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What You See Depends on The Blindfold You’re Wearing

Reality TV sucks, for the most part. And not in a good way and certainly not in the way it would if I had a hand in scripting these shows. Take the Bachelor, for instance. In my version of the Bachelor, nobody gets a rose, although they do all get their cookies.

A couple of Saturdays ago I’m in a mood for something overwhelming. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure my thoughts and ambitions far exceeded my actual appetite, but at the time, the hole wants what the hole wants and I am only too happy to play along.

I place an ad on Craigslist and also patrol my favorite hook-up sites. The ad states that I am looking for tops only and that they should enter via my back door (literally and figuratively). They will find me at the bottom of the stairs, wearing a jock strap and a blindfold, on all fours with my ass sticking up in the air. It’s a cum and go scenario. No reciprocation necessary. Use my mouth and my ass. Poppers permitted. The time period that my ass is available is set, and having attached a couple of headless body shots, I let it sail out onto the net.

Having tried this in the past with mixed results, I decide to be really brave and just put it out there. If things seem legit within three emails I give them the address and ask what time to expect them. As these things tend to go the set up takes up the bulk of the time I had set aside for this assignation (pun well-intended). By 6:00 pm, I have a bunch of guys booked for around 7:00, with two guys coming as late as 8:00; and as long as it is all over by 9:00 pm (my bedtime), I will be happy. I find that it pays to overbook this type of event. People flake, or have no intention of showing. Sometimes they are just dicking around on the net with no intention of actually doing any actual dicking. I no longer take it personally. I have been at this long enough to recognize the email addresses of those who are must-avoids and the time wasters. I also decide to be a touch more picky this time around. No pic? No reply no matter how good the stats are, figuring if they can’t read the damn ad and follow directions then they are probably either pic collectors or just fucking with me (and not in the way I desire.)

As luck would have it, there are a lot of horny tops out there this night. I give out the address to about a dozen guys, knowing that at least half of them will flake. My luck also seems to run toward those who take care of their bodies. I know this because they are all kind enough to send me some very nice body shots. Since I am going to be blindfolded I tell them they needn’t bother sending face pics, though several do anyway.

I set everything up before getting on-line or posting the ad. The floor is covered with a blanket. A fresh bottle of poppers, condoms, two kinds of lube, wet wipes, and a bunch of clean hand towels are standing by. On the television, vintage porn plays – the kind where the men don’t shave their body hair or use condoms. The room is sufficiently dim, the only light coming from the stairs, a lava lamp, and the TV and computer screens. As the time nears I start the porn with the volume turned off and put Fusion Radio Chicago on the computer to set the mood. I’ve already cleaned up, so once I have my cock ring and jock strap on, and my blindfold at the ready, I retrace my footsteps just to make sure everything is in place.

At 6:25 pm I sit on my covered floor and watch the porn. 6:30 comes and goes. Someone said they will be there about 6:45, so as that time nears; I rewind the porn, get on all fours with my ass facing the door, my poppers at the ready. This is that awful/wonderful time when my heart veers like the swinging pendulum of a clock from gleeful anticipation to thoughts of doom. Will I be fucked royally? Will I be to their liking? Will I get stood up? Getting out of position, I rewind the porn to the beginning several times, my eyes darting to the clock while taking note of the music. I’m getting that sinking feeling that no one is going to show. Near 7:00 the music on Fusion Radio Chicago stops and two magpie gay guys begin to prattle on about – well, who the fuck cares – I want music, not gay banter. They blab on for what seems an eternity, and I am about to get up and shove in a CD when the door at the top of the stairs opens! I flip down my blindfold as I flip back into position.

The guy takes off his shoes at the top of the stairs before descending. I uncork my brand new bottle of poppers and take a deep hit in both nostrils. I always love this moment… the anticipation; when they assess the situation and plan their opening move. First contact usually happens one of several ways: sometimes they touch my hole tentatively and that sensation elicits a nice moan escaping my lips, or sometimes they will guide my chin to find their dick. This one is very quiet. He chooses a frontal approach. I find his dick without any help. I take the head in my mouth and hold it there, running my tongue over and around it. It’s somewhat thin, but very adequate. As I work my way to the base of his dick I determine that he is about seven inches in length. All in all, a very nice size for my mouth, and with width not being an issue, I am able to swallow him whole without much effort. After feeling him relax, I let my hands explore in order to get the lay of the land (so to speak).

