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A Memorable Memorial (Weekend) !

I’m so happy. My hole is back in business.

Giving it the time it needed really paid off. I think it is now better than ever.

The whole ‘less is more’ thing should become my mantra. I simply don’t have the energy, time or stamina needed to be a super slut. I will just have to settle for being a regular slut.

Memorial Weekend proved to be a return to form for me (which just goes to support my theory about everything being temporary). Of course, the surprising thing was that it was a return to familiar grounds that really tripped my trigger. I played with three guys – all of them repeat customers. One I had not seen for six years, one I had not seen in a year and one I had not seen for six months. I just happened into it. Each tryst was nothing I had to work hard at to arrange.

On Friday, I took a walk in the woods and wasn’t having any luck. I got hit on by a couple of guys – one whom actually sat naked on a rock pulling on his cock and telling me to ‘get over here and suck my dick, boy’. Normally, I’d be all over that, but this guys body was saggy and something told me I could do better. I wasn’t into any of the guys I saw and felt I should just keep walking rather than compromise. So I went and sat in the middle of this prairie area, and reminisced about all the incredible sights and experiences I had in that area. Due to current renovations the park is undergoing some major changes are being made. So those carefree days of boys in the trees are all but over for that area.

I was about to leave, when I spied a man on a bike headed toward this one area that is THE area to stand if you’re looking for a little something/something. I headed over to check him out. He was short and bald, with a good strong chin. His body was a bit stocky, but I liked his smile. And then I remembered where I knew him from. He had come over to my house to work out with me and take pictures. He has a very public job and was a bit on the down low, so I was surprised to see him in this setting, but hey – everything changes. I’m not sure he recognized me - not that it mattered to me.

He made a move for my crotch and soon we were deep kissing one another. It was way hot. And then I saw his dick. It is a big fatty, very pretty, very pink. After being walked up on by one of the guys I had declined earlier, I suggested that we head further back into the woods. I grabbed this large towel that someone had left in one of the sunning alcoves and dragged it along. We went to this spot I like near the mountain bike paths, but still sheltered enough so that passing bikers can’t see you. I laid down the towel and dropped my shorts. His mouth was on my dick in a matter of moments. I had poppers and supplies with me, but decided to hold off on the poppers, because I didn’t want to compromise my ability to hold my load. He was a pretty good cocksucker and had me as hard as a rock. I pulled out and crouched down so we could kiss more. He began to remove his clothing – he was wearing bike shorts and one of those lycra bike tops with the zipper in the front. Our mouths began to move over each other’s bodies, until we managed to get ourselves into a 69 position. His dick never seemed to get fully hard, but it was such a thick one that I was cool with it.

He then had me sit on his face… man could he eat ass! It felt incredible. At this point, due to the condition of his dick, I was pretty sure that fucking was off the table, in spite of the fact that he asked me if I had lube and condoms and then congratulated me on being such a good boy scout (always prepared). So at this point I hauled out the poppers. He took a couple of hits, too and it was way fun, crouching over his face, having my ass expertly eaten as men on mountain bikes whirled past us just a few yards away.

We returned to our knees again, facing each other, macking on each other mightily. I was jacking his dick, and it actually started to get rock hard, when he pushed away my hand and asked me to cum on him. I love the splatter effect of cum hitting a dude in the face and on the chest, so I was cool with doing that. Besides, I had not cum in 10 days, which is like an eternity for me. So as my climax approached, I stood over his kneeling body and blasted a huge load all over him. He reveled in it and as a finishing touch I crouched down and wacked my spent dick on his cum covered chest a few times. I don’t think he came, but at that point I didn’t care. We had both had a great time getting naked outdoors. We cleaned up, dressed and went our separate ways. I noticed then, that a cute Hispanic guy had been watching us. After the other guy went to get his bike, the Hispanic dude definitely wanted a go at me, but since I’d already cum, I thought I should just thank my stars and not be a pig about it.

Saturday, I was busy with family stuff all day. When I got home in the late afternoon, I had a few hours to kill before I had to be somewhere at 6:00 pm. I got on-line, but was not having any success. I wasn’t seeing anyone I knew or that I was interested in and the only ones hitting on my profile were guys I had no interest in (sometimes it’s a vibe thing). I was just about to sign off, when I refreshed my browser and there appeared a guy that I have played with on and off for the past five years. I hadn’t played with him for over a year and I decided to contact him. After just three exchanges we had set up a time and place to meet. I was excited, because I hadn’t been fucked in ages and I knew that he would definitely be up for doing that.

