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Garage Sex: Let Me Show What The Hood of That Truck Is Good For

So there’s this guy on Adam4Adam that keeps hitting on me. No face pic, but his stats are pretty hot – 34, brown hair, 32” waist, 5’ 10”, 160 lbs., 8” dick. He advertises himself as a top and claims to work out a lot. The body shots of him are good and while I’ve always been intrigued, timing has never been on our side; he hits me up and I’m not looking (rare, huh?).

But he’s persistent. And I appreciate that. In fact, it makes him more intriguing. With those stats he could get anybody he wants. Why are his sights set on me? I’m not on-line that often these days, but he seems to hone in on me when I am and makes a point of inquiring when I might be up for getting my ass fucked. I give him my email and tell him to hit me up some time. I also promise to send him the self-pics I took this summer when he emails me.

Surprise, surprise; he emails me. There’s a discretion issue at play here, so I respect that; there will be no face pics of him. I’ll see him when I see him. I send him my pics. He likes. I send him my availability schedule – which has opened up just the tiniest bit lately. Turns out he likes one of my time slots. I’m thinking he’s soon gonna be liking one of my other slots as well. He wants my ass. I suggest we meet at the Prairie or wherever else he might be interested in meeting up. He suggests his garage and I, ever the adventurer, am all for it. We set a time and I Mapquest his address. It’s an easy drive.

I show up a bit early and sit in my car. I love this period of time; the anticipation of a hot fuck with a total stranger in a non-traditional location just makes my heart race. I like to get there early for that reason and to make sure that I’m prepped and have all my stuff together and handy: condom, lube, poppers and a cock ring. I get out of the car and approach the house, unsure how I will get to the garage. The house is in a rather trendy area, very popular with students, artists and wannabes. The house is really quite striking. I see that there is a side gate that leads directly to the backyard with a clear shot of a partially opened side door leading into the garage. I make a beeline for the entrance, thinking that perhaps he is waiting to see me enter and then will follow. I always like this scenario, because it gives me a chance to strip naked and present my ass for their full appreciation as they walk into the room. I like the shock value.

But I’m wrong. I walk into the dark garage and am surprised to find my A4A top (let’s call him Ray – not his real name) standing, leaning against a work bench, stroking his very happy 8” cock. Lucky me. He tells me to come in and shut the door. I do. I walk over to the bench and place my supplies on its surface. All the while I can’t take my eyes off that marvelous looking dick he’s working with his hands. I drop my jeans and remove my t-shirt. I put on my cock ring and quickly get on my knees. He’s very verbal and I’m immediately rock hard. The head of his dick is very impressive and while I want to spend some time just whirling my tongue and lips around it, savoring the size and shape of it, Ray definitely has something else in mind. He wants my throat on the full length of his dick. Now! And often. Ray is a skull fucker. Fortunately for Ray I’m a seasoned deepthroater, and what he as to offer, I can handle.

I love an appreciative skull fucker. I’m talking about a guy who lets you know when you’re getting it right and when you’ve hit the right spot. I like it when a guy notices that I’m contracting my throat muscles on the shaft of his dick. Yes, basically I appreciate being appreciated. Sucking dick is hella fun, but there is also an element of it that is just plain hard work – especially when dealing with an aggressive, active skull fucker.

There are several factors you have to keep in mind as a cocksucker all the while you’re losing yourself in the moment when getting your face thoroughly fucked.. You have to remember to breath; through your nose, because your mouth is crammed full of dick (if you’re lucky). You also have to be ever vigilant regarding saliva control; too little and it’s no fun for either party (and potentially painful as well), too much and it can be a total turn off (not to mention that pool you can leave in their lap, on the fly area of their pants (if pants are up), or in the crotch of their underwear and pants (if pants are around their ankles). How much saliva is too much saliva? It depends on the individuals involved. Sometimes I’m embarrassed. Sometimes the guy I’m sucking off finds it to be a total turn on. I find it also depends on the lighting and the environment. A dark garage? Fine, let it flow. Under the stall of a men’s room? Fine, too, as long as you wipe up after you’re done. In the front seat of a car on a sunny day? Not so much. A big old wet spot in the area around the fly and crotch of a pair of pants are indicative of only three things that I can think of, and none of them are something you want to broadcast.

The cocksucker also has to be aware of the placement of their teeth and lips. Teeth rubbing on a hard dick? Rarely sexy. Then there is also the matter of suction, sound (A total turn on.), tongue placement (My fave? Running it along the underside of the dick’s shaft, all along that hot, fat vein filled with cum.), and throat constriction. I like to swallow. It’s a more natural wave of muscle constriction than just tightening or closing the throat.

The nice thing about Ray? He’s one of those easy-going skull fuckers. He’s not all about repeatedly ramming his pubic bones in to my face. I have had guys where I walk away wondering whether I just sucked a dick or was in a boxing match. The worse offenders are those with a metal cock ring on. Hey, dude, you could seriously fuck up my smile doing that. But Ray isn’t like that. He definitely lets me know what he likes, but sometimes he drives and sometimes he lets me drive.

