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Daddy's Boy

I enjoy sexual role play. I’ve done a few different scenes. The whole improv aspect of it appeals to the slumbering thespian in me. A few of the scenarios I have played out include: VCR Repairman (roped and raped), Coach / Jock (played both roles at different times), Teacher / Student (I was the student), Cumslut (I was the bitch in heat), Massage Therapist (played both roles at different times – I give good massage), Dinner Guest (seduced by a committed couple by the time dessert hit the table), Priest / Altar Boy (I was the ‘Altered’ Boy) and Daddy / Son (played both roles at different times).

The latter seems to be a rather popular and common fantasy among certain gay men. I have played Daddy Top and Daddy Bottom. I have also played both Son Top and Son Bottom. The taboo of incest hovers somewhere above the action, and while I am very much aware of it, I am able to ignore it and get into the whole ‘Letters to Penthouse’ vibe as needed. I’ve never fantasized about my own father in a sexual manner. If I did have a son I would have the good sense never to cross that line. So, playing such scenarios out with complete strangers, no matter my role or position, rarely inflicts pain upon my psyche. Some fantasies should never become realities.

My most recent role playing sessions involved a particular individual – with him in the role of Top Son and me, playing the Daddy Bottom. Fortunately, in this case, he plays my adult son. I have had the unfortunate experience of playing someone who wanted to be infantilized, which I played up to a point and then, when sufficiently nauseated, put ‘Baby’ down for a nap claiming I would be right back with a bottle and then fled the scene. Some realities should never be fantasies.

My Son, Daddy’s Boy, hit me up one night on the net. I had an ad proposing a walk-in scene, in which a top would find me blindfolded, naked and on all fours with my lubed ass sticking up in the air. His profile listed his preference as bottom, so I was surprised that he was interested. He told me the scene was really hot and that he would like to add an element of role play, namely Daddy / Son. I was GGG and a time was arranged.

Daddy’s Boy is 28 years old, about 5’9”, with a sturdy build, reddish hair, a charming smile, a cute face and mischievous eyes. He’s a tad furry with a full head of hair. His cut dick is in the 7” range and is reasonably thick, set off by a nice, relaxed pair of just-the-right sized balls. He’s a good looking man.

The first time we played, my scenario, due to the blindfold, prevailed. There was just a touch of Daddy/Son interplay, which picked up speed and urgency the closer we got to mutual orgasm.

It was late at night (well after midnight) and we were playing in a house that was in the midst of renovations. Role play requires a good deal of trust and given the environment, the time, the lack of sensory perception on my part due to the blindfold, the ability to maximize the situation’s potential was limited. We had a great time. Everyone got their cookies. We both enjoy poppers and have a sense of adventure and humor when it comes to sexual relations. While his oral abilities, to this day, are merely satisfactory, he has a lot going for him as a lover. He throws a decent fuck. So if it seemed a little tentative that first time - I think the uniqueness of the situation resulted in the trust issues, the kind that inhibit many people when they initially get naked with a stranger.

We played the scene as if he was coming home after a night on the town and just happens to walk in on dear old Dad, who is naked, blindfolded and on all fours waiting for a buddy of his to show up. The old man is embarrassed as hell and the son takes full advantage of the situation, giving Dad what the no-show trick failed to provide. Overall, it was a successful night of fun and games.

It’s my usual practice to send an email of thanks the following day (if I enjoyed the encounter – or more importantly, if I didn’t regret the experience). I keep it short and sweet; “thank you, that was fun”. I do this as a means of keeping the door open for possible repeat business. I would say 80% respond, with 50% of those suggesting a repeat performance or a future assignation.

Daddy’s Boy definitely wanted to get together again. I was on board. The second time we met was during the day. It was a Saturday afternoon. I’d been working at the same house, this time in the yard. He found me in my work clothes – torn, dirty jeans, a ripped up t-shirt and a b-ball cap. I was a bit on the sweaty side, which I knew he would be cool with, as he never wore deodorant, had mentioned that he had a thing for fresh man sweat and liked to eat arm pits (another thing we have in common – Like Dad / Like Son). I greeted him like a Dad would with a big barrel hug. I kept it very folksy, very blue collar with just a touch of country hick thrown in for fun. He responded well. I gave him a tour of the grounds and then the house. Throughout the tour I made a point to pat his back and shoulders, touch the small of his back, and gently punch him on his upper arm. Once inside, I began to pepper my commentary with compliments regarding his physical appearance. Keep in mind – this was the first time I had actually laid eyes on him. And I liked what I saw.