Bachelor #1 – He has a small waist and a wide chest covered with some nice fur. He’s toned; in-shape, yet not worked out. No body fat. Young; maybe youngest of the bunch. I am also under the impression that he is short or at least six inches shorter than I am (this is difficult to gauge with the blindfold on and being on all fours). Turns out he’s a great, great kisser. In fact, he earns the honorary title of Guardian Angel. He is the first to arrive, and throughout the entire fuck fest, he always seems to have my back. For the first hour he either sits in front of me, kissing me or letting me suck his dick. Later, he just sits off to the side when someone else steps in front to use my mouth. He never seems that interested in fucking me, but after the first hour passes, I find my way over to him. He’s in a sitting position. I suck his dick – he’s been hard the entire night – and then work my mouth up to his lips. We kiss deeply, and as he’s kissing me I get up off my knees and straddle him. By this time in the evening I have no problem gliding his dick into my slick hole. I slide down and bounce up and down on it. We kiss the entire time, until he shoots his load. Rather tender, considering the sordid scene. Then I climb off of him and he departs. Although he’s the first to arrive he is the third to leave.

Bachelor #2 – Arrives about fifteen minutes after Bachelor #1. This one is a live wire. He’s tall, with a full head of curly hair. He has just a bit of fur on him, nearly hairless and overall he’s nicely shaped, nicely built. I’m thinking mid-thirties. He’s very flexible, highly sexual and the most verbal of the bunch. Once he arrives, he touches my hole sending waves of pleasure through me. Even with Bachelor #1’s dick in my mouth, I can’t help but moan and Bachelor #2 seems to like that. He strips and moves to my front. Bachelor #1 plays with my nips as I’m introduced to Bachelor #2’s cock. It’s a very, very nice one. Thick, cut, and about 8.5”, it curves upward topped with a delicious knob and the dude seems to be permanently hard. A nice pair of balls hangs underneath and I tease him early in the game, taking his nut sack in my mouth, giving them a nice stretch. He’s game. In fact, I think he’s pretty much game for everything and everyone. He’s the first to enter my ass, opening it up really nice. He gets me sloppy wet and begging for more, verbally encouraging me the whole time. As others arrive he takes on the role of director, making suggestions in order to keep the scene active and interesting. Much later, (at least a half hour after he arrives) he ends up shooting his load while fucking me. During the interim he’s very busy keeping everyone, including me entertained. When he’s not fucking my ass or mouth, he’s sucking on the other dudes’ or taking it up the ass. Dude is all over the place. He’s into poppers; very much looking after me in that department, helping me keep track of where they are and holding them under my nose as other dudes take turns using my hole. He’s also an excellent kisser. At one point, around 8:00 pm, I estimate, it ends up being just him and me. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he throws me on my back and uses me like a total slut, pounding my ass every which way right up until Bachelor #5 arrives. I loved this dude’s dick. It is made for my ass. He ends up coming a second time that night, but not for me.

Bachelor #3: Gets there maybe ten minutes after Bachelor #2 – who is banging me doggy style as #3 arrives. Bachelor #3 turns out to be taller and skinnier than #2. Totally hairless. He also has the biggest cock of the night – fucking wide motherfucker, at least 9.5 long with a pair of low hangers to grab onto. When he arrives, he has a prince albert in the head of his dick. I suck his dick with it on, but #2 is not having it and makes him take it out. This is probably more due to the fact that #2 ends up getting it on big time with #3 every chance he gets than any concern #2 has for my well being. With some encouragement from #2, #3 wastes no time, using my mouth and then taking over my hole. Later he and #2 get busy, but I’m the one that gets Bachelor #3’s load. He returns to fuck me deep and hard. He’s the first guy to lose his load up my ass and he’s quite verbal about. That seems to trip Bachelor #2’s trigger. All hot and bothered, he dives in as soon as #3 pulls out and fucks my ass until he unleashes his load. The entire time this is going on Bachelor #1 is sitting in front of me, feeding me poppers, deep kissing me and letting me suck his dick. Bachelor #3 stays a total of about a half hour. He never kisses me, so his body and his dick are all I have to go on. All in all, not something I would ever turn down for a second time around.

Bachelor #4: This is a bit of a let down. I didn’t like the way he smells – not fresh, stale cigarettes. He’s also not in as good of shape as the others. He has a big set of balls, and an okay dick, but he can’t get hard. Even though he’s there in the thick of it, with a lot of action going down, he ends up being pretty much a non-presence. However, once Bachelor #3 and then Bachelor #2 shoot their jizz, he gets inspired enough to force his semi-hard dick into my ass and fuck me until he cums (which is like moments later). He’s actually the first to leave, which is fine with me. The other three stick around and fool around. After Bachelor #4 leaves, that’s when I make my move on Bachelor #1, climbing onto his dick and working the cum out of his ball sack with my ass. As this is happening, Bachelor #3 hits the road.

