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Oh, My! - Eau Claire, and Maddingly Madison

Went to Madison last weekend.  It was a good time.  Very pretty city.  I love downtown, with the capitol building at its center.  At night that place lights up that world. 

On the way there I dropped in on a friend in Eau Claire.  We had hooked up once before.  He is a real sweet dude; younger than me by at least ten years, shorter than me by at least  a foot, carrying a few extra pounds – but also carrying one serious-ass dick between his legs.  It has an odd curve to it, but he sure knows how to take maximum advantage of that unique feature; hitting spots that I didn’t even know I had.  He’s a talented fucker.  Very skilled and very… determined.  We went at it for like an hour straight. If his dick was straight it would probably top out at 9 inches – but it is its thickness that manages to make the biggest impression. 

In chatting each other up before this trip, he kept hinting that he would like to try something kinky.  Hey, I am game, I told him – just name your pleasure.  He wouldn’t.  Finally I suggested watersports.  I’d been watching a couple of choice piss vids online in the days before my trip and thought it looked like fun.  It was agreed that we would take turns pissing on each other and then fuck. 

The whole trip there I slammed bottle after bottle of water.  By the time my navigator told me my destination was on my right, I had to piss big time.  I made my way to his apartment and told him, quite bluntly, that I had to piss.  We stripped down and made our way to the bathroom.  Standing in the tub, we kissed.  I’d forgotten what a good kisser he is… as in, one of the best.  I just lost myself.  The only thing that kept me on task was the ache of my expanded bladder.  He made a move that he was ready to fuck me, standing up, in the shower, right then and there.  I begged off, explaining that I’d just driven for two hours and needed to check my ass. 

Instead, I pissed on him.  I stood outside the tub and he lay down.  Following the same protocol I’d seen in the vids, I pissed on his torso and dick, before directing the bulk of my volume into his mouth.  He didn’t swallow, and I couldn’t tell if he really enjoyed it.  Then it was my turn.   I lay down, he straddled the rim of the tub and let loose.  Would I do it again?  Eh.  Not sure.  It was fine, but not the jolt in the rod that I thought it was going to be.  Maybe this is one kink that is better to watch rather than actually do.  Although I did like the power surge I felt as I pissed on him. 

I helped him to his feet and we kissed again.  I told him he smelled like someone just pissed all over him.  We showered, soaping each other up and then I told him I needed a few minutes in the bathroom alone.  He went to the bedroom and I went to work, cleaning out my ass. 

Once in the bedroom, the kissing resumed.  He had bareback porn on the flat screen, so I knew what he was expecting.  Neither of us disappointed the other, with both of us bringing our A+ game.  He fucked me in every imaginable position and some I had never experienced before – at angles that I would never have suggested.  But due to the curve of his dick, it was all good –very good!

I left completely satiated.  That said, I’m glad he lives in Eau Claire, or I’d probably be married by now.

Madison was a series of coffee meetings, lunches, and happy hours.  My only free time was going to be Saturday night, which I would be spending at a certain well-established dance club.  I totally planned on getting majorily fucked that night, going so far as to put an ad on Craigslist looking for dick.  I got lots of responses – which pleased me to no end.

Friday day was spent downtown Madison.  Between meetings, I checked out the Museum of Modern Art, the capitol building, and the Wisconsin History Museum.  I also sat at a coffee shop writing.  It was a good day and I totally recommend spending time downtown Madison.  It was lovely.

Fast-forward to Saturday night, I was ready to go.  I had like a possible four dudes lined up – one who promised to take me out back of the club and seriously fuck my hole deep.  They all flaked; including the couple that I had met earlier that evening at a leather bar downtown.  They were just opening up their relationship and were playing their cards pretty close to their vests.  That was cool with me.  I don’t push.  I told them where I would be later and they promised to show up.

So, I’m at the dance club and really, nothing much was happening.  No one was showing up, or I was getting emails telling me they were not coming.  There was this cute, older bald dude with great forearms, a gap-toothed smile,  and a really appealing nose sitting at the bar.  The stool next to him was open, so I plopped my ass next to his and introduced myself – something I never do.  And it wasn’t booze that was the motivating factor, for I had chosen (wisely) to drink water all evening.  He, on the other hand, was halfway through a rather strong gin and tonic.  He told me he was definitely feeling it.  I told him I would like to feel it, too.  Earlier I’d observed him adjusting the crotch of his jeans several times – and that, my friends, was my real motivating factor.

