, Prime, HBO Max. Deplore the local NBC affiliate - it's a Sinclair-owned station.
5. NPR, mostly. Otherwise, it's quite a mixture of stations. Depends on my mood.
6. Art. Paintings, photographs, lithographs, metal sculptures.
7. Too much.
8. Strawberries. Love me some strawberries.
9. Italy.
10. Trying to figure out how to help a friend in need. Deplore: Every bit of bullshit the GQP is doing to tear the country apart.

SickoRicko said...

I love all the images.

Jimmy said...

Blogger ate my comment Long comment to your quiz.

Anonymous said...

One of the sexiest thing a boyfriend ever did was to shave me with a straight razor. It was so bloody erotic to let somebody do something so intimate.

Have you ever done a retrospective on Lance? I've read various versions of his life story but it's hard to know where the truth lies. You always seem to be able to drill down to the true story!! Thx.

Deliciousdeity said...

1. There's nothing. I'm not allowed (partner's edict)
2. Cheesecake under glass
3. Yes, books, books, always books
4. Children of Paradise by Marcel Carne
5. I don't listen to the radio, but remember the Solid Gold 70s
6. Old old prints in frames
7. Cleaning the stove and making a will
8. OMG! Yes, mouthwash!
9. Seeing Brasil before I die. Or another Mayan ruin
10. Getting out in the sun with my pinhole camera

Thanks for letting me vent :)

Xersex said...

Very erotic shaving (each other) men!