The other nice thing about Ray? His ball sack. It is nice and fat and works as a great cushion for my chin. Seriously, I love that feeling. Also he hangs just low enough where I can pat his balls with the tips of my fingers as I suck him. I also like pressing his balls to the underside of my chin. Very comforting.

Ray is cute. Sort of typical office-building cute. His hair is medium length and has some curl to it. He’s wearing bookish glasses, but on his handsome face it gives you the impression that he’s about to take them off and transform magically into the hunk of your dreams. His body is nice. I reach up and tweak and pull on his nipples. I love the look of his pubic area in relationship to his waist and the way the fly of his cargo shorts are falling open. Very preppy. Very hot.

After sucking on his dick for about five minutes, Ray remembers his manners and throws down a pair of big workman gloves for me to use as knee pads. Padding for the knees is always a welcome thing, as it keeps a cocksucker on their knees for a longer period of time. Plus, picking bits of ground in pebbles and twigs out of your knees? No fun. Ray and I settle into a nice rhythm and soon he is reaching over my arched back to check out my ass, which I am only to happy to raise up and help him find. He fingers me expertly and tells me he hopes that my ass is as good as my mouth. Just as he says that I purposely tighten my hole around his finger as a little promise of things to come.

Ray is in no hurry. He is enjoying the job I’m doing on his dick. He even relaxes enough to let me do a couple of things I like. I do eventually get to explore the head of his dick. I also manage to get his cargo shorts beneath his knees. I feel up his thighs and calves, both in excellent, worked out condition, probably having something to do with the racing bike that stands a few feet away, parked between a very large truck and a nice looking black BMW. I grab his now bare ass cheeks and pump his dick in and out of my mouth. My throat is now relaxed and flexible enough to take the whole of his dick in one fell swoop without choking or getting it caught up somewhere. It is way hot.

Finally, Ray orders me on my feet. He pushes me up against the hood of the truck. He’s quickly ripping open a condom wrapper and telling me how much he wants my ass. I reach over and grab the lube and apply more to my hole. Ray is worked up and sometimes that means a hasty, nasty entrance. As Ray lobs lube onto his fuck stick, I unscrew the top of my poppers, take a big hit and brace myself for a total assault. He smacks my ass cheek hard as he drives his meat into my hole. I gasp. It always hurts just a little. I take another hit of poppers. They’re old, so their not very strong. This means the hard on I’m sporting stays strong, but it also means I’m feeling the pain of Ray’s ass raper.

Fortunately for me, Ray’s style as a skull fucker is also his style as an ass fucker. He likes to change things up. Sometimes he grabs my shoulders and pulls my ass onto his dick jackhammer style and sometimes he lets off and allows me to do the driving. He loves it when I squeeze my hole around the girth of his dick. A few times our timing is off, and I squeeze his dick right out of my ass. That just ignites his need to be inside me and he grabs my hips and rams his dick back into my happy hole. I’m loving being propped up by the hood of that big truck. The dialogue running between the two of us is ripe with porno talk and we are both getting off on this scene. We are also both drenched with sweat, which, to me is a turn on. Sweat is not always so agreeable to preppie/yuppie types, but fortunately Ray either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care. He just keeps amping up the momentum and excitement.

Finally Ray pulls out and rips the condom off his dick.

“Get on your knees and suck this bad boy. I want to shoot all over your fucking face.”

(But… he didn’t say ‘please’.) (Yeah, right.)

I was on my knees in a flash. I noticed his balls where now riding nice and tight up against the base of his dick. That made me rock hard. I began to fist fuck my dick as I slammed my mouth on and off of Ray’s cock.

“Lick my balls,” he commanded.

He began working the shaft his dick with his hands as I licked and sucked away at his ball sack. I was only too happy to oblige since this is one of my favorite ways to cum when getting sucked off. Yes, I know how good it can feel. Just as he’s about to lose his load, Ray points the head of his dick down and against my left face cheek. The first spurt is massive, hot, like liquid fire. It feels so good, as does each subsequent burst of cum. This sends my own juice out the depths of my balls. I shoot my load all over the garage floor, Ray’s hiking boots, and the front of his cargo shorts.

Once spent, Ray is in no hurry to pack up his junk, so I grab it and pull it into my mouth, savoring the last drips of cum oozing out of his piss slit. Coming down from my own orgasm, his cock feels electric in my mouth and I gratefully deep throat the entire thing. Part of me would love to remain in this moment forever. We’re both still recovering and still in no rush, so relish the warmth of his crotch, the texture of his pubic hair against my face. My hands roam for a last time over the contours of his muscular legs.

We part. He hands me a towel. We wipe up, pull up and zip up. I grab my stuff. I thank him. He thanks me. We grin like mad dogs. I open the side door and burst out into the sunshine filled yard. The brightness blinds me momentarily and I feel like I’m sailing. So hot. And liquid. The feeling lasts all the way to my car, where I realize I have done a shitty job of wiping his cum off of me. It has actually dripped down the whole left side of my torso and is now soaking through the cloth of my t-shirt. I whip the t-shirt off and hold the fabric to my nose, inhaling deeply.

Yes, some things, like the final days of summer and the remnants of a hot encounter, are meant to be savored.


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BlkJack said...

What a hot boner making post! Would love to have been part of that hot session. Thanks again.