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Bumping My Head Against the Latex Ceiling – Part III: Sometimes Life Shouldn’t Have a Third Act

Tentatively, I place two fingers on the bottom rim of the glory hole. I’m pretty sure I know what to do. Whether I get a response? That remains to be seen. Not that I have to wait for long. The dude bends down and peers through the hole and it’s easy to understand why; there are a lot of really questionable trolls lolling about and I bet he’s been hit on by quite a few during his brief residence inside this box. Dutifully, I open my mouth and press my lips through the hole. He must like what he sees because I am soon rewarded with a nice, semi-hard cock. It slides easily between my lips and I engulf as much as the limits of the glory hole allows.

Happily, I work my magic with my mouth, getting off on the fact that I’m kneeling like a common whore outside a glory hole, sucking a dick belonging to someone I have never set eyes on. The size of the hole strikes me as less than adequate for the task at hand. Not that the dude’s dick is too big; it’s not, maybe 7.5 inches max, but I don’t like the way the edge of the plywood hole cuts into my face as I’m diving for dick. This situation only slightly improves when I decide to hold still and allow him to fuck my face. We switch off, back and forth for another ten minutes, before his dick disappears and he bends down to tell me, “That is some world class cocksucking you’re doing.” My face breaks into a grin. I take the compliment and reward his cock with an even more enthusiastic performance once it reappears through the hole. I keep fighting the need to pause and take a look around to see who might be watching me. But really? Who cares? If someone I know is here, then what the fuck do they expect? This is hardly a Boy Scout convention (of course, I’ve heard there is even MORE cocksucking at those events… but I digress).

After another ten minute stretch during which the dick disappears several times, no doubt to prevent him from unloading in my mouth, he steps out from the booth and stands against the back wall. I get up from where I am crouched, my knees grateful for the change in posture, and walk over to him. It’s the thin dude who I had sucked on before – the one who begged for a break. I decide to push the boundaries a bit and move in for a kiss. Fortunately, my lips are greeted in a most welcome manner and I melt a little inside as I realize that the dude cannot only hold onto his load for a long time and appreciates a good cocksucker, but he also knows how to kiss. Quickly, we move into Gay Vulcan Mind-Meld mode, as our bodies press up against one another and our hands madly wander. He has no ass… none – it is seriously flat and his hole is just right out there for the touching. Our kiss remains intense for what seems an eternity. Some troll tries to reach between us and grab our dicks, but neither of us is interested in sharing what we’re currently enjoying.

My mouth eventually finds his chest and then swiftly moves to reclaim that which it has come to know so well - that sweet dick of his. I work that fucker like a man possessed. At least 15 minutes pass. He pushes my mouth off his dick a number of times which only makes me hunger more for that big pay-off. I stand again and we resume kissing. I don’t know how long this goes on, but the ending turns out not be the one I’m hoping for. After working on his dick for over a half hour, I finally tell him I need to go get a drink of water. I am feeling a bit spent. Totally unsatisfied, I walk away nonetheless. If I’m lucky, he’ll be there when I get back. If not, oh, well, so be it.

I head over to my duffel bag, gargle and drink some water. Cleaning my face with a wipe, my skin stings a bit from where the plywood scraped against the sides of my mouth. Still, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. Wandering into the sling room, I find my two buds from the Prairie standing in a semicircle with two other dudes, facing a couch. I walk up and tag onto the end of their group, but immediately get the sense that they aren’t looking for someone to join their conversation. In fact, once they resume talking, they all turn into one another a bit more, successfully freezing me out. Feeling the burn of embarrassment rush over my face, I take the hint and move back in line with the other zombies making the rounds. On my next swing through I see that the couch is now fully occupied by the four of them in various states of physical entanglement. Not feeling the slightest desire to be a part of it, I keep walking.

Deciding to find the dude I just left and finish him off, I head toward the darkest corner in the first room and make my way along the back wall. However, I never make it past the first corner. Brushing up against some bald dude with a goatee, I get snagged in another connection. He’s slightly shorter than I am, and his body is nicely worked out. He has a quick, handsome smile and I find myself sucked into his gravitational pull. Swiftly, we move into a hot and tasty Gay Vulcan Mind-Meld. His kisses are passionate and deep. His dick is about 7 inches and on the thin side, but sweet – especially when considering the rest of the package. My hands roam and discover that there is not an ounce of body fat on the dude. He is standing with his back against the wall and after spending a fair amount of time kissing, it is pretty clear that his right hand is very interested in my ass. I oblige by hiking up my left knee, pressing it against the wall beside his right shoulder so he can have all the access he likes. This also makes my butt cheeks tense which, what with gravity having taken its toll, I figure should show off my ass at its carefully-posed best. He toys with my hole for awhile before shoving me into the corner, where he steps behind me, spreading my cheeks and diving in with his tongue.

