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I Wanna Sauna! – Part II: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

This is part two of a three part series.
A few minutes later Mr. Mustache circles back. He stands, hip leaning against the outside corner of my favorite little room and looks at me. He looks like a 1970’s porn star gone a little to seed. Tall with a full head of hair badly in need of a trim, his body is covered in black fur and hasn’t seen the inside of a gym in ages. There is a ring of fat surrounding his bellybutton. Slyly, he loosens his towel to reveal his dick which would be lost in a sea of overgrown pubes if it weren’t so…. big. With a quick smile, he covers himself and heads toward the other hallway, where he looks back at me before disappearing into the room opposite the one occupied by Pony Boy and friend.

What can I say? I’m a sucker (pun intended) for a big dicked man. I slip into the room and discover Mr. Mustache lying on one of the beds, his towel open, dick in hand. Without hesitating, I crouch down in front of him and take his cock in my mouth. It’s nice: cut, big head, nice thickness and at least 8.5”. My hands roam over his hairy body. In a reclining position gravity cures many an ill and in this case, Mr. Mustache is looking substantially less paunchy, although he still has that 1970’s porn-star-who-has-seen-better-days thing going on. The room is dark and that, in this case, is probably a good thing. Mr. Mustache hauls his furry body back further toward the head of the bed, making enough room for me to lie on my hip at the bottom.

I’m making good progress toward my goal of complete sperminization when another figure wanders into the room. You see, I’d made a tactical error when I came in – I forgot to close the door. The figure is soon crouched at the end of the bed, playing with my cock and that is when I realize it’s the white-haired man who was stalking Mr. Mustache moments ago. Well, that kills it for me – I’m out of there. I disentangle myself and storm off to the relative safety of the actual sauna. Mr. Mustache will either have to come after me or do without.

After cleansing my pores, I shower and return to the TV Room for another go. Mr. Mustache is no longer in the room with two beds and the door to the room occupied by Pony Boy and friend remains closed. I walk past the futon and turn the corner where my eye lands on a prone, naked figure on the bed in the smallest room. A voice beckons me, so I poke my head in. It’s a very pale, older gentleman, and all too late, I realize it’s the white-haired man who was stalking Mr. Mustache. By too late, I mean that by the time I recognize him I’m lying next to him. He’s not that repulsive, but after five minutes of stingy-lipped kisses (on his part) and no reaction down there where it counts (on both our parts), I get up and leave, heading once again to the sauna for a pore cleanse.

As I’m entering the sauna, exiting is a tall, good-looking man with a cleft chin and a full head of light auburn hair. His body, which is in good shape, is covered in similarly colored fur. As he’s wrapped in a towel, I don’t get a sense of what he might be packing. In the sauna there are a couple of business types, very similar to the man that just exited, but not as enticing. They have that receding hairline thing going and the mid-level manager paunch. Every time I lay eyes on them in the future, I keep thinking that I could do them, but there’s something in me that doesn’t want to do them. As they cruise me repeatedly a bit later, my apparent lack of appreciation remains confusing to all three of us. At that moment, however, I decide to not waste any time, and pursue Mr. Cleft Chin immediately.

I leave the sauna, shower, and begin my hunt. In no time at all we pass one another in the narrow hall just outside the TV Room. He’s still wrapped in his towel, but I can tell by the bow of his head, his averted eyes and mild blush that he’s interested in me. I go to the futon, sit down, and wait. I play with my dick to prime it a bit – keeping in mind the adage – if you build it, they will cum. Fortunately, my cock is standing at full-attention in no time. Unfortunately, coming around the corner at that very moment is the white-haired coot. I drape my towel strategically over my lap as quickly as possible, but not before The Coot has spied my prick and given me a wicked smile. I look away, hoping that he will go away. After a few awkward moments The Coot moves on, leering at me over his shoulder as he goes. Fortunately he’s going away. Unfortunately he walks right into Mr. Cleft Chin who is turning the corner at the same time. They bounce off one another awkwardly. Mr. Cleft Chin is very polite. The Coot is smitten, and blocks Mr. Cleft Chin’s way. Cleft dodges Coot and makes his way hastily past the futon (and me), disappearing down the opposite hall. The Coot watches and is about to pursue when he catches my eye and thinks better of crossing in front of me.

