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The Power of Music is finally released! Can I get a witness?

Kristine W’s - The Power of Music is finally out. Amen. I love my divas and Kristine is #1 in my book. She also has a new single out – Be Alright.

The Power Of Music boasts 16 tracks, including her last four #1 Hot Dance Club Play singles: Walk Away, The Boss, Never and Love is the Look. It also includes a new version of the hit that started it all: Feel What You Want. I’ve got my fingers crossed that Be Alright becomes her becomes her 14th #1 Billboard charter.

Track list:

Be Alright (3:36)
The Power of Music (4:20)
Into U (4:15)
Never (4:21)
Not So Merry Go Round (4:15)
Fade (3:27)
Walk Away (3:57)
Feel What You Want (5:07)
The Boss (3:52)
Love is the Look (4:14)
Window to your World (3:47)
Strings (4:09)
Do You Really Want Me (4:20)
Groove's Inside (4:43)
Happiness (4:45)
Meet Again (3:48)

Be Alright made its first appearance on Offer Nissim’s 2007 Forever Tel Aviv compilation in a not-very-convincing 7:15 mix. When I first heard it, I was like – where is Kristine W? But that is definitely not the case on the newly issued single which features 14 mixes/edits from the likes of Hex Hector and The Perry Twins and plenty of Ms. Kristine’s incredible voice.

Track list:

Hex Hector Master Radio (3:30)
Boris Blind Faith Radio (3:45)
Tom Stephan All Right All Night Radio (4:57)
Perry Twins Los Angels And Demons Radio (4:33) Bass Mekanik Full Bump Mix (3:23)
Joe Carrano Be Amazed Radio (3:42)
Neil Case Island Groove Radio (3:26)
Tom Stephan All Right All Night Dub Radio (4:11)
Boris Blind Faith Club (8:25)
Tom Stephan All Right All Night Dub (7:03)
Perry Twins Los Angels And Demons Club (7:57)
Joe Carrano Be Amazed Club (8:17)
Offer Nissim Forever Tel Aviv Club (8:47)
Joe Carrano New World Radio (3:36)

Here’s a link to her official site:

Did I mention she’s appearing at this weekend’s Minneapolis Gay Pride Festival along with Expose’ (the original group is back together!) and Kat DeLuna (of Whine Up, Run The Show fame). And guess what? I gots me some tickets! I am usually am not a big supporter of the whole Gay Pride Celebration. It’s so damn commercial and cliché… it’s just not my thing – but I do support those for whom this is an important event. But with Ms. Kristine on the scene, I will be celebrating this year.

I also plan on spending some time out in the woods and getting a little sun. Maybe getting a little something else too, if you know what I mean what I mean. Have a great weekend. I intend to. And get out there and snap up a copy of Kristine W’s latest. Such a talent deserves all the support and love we can show her.

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