The house is on the small side, so the hallways are narrow – which made it easy to accidently rub up against my boy. Then I started asking about his personal life and asked if he was ‘getting any’. Then I just grabbed his crotch asked how much baby batter he had stored up in his old flesh balloons. He laughed, we kissed. He’s an excellent kisser. I keep up my end of the banter; sharing how horned up the old man is and how good it is to see my boy.

I compliment him on his various body parts as I strip him of his clothing. I leave his underwear on and crouch down in front of him. His trapped dick looks wonderful as it points down creating a perfect mound in his black designer briefs. Finally, after breathing him in and teasing his dick beneath the fabric, I move the elastic band of his briefs past his hips and unleash his happy monster. I immediately take the head of his dick in my mouth and savor it, running my tongue along the ridge of his mushroom head. Then, opening wide, I engulf him… swallowing him whole, right down to his trimmed pubes. He makes appreciative noises and I am in heaven.

We take our time, pausing often to kiss and make eye contact. The dialogue flows pretty naturally. He’s my boy, and I’m his Daddy. He wants to fuck me. I encourage him to fuck me like a man, and to show Daddy what he’s made of. It’s hot and the intensity builds. It’s intimate and passionate.

We played for yet a third time and then, the house I am renovating is done and I lose access. I don’t hear from my boy for the entire winter and spring.

Then, the weekend of Gay Pride, I find myself on-line, checking on both mail and male. He catches me on one of the sites and sends me an email. I’m working on another house and invite him to stop by and visit me. We set up a time and a date and the father and child reunion is a go.

He walks in the house as I’m getting out of the shower. I just finished mowing the lawn. He is dressed in business clothes, having come from the office and I immediately notice a difference. His hair is buzzed short. It alters his look, making him look even more manly, less like a boy. He looks hot as hell. We make small talk as I finish drying off. I’m standing nude, save for the towel and my dick gets hard just looking at him. This does not go unnoticed, but he is in no hurry. We are more relaxed with one another and while there is an air of anticipation, we both seem determined to savor it.

Things escalate. I help undress him, noticing the change in his body. He’s more muscular, but then so am I. Apparently in the interim we have both been hitting the gym. He admires my body and the Daddy/Son dialogue takes its natural course – but with a difference, an addition. This time he loves me. He loves his Daddy and is not afraid to say so. And Daddy, in turn also loves his Son. This added intimacy only heightens our experience. In the back of my mind I wonder if our use of the word is perverse – but then, we’re both adults and the rules are well defined between us. The love we speak of exists only here, in this moment, as we ebb and flow into one another. No one is in a hurry. There is no fear, no mistrust. We embrace and caress and feed one another. I bite his nipples and he loves it. He buries his tongue in the pit of my arm and I do the same to him. Our kisses are light and then brutal. It seems his Daddy can do no wrong when it comes to pleasing his Son.

I suck his dick, he sucks mine. We kiss and make out. We suck on each other more. We pass poppers between us. And then he tells me he wants me on my knees. He wants to fuck Daddy. It is incredible. He is in control and takes his time. He teases my hole, just fucking it with the head of his dick only. Then he goes deep. He tells me he wants to breed me; wants me to have his fucking babies. Then he starts pulling all the way out and slamming it back in – it feels fucking wonderful. I love it. He keeps telling me how much he loves his Daddy and Daddy’s ass. I start arching my back and soon am practically sitting back on his dick. He repositions himself so he still has leverage and the sensation in my ass is incredible as his cock moves swiftly in and out. My dick is standing at full attention, rock hard and ready to spurt. I start encouraging my boy to seed me. To use that hole and show me what it’s good for. We work each other up into a frenzy, as he pushes on my upper back, pushing me down, then pushing down on my lower back so he can finish fucking me doggy style. He slams into me with a fury all the while professing his love, climaxing at the same moment that the jizz begins to shoot from my dick. We are both rocked by our orgasms and left panting and heaving, wrapped tightly up in one another. Spent and awash in the heat and glow of an intense fuck.

We linger. We are grateful. We get up.

We make small talk. He tells me I am one of the few men he is able to top. He says there’s something about me. I compliment his performance.

More small talk. Some laughter. We gush, flushed with the excitement of our tryst.

We dress.

We kiss good-bye, our eyes peering deeply in an attempt to catch the presence of something else, something unnamed. And then we leave one another, a bit warmer and happier.

Man, I love a good home cumming.

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