The Coot exit around the opposite corner and I immediately get up and decide to chase after Cleft, but I barely turn the corner when who should I see walking toward me? Cleft! I plant my hip on the corner of those walls, thinking he will take the hint and go in the little room to my left. Instead, making eye contact the entire time, he walks past me and down the hall toward the room occupied by Pony Boy and turns the corner. Nonplussed, I follow, figuring, if nothing else, at least I will find out where I stand with him.

I round the corner and spy Cleft lying on the bed formerly occupied by Mr. Mustache. Wasting no time, I enter, close the door and lay my naked body next to his. That towel around his waist opens up and we are soon deep kissing, allowing our hands to roam freely over each other’s bodies. Cleft is very handsome, and very sweet. It’s one of those situations where I don’t know what the dude sees in me, but hey, if all they want is a hard dick, I can supply the love. My mind always works overtime whenever kisses are accompanied by a spark of immediate intimacy and that is precisely what’s being achieved the longer we lay there. He rolls on top of me; I roll on top of him. We’re squeezing and grasping and gasping for breath. My balls ache deliciously as they press into his body and our lips leave contact of one another only so I can deep throat his very pleasant dick.

Suddenly the door opens and someone walks in. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness of the room with the door closed, so all I can make out is the outline of a figure. It doesn’t look too bad, but it’s hard to tell. I look over at Cleft for a reaction and get none, as his eyes are transfixed on the man in the door. The man then closes the door, and my eyes have to readjust all over again. I am waiting for some type of signal from Cleft as to what he would like to do. The stranger is now sitting at the bottom of the bed and is playing with both of our dicks. Gradually, peering into the darkness, I make out a mustache and a shock of white hair. The dude is older than Cleft and I by at least ten years. He then takes my dick into his mouth and begins to suck. I look over at Cleft and again receive no indication whether this is cool or not. Is this his partner? It must be his partner. Was this some kind of set up where Cleft is the bait?

Next thing I know, Cleft is getting up and hastily exiting the room. I follow suit. Thinking he and I will meet up again, I make my way to the futon and wait. And wait. Those business dudes that I saw in the sauna walk around and cruise me, but, having had a taste of Cleft, I’m holding out for Cleft. But there is no Cleft. I decide to head to the sauna again; thinking maybe that’s where he is. I enter the sauna and look around. There’s a couple of balding, older dudes with round middles and patches of untrimmed fur. I sit and get my bearings. I take the heat of the sauna for as long as I can and then hit the showers. Then I return and run the circuit of rooms. No Cleft. Maybe he left. Dejectedly, I plop my ass down on the futon and contemplate buying a soda. A few guys walk by, one of them, a round-faced, goateed baldy with a nice fleshy, furry bear middle makes his interest known, but I’d rather have the soda. I go my locker, get some quarters and return to plug the machine. I get a Coke, thinking maybe the caffeine and sugar will do me some good.

The Coke feels good going down my throat, a throat that has not sucked nearly enough cock today. I contemplate paging through an old, worn copy of Lavender magazine sitting on a table nearby, when Cleft appears to my right. He cocks his towel-covered hip on the corner of the smallest room and cocks his head to indicate that he would like me to join him inside. Once inside, we lay on the small bed, cradling each other’s faces while kissing. In between kisses I tell him I thought the older guy was his partner and he laughs. We spend the next hour kissing, fondling and rubbing on each other. I suck him, he sucks me. I can tell by his lack of technique that he is something of a novice when it comes to sucking dick, but I’m so smitten with him and flattered by his attention I don’t mind. We’re interrupted by other dudes twice, and each time a simultaneous and distinct “No!” hisses from our mouths. We both make plays like we’re the top, but that is where it ends. Picking up on a vibe that butt sex is not on the menu, we both settle into mutual J.O. mode, deep kissing and getting each other off at the same time. Both loads end up on his stomach and I take joy in messing around in it, rubbing the cum into his skin.

As we make small talk I sense that he is a very discrete man. Deciding to respect that, I remain in the room when he leaves to go shower. We don’t see each other again, and I assume that after showering he immediately left. I hang around for another hour, but the memory of the intense intimacy I just experienced makes contemplating getting it on with anyone else out of the question. After hitting the sauna a few more times, making the rounds and checking out the new arrivals, I decide to shower and get some dinner. I woke up that morning assuming I would, at some point, get fucked senseless. That sure did not happen, but then I still have tomorrow.

I dropped off my towels and key at the front desk and make my way down the hill toward downtown’s main street. The gathering dusk and fog helps sustain my mood as it envelops me. So, I didn’t get fucked. Not really. But still… it was kind of a successful day. Wasn’t it? Well, maybe tomorrow.