Dude is a very committed rimmer and I am only too happy to push my hole back onto his eager mouth. Tonguing me expertly, there is no questioning that this dude knows what he wants. Pretty sure of what is to come next, I’m grateful that I have my little baggie of condoms, lube, poppers and wet wipe at the ready. Tearing into it, I make an attempt to free my poppers. Sure enough, after eating my hole for about three minutes, he stands up and whispers into my ear, “And now I need to fuck you.” Reflexively, my left knee again rises and presses against the wall. I pull out a condom and attempt to hand it to him as his fingers work his spittle into my hole and then…

And then…?

I turn around. Something is wrong. Just as the dude is about to walk away, I ask him what’s the matter. He says, “I just got something I didn’t want”, and walks off. I follow. What is he talking about? I have no idea what he’s talking about. He heads upstairs to the bathroom and I’m hot on his heels, only he doesn’t realize it. As I’m walking mere steps behind him, someone on the first floor says to him, “Back so soon?” And he replies, “Yeah, well I just got a handful of something I didn’t want.” They laugh and I am mortified.

What the hell? I think it was just excess lube. I kept lubing up my hole through out the night, just in case, but then I realize that there may have been a load of something up my ass that I’d failed to unload. Only maybe I just did; into that dude’s hand! I am feeling like a total shithead. And then it dawns on me, hey… that could be the case, too. Did I just plant a doody in that dudes hand? Fuck! Oh, the horrors of anal sex.

I never do get an answer. After hitting the john, I return to the zombie circuit. Twenty minutes later I run into the same dude. He’s leaning against the back wall in the first room, behind the glory holes. I slobber on his dick some and then move up for a kiss. He returns my volley, but we both know the moment has passed and our memory of one another is too tainted to attempt rekindling whatever fire once existed between us. He turns his head away and, quietly, I move on.

I make the rounds a few more times before I start thinking it might be time to head home. I know it’s getting late and this whole scene is starting to feel played out. Still… I haven’t shot my load yet, so I am hesitant to call it a night. Surely I can find someone here to make cookies with. The sling room no longer holds any allure for me and the middle room, where I’ve been storing my duffel bag, has yet to become a place where much action takes place, probably due to the brightness factor. The idea of parking my ass on that sofa and watching porn until someone comes to sit and hit on me has its appeal, but I tried that earlier in the evening and the only dude that hit on me is this guy from the internet that I played with once a long time ago. The chemistry was not right the first time we played and it still isn’t, so I passed.

That’s when I notice what has to be the oldest gentleman in the building. He’s bald and completely hairless. His skin is loose and gives off the impression of being opaque or some odd flesh color not found in nature. It’s like watching a sculpture levitate, hovering through each room as if pulled on a very slow track. His head is stationary, never turning side to side. His eyes always appear to be fixated on whatever is directly in front of him. An odd apparition, I pause long enough to consider whether or not I’m seeing my future self. Will I one day be that naked, shrunken, melted mass of aged flesh haunting the basement of some sexual den of iniquity? There, for the grace of… go I? Aye, yi, yi, yi, yi!

I’m walking toward the darkest corner in the first room when I feel someone grab me by the elbow. I turn. It’s no one I know; a very short, stout young Hispanic guy in a g-string. He’s cute enough, with a full head of hair and a nice smile. He wants to know if I want to get fucked. Do I? I have become so nonchalant about this whole scene that I simply smile, shrug my shoulders, grab his package and lead him to the back wall.

I get on my knees and push aside the pouch of his g-string to reveal one very tiny dick. It’s cute, but it is tiny. Since I’m already in place, I figure I might as well follow-thru with it. I mean, it’s not like there are tons of guys banging on my back door. So I take his little member into my mouth and try to breathe some life into it. Soon we are joined by another dude. He’s about my height, big ears, a goofy smile, and a nice, thick 7.5 inch cut dick. His Poindexter glasses seem perfectly at home on his mug, completing the look of a picture perfect nerd. Body-wise he could do with a trip or two to the gym, but other than being incredibly pale, there’s not much to complain about.

