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And Boom Goes The Dynamite: Tale of An Early Discharge

On my way to Madison, I stopped by to see a friend in Eau Claire on the way there.  We've played a couple of times before and I always have a great time with him.  He’s sweet and oddly conventional, given his age and his many kinks.  He’s in his mid-thirties, probably 5’5”, and stocky.  His skin is so soft, yet his body is really firm.  An incredible kisser, with great energy and imagination, his most outstanding feature is… you guessed it,  his dick.  Nicely thick, it’s at least 8.5 – and I have to estimate here, because it has a wicked curve, unlike any I’ve encountered, it may well be nine inches.
I arrive, enter his apartment, and begin to strip at the door.  As I’m taking off my boots, he appears from around the corner, in jogging pants and a tee.  He works overnight, so I am impeding on his sleep time, but he always makes an exception for me.  He smiles and moves into the bathroom.  I finish stripping, grab my bag of goodies and follow. 
His clothing has already hit the floor.  We kiss.  And it’s like oxygen to me.  We lose ourselves.  Aggressively, I pull back his head – this occurs any time someone is shorter than me.  Even though he’s the top (and quite aggressive and dominant), I like to exert a little power, too, a little push back, if you will.  He tolerates this a while before grabbing my face and redirecting it to his dick, which is hard as a rock from the get go.
Because of the curve, I have to approach it from the side.  It makes for a kind of awkward stance, and I struggle, due to the degree of its curve and thickness, to get half of it in my mouth.  My head keeps trying to figure out the logistics and geometry necessary to accommodate his cock.  I never get the opportunity to complete my task, though.  He wants more kissing.
Soon, he’s on his knees, and I’m thinking he’s going to suck my cock, but no.  Instead he positions himself under me, between my legs, and begins to eat my ass.  Stuck between the tub and the wall opposite it, quarters are a bit tight, but he makes good use of the space.  One of my legs inches up the wall, opening me up, allowing him maximum access.  Dude can eat ass.  And loves doing it.  I am feeling totally piggy and am looking forward to what I assume will be at least an good hour’s worth of fun.
He stands and we kiss a bit more.  Then he tells me he needs to piss.  I know exactly what he’s hinting at… that’s why we’re in the bathroom.  Last time I visited him, he expressed an interest in water sports and we both took turns peeing on each other.  I climb in the tub and he stands over me.  His dick is rock hard, but he eventually able to get a stream going.  It is potent stuff.  I take it in my mouth and spit it back out several times, before he sprays down my entire body.  As this is happening, I am rock hard and close to cumming – and my hand isn’t even touching my dick! That’s how this kind of power exchange affects me. 
We shower.  He finishes first and heads to the bedroom.  I stay behind, check my ass, gargle.  I like water sports, but I also like a clean mouth.  Walking into the bedroom, he has a gangbang vid playing on the big screen.  Strewn across the bed: poppers, lube, various small towels, and a canister of some kind of spray.  Crawling up between his legs, I lick his balls, and work his monster in my mouth and down my throat.  Something about this position actually makes his dick easier to handle and I get within a half inch of the base.  It’s a tight, tight fit – and, again, due to that wicked curve – I feel as if the damn thing is lodged somewhere in my sinus cavities. 
Mr. Eau Claire does not remain supine for long.  After some more kissing, he is up, eating my hole.  This morphs into a kind of 69 position with me eating his ass as well.  We get piggy with it.  Soon, he’s behind me, working his cock into my eager, willing, needy hole.  Seriously, I purposely put off any sex until this encounter because I love it when my desire for sex evolves into need.  It heightens everything, like a rush of oxygen after being submerged underwater for a long time.   Faced sideways on the bed , I have a great view of the television.  I glance over my shoulder and what should I see, but my own ass staring back at me!  He has cleverly placed a pair of mirrors on the wall behind me, which makes for perfect viewing.  I am entranced as I watch him mount me – yes, I feel like a porn star.  And I feel… completely filled.  That fucking dick is thick and that curve manages to stretch the inside of my hole in a manner unlike any other.
He hits that hole doggy-style for a good ten minutes, before standing up and power fucking me from above.  I love it. Then he manipulates my body so I am on my side and he is on one knee so that his dick hits me where a straight dick would.  I am loving this, love feeling his power and drive – AND we’re doing this all without any poppers.  I keep stealing looks in the mirror and suggest something I had planned on doing with every trick I encounter during this vacation: I want him to take a pic of his dick in my hole!  He agrees, and I run to get my camera.
I return with the camera and find him lying with his head on the pillow again.  I turn on the camera and set it aside.  About to start sucking his dick again, I realize I want to sit on it instead.  I do.  This seems to surprise him, I guess.  The energy in the room changes, but I choose to ignore it, and with my feet firmly planted flat on either side of his body, I begin raising and lowering myself on his prick.  Using the headboard for a bit of leverage, I just get to the point where I’m really bouncing, when he makes a noise, like discomfort, but not exactly, again, more like he’s surprised.  At this moment, while bouncing on his dick, I look him in the eyes and tell him I want him to breed my hole deep and hard…
And boom goes the dynamite.
He’s caught off guard by it.  So am I.  Did he just shoot his load?  Wow. He did!