The next day is Sunday. I wake early, have breakfast and decide to skip trying to hook up on line altogether. My friend didn’t have to be at the convention center until nine or so, so we hang out together for a bit. Later, after dropping him off, I decide to head right downtown and take advantage of the free wi-fi at Jitters, a little coffee house not far from Family Sauna. I spend two hours nursing a skim milk latte while chatting with several of the locals. Whenever I mention that I plan on going to Family Sauna once it opens the reaction is always quite negative. “Careful not to catch anything.” “There are so many old trolls there.” “That place is a dump.” I couldn’t disagree with them, for they were quite right on all accounts, but I remain undeterred. There are a couple of invitations to come to their place and play, but that would mean changing my plans, and since I’m due at the convention center to breakdown and load at 5:00 pm, I don’t want to chance wasting time on another one-on-one situation that turns out less than stellar. I will take my chances at Family Sauna.

I arrive shortly after they open, check-in, and make my way to my locker. I immediately go to the bathroom and douche my ass, prepping it for what I hope is to come (pun unintended). I scope out the various rooms and don’t find anyone of interest. There are eight lockers with locks on them, but I only lay eyes on half that many men. Hitting the Sauna, I sit alone and allow the intense heat to move through me. After taking as much of it as I can, I shower. As I’m showering I catch sight of someone of interest; a studly looking dude about my age sporting a big dark mustache and a camouflage hunting cap. His compact, rugged body is covered in a nice pelt of dark brown fur with a towel wrapped securely around his waist. First he heads into the video room and then returns to the locker area. I finish up my shower, toweling off quickly and lock onto his scent. The Hunter is now the hunted!

But no dice. I check all the rooms twice and then sink dejectedly onto the futon. Maybe he’s onto me and is purposely avoiding me. Maybe he’s not into me and found someone else. Well, I shrug, it’s early, let’s see what the day has to offer. I spend my time playing with my cock ring and displaying my condoms (one for regular-sized guys and one for big boys) and my bottle of Rush. I’m really hoping that today I will get an opportunity to use those poppers. Yesterday, the timing and the situations at hand never seemed appropriate for popper use. Hopefully today some macho fucker will come along and take my ass on a ride it will never forget. Maybe a certain hunter will realize that there’s a quality piece of ass wasting away, sitting on this futon.

I am just about to head back to the sauna when The Hunter appears around the corner near the small room. In spite of all the adjusting I’d been doing, my dick is only half hard. I do nothing to cover it up, and I know he is eyeing it as he passes by. On a hunch that he will be back, I immediately begin stroking my dick, hoping to have it up to full mast by the time he circles back. Mission accomplished, and apparently the sight of my hard prick is enough to prevent him from passing me by a second time. Just at that moment, a really old dude with white hair comes around the opposite corner. It’s not the same dude from the previous day, but very similar. This one is probably five years younger than that other one and his body is in really great shape, especially his pecs. The one thing that strikes me immediately is that he’s very short. He walks right over and plops himself down beside me on the futon. I respond by grabbing my stuff and springing upright. The Hunter gets a bit flummoxed and heads off toward the TV Room. Thinking quickly, I decide to head down the opposite hall to see if I can head him off at the pass. My tactical maneuver pays off, as I’m able to catch his eye in the opposite hallway before he heads into the locker area. He turns right around and follows me back to the small bedroom near the futon.

Once inside, we turn to each other. His hands go immediately to my dick and he begins working it back and forth. I push aside his towel and it falls to the floor. Reaching for his cock, I move in for a kiss and am met with… total inexperience. My mind racing, I try to reconfigure who it is that I have just lured into my little fuck nest. After a few more attempts at kissing, each getting a bit better, I crouched down in front of him and take his dick in my mouth. It’s on the small side, obscured by a sea of dark, untrimmed pubes. My hands grab the globes of his chunky little ass and pull him towards me. His dick is just starting to get hard when he pulls me to my feet. “I don’t… I don’t have… haven’t done this much before.” I looked at him incongruously, thinking “Dude… where have you been all these years?” I suggest that we lay down on the bed, but that’s not his cup of tea. “I’m nervous” he says. No shit. Not helping the situation? The three dudes that stick their heads in the door one by one to see if they can join us.

What is it about this place and people not respecting a closed door?

End Part II
Next Week: Part III

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