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It Goes Like It Goes…

It goes like it goes…

I love that song from the movie ‘Norma Rae’. It is sung by Jennifer Warnes and was written by David Shire and Norman Gimbel. It is a lovely, haunting melody paired with wistful, thought provoking lyrics. I like what it has to say… about life and acceptance.

The thing is: ‘things that are good get a little bit better and things that are bad get gone’ makes a lot of sense to me. Granted the bad doesn’t go away right away, but that is where acceptance and patience come in.

Life ebbs and flows. One day everything is wonderful, the next everything sucks. But the one thing I try to keep in mind is – everything is temporary. Good times are like men - and men are like street cars: wait long enough and another will come along.

So it is with sex and sexually adventures. I am going through a blah period. Part of this is due to the fall out of some recent biopsies and my attitude and physical state. Part of this is due to the type of men I am running into as I go hiking. I’m currently not hooking up on line. At all. The reason? It’s summer and I want to be outside. I want to wear as little clothing as possible and soak up some rays (emphasis on some – I don’t want the hide of a turtle). So my current sexual trysts are dependent upon those hiking who are also on the look out. I have four areas I like to cruise. And all four are the usual mixed bag of regulars, trolls and the occasional fresh thing.

I am trying to be more social while cruising. I wave and say hello to those I have seen before. I engage in conversation when someone stops and wants to chat. I try to remember to smile. I remind myself that not every hike is going to yield results.

Yesterday I ran into this really hot guy. He was tall, with reddish fur, a very hot body, shaved head and a big fat dick. We met on a path going opposite directions. He bulldozed past me, but I still got a good look at him. I couldn’t decide if he was on his way out of the woods or just had to take a piss. But I decided that nothing else was happening, so I turned around and retraced my steps. If my hunches were right, he was headed to this little alcove on the lake that I had just come from. It is secluded, away from the main beach and primarily used by gay guys who like to sun bathe and swim nude.

As I approached the beach I could see him standing in the middle of the cove. I stayed back on the path and watched. You never know if it’s a straight guy or someone who doesn’t want to be hit on, so I play it very low key. He’s on his cell phone talking to someone and then hangs up.

He looks good. He’s shirtless and wearing a pair of long khaki shorts. He notices me and after a few minutes, comes over to me. He’s really cute. Incredible blue eyes, very articulate and furry as hell. After minimal chit chat, he asks me if I want to get naked for a little while. He then come over and checks out my goods by pulling back the waist band of my shorts. He drops his shorts and is wearing the sexiest pair of white jockey bikinis. They make his ass and bulge look awesome. He whips out his big fatty and I am seriously impressed. And a bit nervous. I follow him back to the beach where we chat more and strip. Then he dives in the water. I wade out to my waist. The water is cold, but refreshing. And feels even better when we get out. I never dive in… it is lake water and I am a bit of a microbial-phobe.

We warm up on shore. He stands, and I sit on a rock. He just gets better looking in my eyes. We chat about politics, nature, hiking, nudity and sex. As we talk, I keep looking around, because we’re nude and that isn’t allowed in Minnesota. I interrupt the conversation at one point, because I see a streak of bright red fabric and am certain someone is on the path watching. I check it out, but no one is there. When I return he tells me his friend is on his way. I’m cool with that. The more the merrier. His friend turns out to be this younger bear type. Small dick, big gut and no fur. He has full head of hair and is very wary of me. They start to make out… and then the hot one tells me they need to get reacquainted and will be right back. They walk down the path in back of the beach a bit and stop. They suck on each other and deep kiss. The hot one keeps shooting me looks over the shoulder of his friend and I wink back. This goes on for what feels like ten minutes but was probably only five. When you’re naked outdoors time tends to slow down or something.

The come back, and tell me they will go for a dip. I take this as invitation and go get in the water. Then the hot one announces that he wants to get off before getting back in the water. So he and his friend go back to the path. I come back out of the water and watch at a bit of distance. Then I figure, what the hell. The hot one is cool with it. He lies down on his back and tells his friend to lick his balls. I position myself so I can suck his dick, which is hard and huge. It’s a beauty. But he pulls me off his dick and tells me to lick his nips. He notices I have a bottle of poppers with me and asks to use them. Nothing hotter than a dude taking a big hit of poppers, so I’m all for it. He jerks his wood and after a few minutes fires off an average load. His friend asks him how many times he’s cum that day – and the answer is two – meaning this is his third load.

The hot one asks if either of us want to get off… and neither of us is feeling it, so we wander back to the beach. They hit the water and I dress and hit the path.

As I’m heading back I run into this tall skinny dark haired twink. He starts following me and I purposely take a steep, out of the way path to determine if he wants something. He does. He follows and corners me against a tree. He’s in my shorts hauling out my dick in seconds. He just keep jerking on it. So I rub the bulge of his pants… which is a bit disappointing, because I can’t feel anything. So then he unzips and hauls that sucker out. Wow. He must have had it tucked between his legs or something. It’s huge. At least 8” and uncut. My shorts have slipped to the ground and I’m basically naked. He’s rubbing on me and jerking my dick and jerking his dick. When I make a move to suck him, he resists and I’m like cool with that. Jerking is fine with me. But then he doesn’t want me touching anything but his hole and while I probably could have gone with that, it just didn’t feel like enough. He’s nervous and suggests we go up further. I follow him. We get to the main path at the top of the hill and he pulls out his cell phone! I just take that as my cue to leave and I do. When I realize he’s not following I’m okay with that. Twinks have a limited appeal for me.

And for some reason – I was just not feeling it. It was fun. All of it… but even with the other dudes I wasn’t feeling it. I was personable, but just going through the motions. So I went home. I haven’t shot my load in 8 days and I’m okay with that.

I’m okay with it because it’s temporary. A temporary lull.

I’m sure things will get back to the norm soon. Otherwise why am I hitting the gym for over an hour five days a week? My indifference worries me a bit.

Ah, yes… it goes as it goes.

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