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Autumn Leaves...

In the past I’ve written about my love for the great outdoors. With the falling of the leaves and the sun still continuing to shine, I thought I would share an autumn anecdote that has been on my mind a lot recently.

I’m pretty diverse when it comes to the type of guys I find attractive. While I don’t have a type, I do have types that consistently sexual resonate with my being. Some of these types are pretty out there. One such example is my penchant for holistic new-agers. Basically these are whole-grain children of the earth types, prone to wearing patchouli or some other essential oil. They refrain from traditional consumerism, eat whole foods, wear sandals at inappropriate times, allow their hair to grow at least shoulder length, and are in tune to the positions of the sun and moon. Sometimes they are associated with Wiccans or claim to be ‘radical faeries’, all of which translates to: likes to be naked in the woods and have sex in the great outdoors. So I guess it was only a matter of time before they became one of my go-to groups for people who love the outdoors as much as I do and in the way that I do.

About five years ago I began seeing this guy I will call Marcus (not his real name). Marcus, at that time, was rehabbing houses. He, or an investor, would purchase a house in need of some major TLC and Marcus would move into the house, living there as he renovated the property. Marcus was about 5’11”. His body was not well-defined (in fact there was an asexual softness to it that I found rather appealing), but he was thin. He had large, thoughtful hazel eyes and a mop-full of dark auburn hair that fell to his shoulders. His face fell into that sweet Robby Benson look, although Marcus’ was less angular. He had no body hair, save for a forest of dark pubes, a strip of dark hair in the center of his chest and sporadic hairs on his ass and legs. His penis was so average in length and width that, other than serving the purpose, it really didn’t have much of an impact on our trysts. I remember being a bit infatuated with his ass due to his soft skin and with his dark nipples.

We hooked up on and off for about two years. He was one of those people with whom I had some strange, demonic sexual connection with. Out of the sack we were sweet and gentle with one another, conducting a tentative, almost old-fashioned style of courtship. We stimulated each other intellectually and shared a lot of our philosophical bent with each other. But once the clothes came off it was all very animal, our mouths tearing at each other, mauling whatever body part they happened upon. The intensity always built to a moment of wild frenzy and abandonment, leaving us both mere puddles of spent sweat and semen. We were attracted to each other’s natural body scent (his was rather spicy, like cloves) and this only heightened the all-consuming fucking that would take place whenever we got together.

Marcus was very Omni-sexual. Which, due to his rather reserved, bookish persona, is something one would never guess – but then, I have found that it is always those you least suspect that you really should suspect. In the past we had both been with women, but now expressed a clear preference for men. We met at the height of my versatile stage, which suited him just fine. It was not uncommon for us to flip fuck back and forth multiple times during the course of a single play date.

There was a definite hippy vibe to our get-togethers. Adding to this; the houses he lived in, with their varying states of decay and reclamation infused with incense. Getting naked with him frequently felt like a tribal rite. Never was this truer than the time we decided to explore our love for the great outdoors after dusk on the Autumn Equinox.

We’re chatting on-line. I’m telling him how I regret not getting away during the summer months to go camping. In fact, if I remember correctly, due to time commitments that took precedence over everything else, that summer offered very few opportunities to get outside and indulge my natural proclivities. He mentions that the Autumn Equinox will be coming up and how he’s very excited because it also happened to fall on the night of a full moon. The weather that fall had been balmy and sweet with only a hint of dampness. The leaves were on the ground, for the most part, and the air held that wonderful smell of decay kissed with sunshine. He suggests we get together and take advantage of the warmer weather and the full moon. I’m totally game.

We decide on a location; a hill surrounded in trees that had two concrete picnic tables. I know it very well and also happen to know that it was covered in a thick blanket of leaves, the kind of leaves that are fun to roll around in. The set-up was simple. I arrive ahead of him, strip nude and pose on all fours on the picnic table with my ass in the air.

The night arrives and the weather could not be better. Well, it could have, actually… it could have been spring or summer, but when the calendar winds down to September, I take what I can get. I cleared my evening, so arriving ahead of time was no problem. I parked my car, checked my supplies (lube, condoms, cock ring, poppers) and made my way toward the hill.

There is one consistent truth to keep in mind when selecting a spot for sex in the great outdoors; it always appears to be more covered by brush, trees and shrubs in your mind than in reality. It’s late dusk as I trudge up the hill. The leaves lay thick and make a great deal of noise as I wade through them. The closer I get to the top the more unsure I become that this is a good idea. It just seems so exposed, especially now that the trees have lost most of their leaves. But then I recount the many times I have stood on that very hill for hours without ever seeing a soul, so I relax. A bit.

I guess I didn’t realize how autumn it was until I start to remove my clothes. Suddenly I wish I knew exactly what time it was, because I really did not want to pose there naked, getting chilled, while I wait for Marcus to appear. It’s rapidly getting dark, but the full moon lends a lot of light to the hilltop. Also my eyes are adjusting with the coming darkness, so being able to see turns out to be not much of a concern.