Without missing a beat I move back and forth between the two dicks, giving them both equal quality time. The Hispanic dude is reaching over, playing with my hole, so I assume he still wants to fuck my ass. Handing him a condom, I continue deepthroating the nerd. Once the condom is in place, word comes down from above that we need lube. I offer up what I have, going so far as to break open the tiny plastic vial when the Hispanic dude struggles with it. Rising up in order to offer up my ass for what will surely be one of my strangest fucks ever, I don’t even get completely turned around before the nerd man steps in between the Hispanic dude and myself , and plants his ass on the guy’s dick!

I’ve been poached. By a fucking Poindexter. Could this night get any stranger?

Surrendering to the powers that be, I shuffle off and head over to my duffel bag. As I gargle, I’m still a little stunned by what just happened. Choosing to be totally honest with myself, I had to ask – did I really care? No. It’s not like I was going to be missing out on the fuck of my life. That said, about fifteen minutes later the little Hispanic dude bumps into me and asks me if he can still fuck me. Seems he hasn’t lost his load yet and while I feel his pain, I turn him down; the moment has passed and his dick was in somebody else’s ass when it did.

I go and stand against the back wall, knowing full well that I should be heading home. The place is clearing out and what’s left is not all that tempting. While contemplating my options (a late-night trip to a McDonald’s drive-thru sounds appealing), my eyes and ears catch sight of a thin, white dude with a short beard and sexy 1970’s style hair. He has fur down the center of his chest and his legs are nicely covered as well – dark brown – one of my many favorites. He’s laid back in a chair with his legs spread eagle, playing with his dick while watching porn on an overhead screen. An older, ugly ducking waddles up and offers the dude some lip service, but the guy shakes his head and keeps his eyes on the screen.

Having nothing else to do, I stand and watch. He’s very cute and I’m thinking that if the ugly ducking had no chance then I probably don’t stand much of one either. Could be that he’s not into playing with anyone but himself. Maybe he just wants to be left alone. So, I stand there and stare, not sure that he can make out who or what I am as I maintain vigilance in the relative safety of my darkened corner. Weighing my options, I decide, what the fuck - go for it. If he says “no” then it’s just that much sooner that I’m on my way home.

Slowly, I walk up to him and stand next to the side of his chair. He’s at least ten years younger than me and the type that normally doesn’t give me the time of day, but then it’s nighttime, so, who knows? Based on the fact that he’s not yet expressed any opposition to my physical presence and is now, in fact, taking my dick into his pretty mouth, I guess my luck has indeed changed. He sucks me hard within minutes. Not wanting to blow my load too soon, I pull my dick out of his mouth and feed him my balls. He works each one as I slap my cock all over his cute little face. His hands are busy with his own dick, and he doesn’t protest at all as I shove my dick down his throat again. I fuck his face for a bit, holding the back of his head with one hand, until I feel the possibility of my own load. Once again, I pull out of his mouth and smack his face with my dick.

Having noticed that he’s been working his own dick with both hands without much success, I decide to see if I can bring the two of us to a mutual state of arousal. I kneel between his legs, taking his damp, limp member into my mouth. I work some magic, but I almost instantly recognize that whatever I bring to the table, it’s not enough. It could be that my magic is used up or maybe I’m simply played out, because I get no response from that cock and I know in my heart that I lack the commitment to bring that fucker to life. In fact, at this point, I have no desire to work very hard for anything whatsoever.

Deciding to cut my losses, I rise and return to the side of the chair. Almost immediately some other cocksucker moves in and takes my place. I think… “Good luck with that.” I don’t care. I just want to get off and go home. I offer up my dick to the dude in the chair, but he isn’t paying any attention to me. He’s pushed away the other dude that was trying to suck him and is now palming his own limp dick. A minute or two passes by and then I figure – fuck this. I start jerking my own dick, shooting out a nice sized load in no time. It hits the floor with a satisfying splat and I am kind of awed by the amount of ground it covers. The dude sitting in the chair finally notices me, and his eyes go big and wide as he watches me nut. Should I feel guilty about cumming all over the floor like this? Naw. Like some nastier things aren’t covering that floor already? Oh, but someone could slip on it. Eh. Risk assessment. Not my problem.

Gathering up my stuff, I head upstairs to retrieve my clothes and get dressed. Just as I’m heading out the door, I run into my two buds from the Prairie. I hug them both and bid them a good night. Something tells me they will be among the last to leave. More power to them.

On my way out, the bouncer looks at me and says, “Well, he came in with a smile and now he’s leaving with even a bigger one.” I grin, thank him and head into the night.

I’m pretty sure there’s a McDonald’s drive-thru open somewhere…

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