I set it up at this house I am currently rehabbing. I left the gate and front door unlocked and told him to just walk in and find me. I raced over to the house, stripped, got my supplies set up and then peaked through the blinds to see when his car pulled up. Once his car came to view I got on all fours with my ass pointed toward the door and put a blindfold on. He loved it.

This guy is a cute black bear. Very sweet, with pretty eyes, a nice furry chest, a great mouth and a nice sized dick. When we get together I usually get a little carried away with the poppers, but I was really restrained this time and only used them when he first entered me.

He walked in and immediately took off his clothes. He then kneeled behind me and placed the head of his dick on my hole. OMG. That felt incredible. His touch was very firm, but gentle. Then he toyed some more with my hole using both the head of his dick and his fingers. Finally I leaned back, turned my head and he kissed me. I had forgotten what a good kisser he is. Whenever we’re together it is always very good. We seem to be in sync with one another from the word go. The blindfold just seemed to heighten everything – my sense of touch and smell and taste, plus it had made the anticipation of his arrival absolutely heart-racing. I sucked on him, he sucked on me. Then, in the middle of a passionate kiss, I took off the blindfold. We melted into each other. He slipped on a magnum condom and took my ass slowly. It was a great fuck. I felt full and used and well, loved. When he first entered me doggy style, my dick got rock – rock hard. I was amazed and after about five minutes he had me on the edge of coming without touching myself. I eased off him and took a little break, kissing him the entire time. We changed positions. I loved looking into his eyes as I lay on my back with him pounding into me. Then we changed positions again with me riding on top of him. At this point he took a couple of hits of poppers – which always does it for me. I just love a top who takes a hit – the sound is so sexy. He stayed in me long after he came. And then kissed me and played with my balls until I shot my load. We continued to kiss for some time and then began small talk. He is so sweet.

Sunday, I got on the net in the morning for a couple of hours. Nothing was happening, which was fine, as I had a pre-arranged fuck date in the afternoon. I was going out to the country to this farm and we were going to fuck naked in the woods.

This guy is a real salt and pepper cutie: great fur, okay dick, nice body. I love his smile, his sense of adventure and his sense of humor. I arrived and we walked out to the woods together. He had pre-selected a spot and had laid out an open sleeping bag for our comfort. It was fine. He is a really nice guy, but I have to say that he is not the most relaxed kisser and the sex itself is always a bit of a struggle.

He really likes frottage, which I am cool with, but he likes to use a lot of lube, which for some reason puts me on the edge way too much. He also kind of wears me out. Whenever we complete a session I feel like I have just been beat up. He also can’t give a blow job worth shit – too much teeth – which really irritates my dick to the point where I just don’t enjoy it. But he does throw a smooth fuck. He loves to mash me face down and work his way on top of me. It feels great, but I think all that force, discomfort and odd friction robs me of my stamina.

The mosquitoes were bad, so that may have also impacted my enjoyment of the whole thing. He also doesn’t believe in fucking around standing up… always in the horizontal, which really gets old fast and limits what you can do. In any event, I had a good time. We both came and then walked back to the main house naked. He had guy working on the roof of the main house and we walked right under his gaze buck naked. We showered and after more small talk, I left. It was a nice afternoon.

Bottom line, it was a good weekend. I took Monday off from fucking, because my hole was just getting used to it again and I didn’t want to risk wearing it out. It looks better than ever and is behaving totally normally now. I am so relieved. I am not getting fucked without a condom ever again. That HPV stuff is scary stuff. I mean, I know we all have it in our systems (any sexually active individual – whether they have butt sex or not carries it)… but this is just another selling point for condoms – which I have really come to respect and enjoy. And as I’ve noted here before – they also make for easy clean up.

All-in-all, not a bad return to form; Memorial weekend was indeed memorable. It’s so nice to be back in the saddle again. I promise not to take my hole for granted and will be more choosey about my partners in the future.

More to cum… hopefully.

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