We sat next to each other feeling each other up, kissing, and fooling around.  Then he unzipped my fly and took my dick out.  I was a little worried that we would get kicked out, but when I voiced this concern he told me not to worry – that dudes were cool with it here.  Sure enough, a bunch of guys stood around us, acting as shields.  Other than our impromptu guards, the only person of authority who could see what was going on was the bartender and if he minded, he didn’t say anything.  So, I undid my bar buddy’s fly and let his dick out of captivity.

 It was hot – the idea of all those eyes on us.  We spent most of our time just kissing and stroking each other.  He had some nice pre-cum worked up.  His body was tight and he really seemed to dig mine as well.  Then, without so much as a “may I”, he bent over and took my dick in his mouth.  I don’t honestly know if anyone was watching.  Probably, but that was also part of the turn on, I think.  Also, my dick was so hard that I really liked showing it off.  After a bit I had to pull him off my dick for fear that I’d spooge right there and then.  He then excused himself to the bathroom. 

As he left, and I zipped up, I glanced up just in time to see the couple I’d met earlier leaving the bar.  Almost immediately I got a text saying they were leaving.  I stayed in contact with them and we plan to hook up next time I am in town.  I don’t know if they saw me making out with the dude or not, but hey – if they did, well… now they know.  Yep, I’m a big slut.

My bar buddy returned, told me he just shot his load in the bathroom, and then called it a night.  Hope I see him on my next trip to Madison.  I kind of wanted that load.

The rest of the evening at the bar was kind of a let down.  It was storming, raining outside, so no one was sneaking off behind the building to fuck.  I did fool around with a really cute, short slut in one of the bathrooms for about ten minutes, but we got walked in on, and I cut it short.  He was hot, but I knew right away he was one of the regulars at the bar… and that he had followed or enticed at least six other dudes into the bathroom to do the exact same thing.  He wanted me to fuck him, but I wasn’t having it – cute as his ass was.  After that he just gave me the snobby cold shoulder.  He’s now on my must avoid list – only because I wish I had the pull power he possesses and wish I had that kind of success rate.  Oh, jealousy!

After the bar closed I went out back to see what was up.  No one was around.  I went to a corner and stood.  Soon this hoodie wearing black dude came along.  He was real young, but knew exactly what he wanted – which was to get his dick sucked.  I obliged him.  He was tall and thin and his dick was at least nine inches and fat as fuck.  I did manage to swallow it all.  I’d been working on him about twenty minutes, when this other dude showed up.   He was in his late twenties/early thirties, dressed in frat gear, and drunk as shit.  He pushed me out of the way and went to work on the black dude’s knob.  I didn’t mind sharing.  There was plenty there.  Thing is, the dude was a pretty incompetent cocksucker.  At most, he took maybe three inches in his mouth and his technique was pretty yawn inducing.  Every once in a while I would catch the eye of the black dude, who would smile at me and roll his eyes, as if to say – what the fuck.  The drunk dude gave up after about five minutes and I took over for another five, only to have the drunk dude push me out of the way again.  Finally, he completely gave up and walked away.  I went back to work – bringing every trick I knew to the game.  After another twenty minutes, the drunk dude was back, this time with poppers.  The poppers really didn’t improve his performance and after several inept attempts, he again gave up and disappeared into the night. 

That’s when I really decided to concentrate on getting this dude off.  I closed my eyes and let my tongue and mouth read his hard-on like braille.  I finally found the thing to keep him up and hard.  I would vacillate between two methods – one involving my tongue working the big cum vein on the underside of his shaft, and the other creating major suction on the head of his dick.  It worked and the dude finally lost his load.  We parted ways – an hour and twenty minutes after I first started.  Possibly the longest blow job I have ever given. 

And that was it.  The rest of the weekend and the Monday drive home were completely sexless.  But that’s okay.  You can’t hit all home runs every weekend. 

Otherwise no one would come to your ball games.

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