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Of Note: ‘Hit Me’ by Cold Fronts

Of Note: ‘Hit Me’ by Cold Fronts

Do you remember the legend of the actress who was discovered sitting at the counter of a soda fountain? 

Well, the members of Cold Fronts can certainly relate.

Claiming Philadelphia as their home (by way of York), drummer Alex Smith and songwriter/lead singer Craig Almquist anchor the group.  They were discovered while giving a free concert on the sidewalk by hot dog stand by none other than Seymour Stein (co-founder of Sire and a vice president at Warner Bros.).  Stein simply listened for a bit and then walked up and asked the group for a CD. 

The rest, as they say, is history.

Let’s hope that is not true for the future of this sharp sound band because ‘Hit Me’ is a super infectious, compact bit of pop magic.

One never grows immune to the potency of seventies-inspired, guitar-driven pop – the kind so clearly evident here.  The moment that chorus lands, I find myself wanting to bop around the room like an energetic teen.

The band released their E.P. ‘Forever’ back in November 2014 on Sire Records

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whkattk said...

It is infectious... Let's hope their label supports them properly to get them heard.

BTW - How are you doing Upton? Hope things are better.