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Vacation...Time to Go-Go

A week without you
Thought I'd forget
Two weeks without you and I
Still haven't gotten over you yet

Vacation - All I ever wanted
Vacation - Had to get away
Vacation - Meant to be spent alone

- Vacation – The Go Go’s

Yep, going on vacation. For a week. Looking forward to it, too. Not sure all that I will be doing, but it will have a lot to do with taking hikes and playing tourist. And staying off the internet.

I have made good on some of my promises. Managed to stay off all the hook-up sites I used to visit religiously. Managed to not get fucked for three weeks now. Have fooled around a bit, but kept it very light, mostly JO, body contact and kissing.

Seems whenever I go to the prairie and there are dudes about I get hit on. I purposely set my blanket out in the open, thinking those that are looking for a little something-something will stick to the woods on the perimeter. But those that know me, and there are a bunch, don’t hesitate to walk out to the middle to say hello. Sometimes that’s as far as it goes (with small talk, too – “how you doing”, “how was your winter”, etc.), but sometimes they lay down next to me, or crouch in front of me and show off their hard-ons. What can I say – I’m a sucker for a guy who can get it up. Sometimes I can just smile and play dumb. But other times, it’s just too much temptation.

I do like kissing. Making out rocks. JO is cool, too. Feeling a little bit guilty about putting their cocks in my mouth, though. That happened three times in three weeks.

Nice thing about my vacation? No internet access and little opportunity to get into any trouble at all. Not going to any gay hot spots or cruising area. So this could be a sex-free affair, unlike my last few trips - as previously blogged about on here:,,

I’m taking my pups with me, too. They ride real well in the car and this week-long trip is nothing if not an extended road trip.

I’ve made a lot of progress on that writing project I’ve been working on. Have been very disciplined about it. It’s been a real good focus.

Nothing else going on, really. Have been enjoying Zumba and my work outs. Have been trying to get outside as the weather permits.

Not sure if I will be writing anything next week. May just take a break. Depends if I get bored or not. Hope not.

Enjoy yourselves. And remember…

Be good to yourselves. Be better to others.

- Ciao for Now

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