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Going Nude: Having the Balls to Do It and Knowing How to Handle Other's

I’d been at the Prairie for about an hour and half and very little seemed to be going on. Sure, there were a few guys around, but nothing that really captured my imagination. As the late afternoon grew to a close my little spot of paradise seemed desolate and devoid of any possibilities for human contact. In a last ditch effort, I decide to beat the bushes in order to find a means of getting off. I move down one of the familiar paths, into the main wooded section on the west end.

As soon as I enter the calm and cool of the forest, my eyes catch sight of the back of a well-defined male torso moving swiftly away from me. Is he naked? I can’t tell, but my spidey-senses are tingling big time. There’s something sexy walking the fringes of my web. Figuring that it’s probably someone who is not going to be interested in me or in having any fun, at first I dismiss the notion of pursuing him, but my inner slut has a very firm agenda in mind (pun attended) and that means exploring any and all possible male sexual contact. In short order, I find my body moving in the general direction where the potential object of my erection has just disappeared. Part of me is pretty sure that even if I do catch up with him, he won’t be interested in playing with me. Still, you never know unless you try and as I come to a three-way fork in the path, I spy, to my right, a tall, thin, dark-haired man, at least twenty years my junior. His nude, well-defined body is decorated with a series of tattoos, none of which interest me at the moment. On the other hand, his features seem dark and a tinge exotic and that excites me big time. I so rarely get to play around with this type, let alone one so young. I stand there for a moment, admiring my prey. Even though I’m about ten yards away from him there’s no mistaking the magnificence of the hard-on he’s sporting. It is rock hard, straight as an arrow and pointing toward the sky at a near-perfect 45 degree angle. I’m mesmerized.

Debating whether or not to make a move toward him, I take time to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. For it is a hunt; one for sexual fulfillment and that’s what makes all of this so damn fun. He’s like a deer caught in my scope. Such a sight is pretty rare, for me, here on the Prairie. It’s like walking upon a beautiful buck. I don’t want to spook him or inadvertently scare him off. However, my desires soon get the better of me; I make a move and, my timing off, watch helplessly as he’s off in a flash, stopping only after I halt my pursuit. He now stands on the threshold of one of the entrances to the Prairie. Before I can even contemplate my next move, he’s out there, striding off into the middle of the open field. I run to where he last stood and gape in awe as this beautiful man struts his stuff down the main pathway.

I’m frozen in place. What to do next? Follow him or… really join him? As in, get in the spirit of the event and demonstrate that I am not just some troll in pursuit of young flesh, but the sort of troll that actually has the balls to strip nude and really commune with nature.

You see, throughout the summer, I have been experimenting with nudism. I have baked in the sun shrouded by tall grass in the buff, walked the back trails of the woods sans shorts and even walked through the middle of the Prairie as dusk fell. But now? This is no where near dusk. It is in fact, brilliantly sunny. As I contemplate my choices, the nude dude pauses in the middle of the Prairie, turning just enough to offer me a picture perfect profile of his proudly erect member. That does it; off come my shorts as I, too, stride into the bright sun and open field. Catching sight of me in motion, he wastes no time making his way to the east side of the Prairie, vanishing into the relative safety of the woods.

Given that there’s no one else around and hasn’t been for quite awhile and given the slim chance that the nude dude will actually be waiting for me somewhere within the privacy of the wooded area he has just disappeared into, I take my time crossing the Prairie in spite of the fact that a cop car or stray cyclist could happen on me at any moment. I am completely exposed for all to see and care not a bit. The sun feels great on my body and it's liberating.

Following the nude dude’s exact path, I enter the shade of the woods, proud of myself for going the distance. On the off chance that mister tall-dark-and-handsome is still hanging around, I make my way back to a secluded area where there is a bit of an opening among the trees. And what to my wondering, wandering eyes should appear?

Hmmm… so there is a God, after all.

Standing in the middle of the clearing, he’s expertly working his dick. I don’t think there’s an ounce of body fat on him and even in the shade of the trees one can see that he has a deep, dark tan. His brightly colored tattoos stand in sharp contrast to the tone of his skin, but, once again, I can’t be bothered deciphering what they actually are or represent. My eyes seem only interested in that magic appendage he’s expertly working over with a smoothness that only comes from lots of practice. Soon I’m standing a mere three feet from him. Does he even notice me? I can’t be sure. Will he bolt the moment I make a move for his dick?

Weighing my options, I finally figure, what the hell? I’ll go for it. Stepping directly in front of him I grab his balls with my left hand, wrapping my index finger and thumb tightly around the top of his sack. I pull down on them just slightly, as my other hand sweeps up his mid section and over the expanse of his chest. He is thin, but not too thin. My fingers make their way to his left nipple and softly squeeze it. Our eyes finally meet. Yep, tall, dark and handsome. And young, so terribly young.

Letting loose the grip I have on the top of his ball sack, my left hand moves to just under his hanging fruit. I pat them deliberately, but ever so lightly. A slight moan of appreciation escapes the nude dude’s lips. My right hand swiftly grabs his rigid cock. In my other hand I cradle his balls, giving them a little pressure every once in awhile. As I take over his dick, his hands make their way to my equipment. We stand very close to one another, our dicks meshing at their bases. Like his body, his dick is thin, but not too thin. It’s about 7.5 inches in length and I really like the feel of his skin in my fist. I work that baby like it’s my own, enjoying the tension I’m able to create. He’s used some kind of lube – maybe baby oil – but has managed to work it into the skin of his dick long before I came on the scene. That’s part of what gives his dick a really interesting feel. I take care to work the palm of my hand over the head of his cock, pressing down lightly as I do. All my efforts seem to be having the desired effect.

“You’re going to make me cum”, he gasps.

I encourage him. “Yeah, do it, man. I want you to shoot your load all over me.”

The idea of helping this young stud spray his baby batter has me keenly focused on improving the nude dude’s pleasure; maintaining the same motion and intensity that I’ve established with my right hand, my left index finger moves back, behind his balls, to the tip of his hole. I probe against it slightly and that does the trick.

“I’m losing it. I’m gonna cum.”

And he does. The first shot flies through the air and lands right between my pecs with an awesome splash. The second shot fires off even fiercer, hitting the top of my right pec. My nipple comes alive as his juice runs down, washing over it. The next three volleys hit my stomach with a satisfying splat. The remaining three manage to coat the head and shaft of his own dick. It’s an awesome sight and working his cum into his dick makes his skin feel all the richer. I don’t want to let go of his cock and it remains hard even though it’s completely spent.

“Careful with the head. I’m really sensitive,” he cautions.

With my left hand, I wipe his cum from my chest and grab my own equipment. Fuck, I want to shoot. Using it as lube I work my load up, spurting it all over the dark, damp ground. It looks like tiny pools of mother of pearl as it catches the light of the forest floor.

“I have to go,” the nude dude announces. And he’s off, his shorts still in hand, his dick still hard. I watch as he walks out of the woods and across the Prairie – his fuck stick out there for all the world to see. Feeling a bit more humble, I put my shorts back on and follow him to the center of the Prairie where I stored my gear earlier in the day.

Wow, that was short, sweet and highly unique; I think to myself as I watch mister tall-dark-and-handsome recede into the wood’s foliage.

Ah, yes… every once and a while God throws you a curve ball or two.

I guess it’s all in how you cup ‘em.

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