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Summer Hummers

Summer is here, at last. I’m so excited. Warmer weather means more time outdoors wearing less clothing. Warmer weather means hikes in the woods with the possibility of a little something-something taking place in the bushes. The warmer the weather, the more things are sprouting, budding and leafing out. This translates to a more relaxed attitude by cruisers in general – meaning – you’re more likely to see skittish guys showing dick.

I was thinking this was going to be the summer of me taking a lot of dick up the ass, but the fates have put that whole plan on hold, for the time being. I’m just not feeling it, either. So I will have to make up for it by spending some time on my knees. Something I find just as enjoyable, except…

I’ve rather had a change of heart about the whole mercy fuck thing. I used to be certain that you had to pleasure those you didn’t find all that attractive in order to occasionally snack on someone that was out of your league. I believe it is the plethora of less than attractive guys offering up their noodle these days that has me looking at my options and frequently just opting out.

Maybe less is more. Not true, not true, says the whore in me. But what about choosing quality over quantity? The problem? Frequency. It’s just not very often that I stumble upon someone who blows my circuits who also happens to be into me. How do I know this? Well, since April 16th, 2009, I have been keeping a sex diary.

Here are my stats from 3/16/08 to 5/16/09:

45 Events
39 Guys

New Comers: 30
Repeat Business: 9

JO only: 2
Fondle only: 4
Kissing: 4
Oral only: 20
Oral and Anal: 10
Me as Top: 3
Me as Sucked: 2
Mercy Fucks (oral only): 8

Anon/Blindfolded Walk-In Scene: 6
Outdoors: 32

Exceptional: 3
Okay: 28
Bad: 8

I could break it down more for you, but I’m not in the mood. Out of those 45 events I only performed badly once (came too soon and the guy was a real jerk about it). The anal count would have been considerably higher, but in the first week of April I had an anal endoscopy and they took some biopsies. Boy, that really slowed me down. I was shut down completely for two weeks and then performed only oral after that. I even began to top on occasion or be the suckee. I’m not sure when I’ll return to full capacity. Possibly never. I was doing this really incredible scene at this house I’m currently rehabbing. Place a personals ad on occasion. I get a good number of responses. Of those, only a small percentage of those are suitable. Only a smaller percentage of those ‘get it’ – as in they dig the whole idea. The scene goes like this:

We agree on a time. You come to this house I’m rehabbing. The house is empty, no furniture. The front door will be unlocked. You enter and choose the door I am behind. There will be a blanket on the floor. I will be on it, on all fours with my ass up in the air. My ass is lubed and clean. There will be lube, condoms and wet wipes. The room is darkened via shades. I would have a blindfold on. You would remain anonymous (your call – you may also remove it at anytime during the course of play). You walk over to my raised ass and touch my hole gently. I take a hit of poppers (happy to share). You then move around to the front of me and guide your dick into my mouth. I take you deep, until you’re rock hard. You make me lick your balls, your armpits, suck on your nips... it’s all your call, your pleasure. Open to kissing as well. When you’re ready, you return to my ass. I take another hit of poppers and, after entering slowly and then building up momentum, you plow my ass big time -slamming into me until your juices burst. Use condoms. Makes for easy clean up. When you’re done, you wipe your dick on the towel provided, use a wet wipe, get up and leave.

I would love to go back ‘to work’, but I’m a bit gun shy. The first time I tried to get back into the saddle a portion of my hole puffed up like a car air bag. Not pretty. Or comfortable. So there it is. The ugly truth.

Needless to say, I have just not been that into sex recently. I worry. About my hole. About STD’s. I have come to the conclusion that poppers are only good you’re bottoming or giving oral where reciprocation is not on the table. Poppers make you come to quick. I’ve finally woken up to this fact.

So, basically… I’m depressed. I want to get big time fucked. But I’m afraid. I don’t want a puffed up hole. I don’t think any top would either.

So are my days as a whore numbered?

Well, of course they are… but am I all washed up – as of now?

Tune in tomorrow.

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