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Acquired Tastes XVIII: Total Pigs / Pig Sex

I was thinking about this topic last night. I hadn't been fucked since Monday and it was now Thursday night. This has become much more common for me, for I've kind of slowed down with the whole 'need something everyday' thing. Literally - last night I thought about cruising on-line for a hook-up or going to a park, but when I really thought about it? It turned out I would rather have a sandwich. Which is what I did. 

As I was munching on that bad boy, I thought about the days when I was bordering on turning a corner - so to speak, and seriously contemplating moving from merely being a gay man who really enjoys sex to becoming a...

Total Pig(s) / Pig Sex

Scope of Activity:

You know those restaurants that Chef Gordon Ramsey visits where they have a menu with hundreds of items on it? The kind that go for pages and pages and pages? Yeah, pig sex, or being a total pig, is a lot like that - it involves a huge menu of activities. In other words, it goes beyond the realm of being a total slut or extremely promiscuous. If a sexual activity exists, a total pig will attempt it, learn to like it, and come to accept it as something he does. They also tend to be very inventive. This actually is a good thing for the gay community and gay sex in general, because total pigs are frequently the innovators when it comes expanding the lexicon of gay sex.
But then again,some say it is a bad thing for the gay community. 

Or so say those who worry about how the gay community is perceived by the rest of the world (heterosexuals). The more prudish among us would have you believe that by indulging in this type of behavior we give straights the right to criticize us - as in, we behave like wanton animals and therefore that lends credence to many of the hateful arguments by the likes of NOM, the FRC, the Westboro Church, the AFA, and the government of Uganda, dispariging and condemning gay folks. They sort of have a point, but not really... because there are straight people out there who are just as piggish as the gayest total pig. Also - if it exists in the gay world, then there is almost always a straight equivalent activity. So I think that pretty much renders the gay critics point moot.

The Official Line:

With information from : Gaydemon's Dicktionary

So, turns out there are actually three distinct meanings for the term.

1/ A person who is willing and eager to participate in any type of sexual encounter.without limits. This can involve all sorts of activities, including: hard core fisting, water sports, sounding, being the focus of a gang bang, bareback sex, and other extreme fetishes; the kind deemed not for the skittish or weak of heart. "In some communities, the term can also simply refer to someone who is a sex addict, who seeks sex constantly."

You'll frequently find these folks in the Bear, Leather, or BDSM communities, but bottom line - if there is a scene where nasty sex is tolerated and participated in - then you will find total pigs hanging there. Typically, a pig will seek an audience; it enhances the experience for them. They may limit their sexual activity to one dude, or invite those around to tag team them.

"Simply put, a 'sex pig' is someone who will try anything, at least once. They are someone who seeks something new, no matter how great the risk might be, but they do set their own limits. It is just that those limits appear to the casual observer as being inconsequential."

2/ A dude who has sex with another dude that they find attractive due to the other dude's lack of beauty or less than standard physical appearance. Think of it as 'ugly sex', or having sex with someone who is considered by the general population to be repulsive - in this case the repulsive person is the pig and the dude who is turned on by the idea of fucking the pig is engaging in pig sex.

Similar in nature to a 'pity fuck', 'mercy fuck', 'charity fuck', or 'dog fuck'. Generally associated with College Fraternity Hazing, where pledges are sent out to find the least attractive person they can find, have sex with them, and then bringing the pig back to the frat house for scrutiny (this usually involves belittling and humiliating the pig).

3/ Another form of being a 'sex pig' involves someone who is attracted to people who are obese, or considered to be very overweight - in this connotation the obese is considered the pig and the dude attracted to him is engaging in pig sex. This usually has a verbal component; taunting the pig as you pork them. May also involve food and feeding.

For the scope of this article, we will primarily concern ourselves with the first definition.

Psychological Aspects:

.Is it an act of surrender? To quote tomcs128 from the blog Truckstop Troughman: "The wide open depravity of this scene appeals strongly to me. I love it when I’m in a don’t-give-a-shit frame of mind like this. It’s exhilarating and liberating to be so far into your sex needs that you shed social convention and just go after satisfying your insatiable lust, in public." 