Bachelor #5: This guy sent me full body and face pics. He’s answered my ads in the past, received my pics and then never bothered to email back. This time he does, and sets up a time for 8:00. I’m pretty sure he arrives at least 20 minutes after he’s supposed to. He walks in on Bachelor #2 power fucking me with my legs in the air. Bachelor #5 is a good looking guy, with a very nice body. He’s tall, worked-out, and handsome with a great head of hair. He has the best legs of the evening. His dick? Eh. Truly less than average. Bachelor #5 actually coaxes a second load out of Bachelor #2 by giving him head, while I am sucking on #5's dick. I think. I think this based on the sounds I hear. As those two play, I feel kind of out of the program. Once Bachelor #2 shoots a second time, he packs it up and is out of there. That leaves just me and Bachelor #5, who I guess figures he has to fuck me because that’s what the ad said. His performance seems perfunctory, too say the least. But you know what? There is no chemistry. I am just not feeling it. He makes a lame ass attempt to fuck me on my back, but his dick has trouble staying in my hole and eventually goes so soft, that I just reach through and yank the condom off his cock. He then sits back as I get between his legs to try and breathe some life into the little fucker. He finally cums, or at least what passes for cumming in his world. Once he leaves, I am so relieved.

And tired.

And used up.

As the door closes at the top of the stairs I remove my blindfold. Regret seeping in, I try to restore order. I pick up the used wet wipes, condoms and wrappers and flush them. I take the hand towels, my jock and blindfold and throw them in the washing machine. The TV screen, which went blue when the movie ended midway through the evening, goes dark with the click of a remote. I kill the music and check my email. Two guys send regrets. Four others want to know if I’m still available. I remove the ad from Craigslist and shut my computer down for the night.

I shove on a pair of sweat pants, a tee and some sneaks, so I can go out, lock the gate and secure the front door.

When did I come? I’m not sure, but I think it was just before Bachelor #2 took off. In retrospect, my climax seems rather anti-climatic. Back in the house, I drag my well-fucked ass into the shower and let the hot spray drown my heavy head.

This is what I wanted, I remind myself. This was a goal of mine, a fantasy to be realized. I sleep pretty well that night.

Days go by. Initially I believed there were six guys involved, but after replaying the evening, I decide there could only have been five. How could I have lost track? But then I figure when you have dicks being shoved in you from both ends it’s easy to get distracted and lose track of your surroundings. I fight the remorse and the bit of depression that settles about me like folded wings.

Bachelor #5 emails me, thanks me for the evening and asks me if I would be willing to send him Bachelor #2’s email address. Alternating between being totally offended and feeling that by granting the request, I will be risking the confidentiality of Bachelor #2, I decide not to respond, In the end, I choose to ignore the request and thus spare Bachelor #2 any of Bachelor #5’s poor quality fucking.

I go through my emails on the various sites and try to piece the evening together. Turns out, even if I wanted to oblige Bachelor #5’s request, I couldn’t, because I can’t be 100% sure which email belongs to #2. Finally, I just decide to believe that there were only five guys and delete all the emails from that evening; those that came, those that wanted to, and those that didn’t.

So, the reality of it all… what do I think? I end up filing this one under experience. Up to a point, I had a lot of fun; it was everything I wanted. But by the time #4 showed up, it was starting to play stale. In the end, I missed the intimacy experienced one on one and the visuals enjoyed minus the blindfold. Playing with some of these guys one on one, especially Bachelors #1 and #2, definitely appeals to me, but I don’t think it’s in the cards.

Will I try to repeat the experience? Oh, probably. But next time I am going to make sure I don’t jerk off the night before, maybe holding off for a whole week. If I’m extra horny, it will help to enhance the experience. Also I will get a ton of rest in the days beforehand so that I am in peak form. I seem to be searching for that perfect “ahhh”; that one sexual experience that will render even the mere thought of all future escapades nothing more than an exercise in futility.

Frankly, I’m not sure that group action is where it’s at for me.

Well, maybe – but without the blindfold…

We’ll see. Or maybe we won’t.

Depends on whether or not I’m wearing a blindfold.

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BlkJack said...

It would be fun for me to set something like this up if we ever connect in person. I would be your guardian and of course your last fuck of the night. I love kissing so maybe we coild have a lot of fun with this...we'll see.