I lay a beach towel over the top of the picnic table and set my supplies on its far end. I remove my jacket and my shoes, and loosen my pants. That was far enough. While I do not doubt for a moment that Marcus will show, I’m not in love with the idea of getting chilled. My heart is beating a mile a minute. I take a moment to breathe deeply and enjoy the night air. It serves as a reminder of just how amazing and magical this time of year can feel.

Near the bottom of the hill I hear the sound of someone walking through the leaves. There’s no way I can be certain it’s Marcus, but I decide to just go for it and assume that it is. I strip off my jeans, sweater and t-shirt. I debate leaving on my socks, but think better of it. I whip them off and get into position. The sound of the rustling leaves grows louder signaling that whoever is coming up that hill is getting mighty close. I uncork my bottle of poppers and take a deep pull. Suddenly it grows very quiet. Is it him? Someone else? Are they freaking out? Am I?

I feel a pair of hands spread my ass cheeks apart followed by a big sloppy kiss on my hole. Reaching between my legs, he takes my dick in his hand and begins to stroke me as he eats my ass. I reach back and spread my cheeks, allowing him maximum access. His tongue feels fat and hot as it explores my hole.

He pulls my knees to the edge of table, and then leaving my hole, travels down to the tip of my dick. Taking just the tip of it in his mouth, he suckles it like a calf at his mother’s teat. Twisting around, he rests the back of his neck on the end of the table and takes me deeper into his mouth. I begin to deep fuck his throat, making him gag and choke. It feels awesome, powerful. Each thrust brings me closer to an edge I had hoped to put off until much later. Nearing my get-off point, I pull my dick from his mouth, get off my knees and sit on the side of the table. Marcus moves to in front of me. He’s totally nude. The moonlight makes his pale body glow. I spread my legs and he moves into me. We kiss, deeply, our mouths hungry for each others. Circling his waist with my legs, I press my raging hard on into his abdomen. He angles me back and touches my hole with his fuck stick. It would be so easy to just sink onto that fucker and let him have my ass right then and there… but I keep in mind that we had lots of leaves to roll around in.

And we do. He moves me from the table and lays me down in a pile of leaves. Then, laying on top me, our hard dicks grinding into one another’s, he covers us with leaves. The smell is intoxicating, the dampness contrasting sharply with the heat our bodies are generating. We lay there, nut fucking each other, our mouths sucking the breath out of each others lungs. Any notion of being discovered is completely forgotten as we give into our baser needs.

I move down the length of his body, my mouth never leaving its surface until I come to his dick. In one fell swoop, I easily swallow it, deep throating it for all I was worth. His moans tell me I’m on the right track. Frantically, he reaches for my lower half, pulling it towards his face; he wants my dick in his mouth pronto. We relax, on our sides, into a simple 69, allowing me time to take note of the leaves, the sky, the moon, the darkness. My mouth works its way towards his ass, paying more than lip service to his balls on the way. By this point I’m on top of him, pulling his legs up and back so I can really service his hole. Diving in with great relish and verve, I simultaneously position my ass over his mouth and begin pushing back. We spend the next five minutes alternating between deep throating dick and eating ass. Stopping, he indicates that he’s getting close and needs a little break. I turn around and stretch my body next to his, cradling his head on my chest, my arm circling behind his head, allowing me to tweak his right nipple.

He looks up at me. Kisses become tentative and sweet. His mouth moves to my right nip and then slips down into my arm pit, where he pauses to inhale deeply. My natural musk reawakens the animal in him and suddenly he’s on top, straddling my body, holding my arms over my head. He moves his mouth from one arm pit to the other, sucking deep, savoring my man sweat. My entire body is bucking beneath him. I have the sudden urge to fuck something hard and deep. I force his ass down and hold it on my dick, its length riding up the crack of his ass and pressing repeatedly at his hole. Knock, knock, knock… is anybody home? Again, it would be so easy to just force my way in and seed that hole the way nature intended, but reason wins out. We break apart. I scramble for the condoms, the lube and my poppers. When I get back, he’s about to stand, but I have other plans.

I force him to the ground and then upright him so he’s on all fours. I push apart the cheeks of his ass and bury my tongue as far as I can. That’s right, Motherfucker. I’m going first. I tear the foil from the condom and in the midst of my excitement, manage to lose sight of the poppers and the lube. But first, the condom. I roll it on as quickly as possible and then, cursing, I push around in the leaves in search of the lube. My hand finds the poppers first. I hand them Marcus and resume my search, but Marcus isn’t having it. He turns around and takes my wrapped member in his mouth, wetting the condom. “Mmmm… cherry,” he says with a smile. Once he’s sufficiently slicked up my rod, he resumes his position, his ass pointing in the air. Again I spread his cheeks and slobber up his hole as Marcus takes a massive hit of poppers. Poised to enter, I have second thoughts. His ass is so tight, we really need that lube. I lean backwards and as I do so my hand just happens to land on the tube of lube! “Fuck, yeah,” I say. I guess the stars are aligned tonight after all.