Or is it merely a matter of sexual addiction? According to Wikipedia, sex addiction is defined as: "a conceptual model which attempts to explain some forms of hypersexuality - sexual urges, behaviors, or thoughts, that appear extreme in frequency, or feel out of one's control."

"Hypersexuality is often associated with addictive or obsessive personalities, escapism, psychological disorders, low self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, lowered sexual inhibitions and behavioral conditioning. Addiction is the state of behavior outside the boundaries of social norms which reduces an individual's ability to function efficiently in general routine aspects of life or develop healthy relationships."

Is it possible to be a psychologically healthy total pig? Do they do it because they want to, or are they doing it because they feel compelled to?

That pretty much captures the internal struggle a total pig must overcome in order to commit to this type of life.

What are the rewards? Sexual bliss. Total fulfillment. The sense of being needed and used. To be of service to the community. 

The downside? Self-esteem issues. Risk of STDs significantly increasing with the wide array of activities a total pig is likely to participate in. Risk of injury. And depending upon the circumstances (like say, public displays in non-traditional locations) the possibility of being arrested. Then there is also the shame cast by those who deem such behavior as unseemly and socially unacceptable. Sometimes a pig is viewed as a social outcast. He runs the risk of either being the life of the party/the center of erections - or - being a social pariah. 

There is also the physical toll to be considered as well. A well-stretched asshole is not always a pretty thing. I watched a video of this rather young, total pig get his hole pissed in. Due to the amount of fisting and fucking he was used to, he was able to open it up with his hands like you would open up a purse! Needless to say, no funnel necessary. That said, his hole looked used and abused. His had a nasty red rash-looking ring around it. I have also seen those where it looks black, as in bruised. One's hole doesn't recover from that. Such extreme sex can have an effect on your overall appearance as well, and that can be what can lead to them being ostracized at a bathhouse or sex party. The psychological consequences of such rejection can be quite impactful.

My Experience:

I have definitely sat astride this fence. And, based on my observations and experience - you either embrace the life or you remain nothing more than a total slut. Some of the requests I have received when in a 'pig' mood have had me running for the nearest exit. That said, there must be some internal mechanism that prevents me from ever giving myself over to the total pig experience. Not that I haven't been a totally nasty slut, sucking on any cock in my vicinity at the local bathhouse, but the more extreme activities always leave me cold. So, perhaps, one not only needs to embrace the life, but also be born into it. 

Extreme bondage, or leather scenes? Have limited appeal for me. I can look at a few pictures of them, but not tons. And I can be titillated by the idea of being involved in such scenes, but, given the opportunity, I would decline to participate. So, no pig, am I. I remain nothing more than a common slut. Taking multiple cocks up my ass in my garage while wearing a blindfold. That is extreme. But it was something I wanted to try and that was the end of it. I get titillated by the idea of doing it again, but the reality is - it was a lot of work setting all that up. And the results didn't quite live up to my expectations - not that it was bad... it was actually really hot, but I didn't find it so fulfilling that it was an experience I needed to repeat with any frequency. It was more a phase. I don't think total pigs have that option - to opt out. I think the compulsion rules their lives.

Do I cast derision down upon the heads of total pigs? Eek. I want to say, who am I to judge and more power to them, but the fact is... I do, a little. I avoid them in sexual situations and find them a little too unseemly for me to associate with - though I enjoy their videos. And who am I to judge? I support their right to behave in any manner that does not harm others. And, as a total slut, I do understand that overriding need for sexual fulfillment. In the end, I say 'there for the grace of God, go I'. I could easily become one, but I'm just too damn busy. I don't have the room in my life for something so all-consuming. I don't have the income to afford all those accessories, either.

My Conclusion:

Being a total pig is all-consuming. You have to have the resources and the time to dedicate yourself to the life. You also need to be hardwired for it. While I revel in their total surrender, I flee should one approach me at the bathhouse. They are brave souls. I am not. And in the end... slut that I am...

I think I'd rather have a sandwich.

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