I work a gob of lube on my dick and his hole and line up the shot. Marcus hits the poppers again. Just the sound of it makes my head spin. The tip of my dick gently probes his aching pucker. I decide to make a game of it. What I really want is for him to decide when he wants me to enter; I want him to push his hole onto my dick because he needs it bad. I continue to tease him, but everytime the head of my dick begins to open him up I take my hands off his hips. Finally he gets the message. It feels fucking meaty as he eases himself onto my dick, experiencing the spread of the lips of his ass as he works himself down my shaft. He’s about midway when I decide I just can’t take it anymore. I slam that puppy home, leaving Marcus no choice but to take yet another it of poppers. I begin pounding his ass like a beast, pulling him onto my dick. Marcus utters a staccato moan that matches my every thrust. A small breeze wafts by and I am feeling like superman. After a bit I decide to let Marcus drive, and he doesn’t lose a beat. I love it when a dude fucks back on my dick doggy-style. Unfortunately, because I have a condom on, I begin to lose sensation and while no where near being ready to cum, I am also starting to lose my hard on. I pull out of Marcus and toss the condom. Marcus whips around and takes my dick into his mouth. I lean over his back and finger his freshly fucked hole, occasionally giving that fine white ass a smack or two.

Marcus rears up and his lips find my mouth. He curls into me and I wrap my arms around him as tight as I can. The man just feels so good. And he smells good, too. Very animal. I loosen my grip and raise his arm nearest to me into the air above his head. Leaning down, I place my face firmly in the center of that pit and begin to eat at it like it is a ripe slice of melon. Ahhh, man funk! Better than poppers! I luxuriate in the moistness and manliness of his scent. I want to be consumed by it.

I lay Marcus on his back, placing both his arms above his head as I straddle his torso. I ease my ass back until his meat is pressed firmly on my hole. I tease him with it, varying the pressure, weight and cadence. Now it’s his turn to want me in a different way. I hold down his arms and work my mouth on the pit left unserviced. Marcus is making little noises and squirming just a bit, but to no avail as I am in complete control. See, that is something else I like about these pseudo-hippie chick guys; they really get into being dominated (despite the occasional protestation) and they bring out the dom in me.

I let up on his arm pits and kiss him deeply. The funk of his pits is all over my muzzle and I love forcing him to taste himself. Marcus is moving his hips up to meet my ass and I take that as a sign that he’s ready for me.

If it finding the condoms was a problem before then this time it is a total mood breaker. It is now completely dark and I only have a hint of where the condoms and lube may be. I climb off of Marcus and begin weeding my way through the leaves. I’m on all fours as my hands just happen upon the lube. One down. Marcus hands me the poppers and moves off into the darkness. He comes back with a small backpack and begins to tear through its contents in search of a rubber. Thankfully, he doesn’t come up short. He rushes back, lies down and puts the condom on. “All aboard,” he winks. Relieved, I crawl over to him and do as suggested. I lube up my ass and his dick. Taking a hit of poppers, I ease my way on to his cock. Marcus’ cock is very average, but effective none-the-less. Once I’m fully situated, I let Marcus do the driving. His thrusts are very gentle at first and he feels wonderful slowly sliding in and out of my slicked up hole. I lean over and kiss him deeply. Suddenly the still of the night surrounds us, the city vanishes and it feels as if we are in the middle of nowhere. We take our time and build the momentum. Before long I’m pumping my ass up and down, hitting it hard. Marcus moves me onto my back and forces my legs up into the air. Now he’s the one in control. Marcus holds my legs in the air, slamming my ass with great force repeatedly. The sound of flesh striking flesh echoes around us.

Suddenly, Marcus whips off the condom and shoots his load all over my stomach and dick. For an average dick, it sure holds one hell of a load. When done, panting, he leans back, still on his knees. I get up on my knees and cozy into him. Using his cum as lube I begin to jerk my dick, holding it very close to his chest. We’re kissing and he’s murmuring words of encouragement as I cum all over his chest. The smell drives Marcus into more of a frenzy. He forces me onto my back once again and lies on top of me, kissing me, humping me, mixing our juices together. We are one sweaty, dirty mess.

But then the quiet of the evening consumes us once more. Our bodies still, our breathing heavy. The heat between us and our frantic activity have kept us clueless of just how chilly the air has become. Giddy and laughing we scramble to find our clothes and dress quickly. Bits of leaves, twigs and dirt are stuck to our bodies, but neither of us is complaining. I don’t know if its part of my post poppers high or due to all that activity, but we keep giggling until we are fully clothed and seated on top of the picnic table, side by side.

We kiss and burrow into one another again. Looking up to the sky I am in awe of the night sky and how beautiful the moon appears. Part of me wants to stay here forever. But another part of me is all too aware of how cold my nose has become. I hold Marcus close to me and squeeze his body hard in an effort to make some type of lasting impression. But it’s to no avail. Reality beckons. Marcus retrieves his backpack as I search about for the items I brought with me.

I never find that errant condom.

I suppose some squirrel will find it.

Silently, we bid the moon good-night and walk down the hill.

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