Not that I’m complaining.  But he is.  He says ‘Who does that to a dick?’  There’s a little anger in his tone and I don’t know how to react. He’s clearly disappointed.  And I understand why.   We usually play for a good hour before he fires one off.  In a way, we just got started.  Hell, we didn’t even get to the poppers, which have always been a big part of our play.  I sit on his dick and he is squirming like it’s a bit painful, but pleasure pain.  Concerned, I dismount and clean him up a bit with my tongue.  He tells me that he came because he wasn’t in control, I was.  Again, I don’t know what to feel.  Is he blaming me?  I try not to read too much into it.  Honestly,  I’m kind of gleeful and satisfied. 
Reaching over, I turn off the camera.  His dick is going soft and I realize that a pic is not going to be happening after all.  No biggie.  I move in to cuddle, hoping that there will be kisses and some intimacy.  But, no.  I mean, I do cuddle him, but it feels very one-sided.  His head is turned away, so kissing is off the books, too.  Now I’m still all horned up, pressing my hard dick into his thigh.  I have one of my legs hiked up between his, pressing my inner thigh onto his soft dick.  Grinding into him on occasion, I kind of hope that there’s a second load in the offing, but decide not to push the issue.
Instead, I do what I used to do with one of my old boyfriends to get him in the mood; I very, very gently play with one of his nips, holding the tip gently between two fingers and applying just the slightest pressure, holding it there and then releasing it.  It’s subtle and I keep repeating this.  He has his eyes closed and I am thinking, oh, hell, he’s going to sleep.  No biggie.  I had a nice time.  
But then I feel something stir beneath my thigh.  Was that a pulse?  Was that his dick coming back from the dead?  Trying not to read too much into it, I keep concentrating on my nip play.  I feel another little flex, followed by another. Yes, Doctor, I think the patient is coming around.   I decide not to rush anything.  I am enjoying his body, his soft skin.  I want to give him the impression that I value him for more than just his dick.  However, ultimately, I am hoping for another round of action, so I reach down and, sure enough, his cock is hard as a rock. 
My mouth goes south, and I decide to continue to revive my buddy the best way I know.  Licking and sucking, I am thinking, this thing is a go.  Obviously he agrees, because he rises and takes control of my ass immediately.  With one eye to the mirror behind us, I reach over and turn the camera on.  Basically he picks up where we left off before I went to grab the camera, with him fucking me doggy-style.  There is something even more aggressive about his thrusting and the manner in which he’s holding my hips.  I guess he wants me to know exactly who is in charge this time.  
He reaches down and I think, cool, camera time.  But no, instead, he sprays something into a cloth and stuffs it in his mouth.  I am not into PNP play, at all, but poppers are cool and this is merely an aerosol version.  As you know, I love a top that does poppers.  It’s sexy.  His tempo increases, and he’s pounding me hard.  Again, he sprays more stuff on the cloth and then stuffs it into my mouth.  I suck on it.  I have done this once before and it left me kind of paralyzed, but this time, I merely melt a bit.  It’s nice; certainly not unpleasant.
Soon, I’m meeting him thrust for thrust.  More spray, more cloths, more melting.  What he’s using is something called Black Jac, and while it’s nice, it’s not doing all that much for me.  I reach over and grab his poppers – something called BRAZIL.  They do the trick.  Two quick snorts and I am feeling great.  As I’m doing that, Mr. Eau Claire is snapping pics of his dick in my hole.  I could not be happier.  All poppers consumed and pics taken, he gets serious and starts pulling my ass back onto his dick.  Yeah, he’s in control.  I tighten up my hole.  If he wants to cum a second time, I am only too happy to get him there.
He shoots, he scores.  Happy top, happy dick, happy hole. 
He dismounts, clearly pleased with himself.  Still on all fours, I grab the camera and take a pic of my hole.  He grabs the camera from me and takes one, too.  Turning the camera off, I move in for a bit of cuddling.  I can tell he’s wiped.  We talk about his choice on poppers, and then I start watching the gang bang video.  It eventually occurs to me that there are two bottoms and a room full of tops in the film.  We finished just in time to watch wave after wave of cum shots.  He makes fun of me because I wonder aloud if this is one of those Meth infused porno shoots.  He tells me that these people are paid professionals.  I fail to see his point, but let it slide.  Drugs have long been part of porn shoots, amateur or professional.  He then tells me gangbangs are not his thing.  But he has a video of them?   I’m confused. We talk a bit more, but I am definitely feeling a bit of a disconnect.  Is he still angry about what happened earlier?  Clearly he is tired.  I stop talking and then excuse myself. 
Cleaning up in the bathroom, I take another shower, using his shower attachment to clean out my well-fucked hole.  Again, I gargle and brush my teeth.  Dressed, I am ready to hit the road. He’s remained in the bedroom.  I peek in to check on him, he’s curled up with a pillow, asleep.  I resist the temptation to take a pic.  He’s so cute, asleep.  And maybe that was what a lot of this was about… maybe he was feeling sleep deprived. 
I choose not to wake him.  I gather up my things and exit as silently as I entered. 
I text him later in the day and thank him, telling him I had a good time.  He answers back right away, saying he had a good time, too.  It serves as a great beginning to my vacation.
 Madison now lies in my future, and I wonder, what, if anything, will I find there…


Bruce Chang said...

I have a huge soft spot for guys shorter than me. And am turned on like crazy by guys 6'+... Hmm... Maybe it's a warped self-image manifesting itself, but guys my height or a few inches taller are meh. Go figure.

And of course, you know we're all dying to see the pics you took, especially of the wicked curve. But I won't beg. Well, not publicly. ;-)

Michael said...

I'm pretty much all bottom,and typically i look over men that are shorter than 5' i am 6'1.
Mainly i think because of the height difference it would be too awkward, but after reading your post...hmmm - i may have to reconsider this.
Especially if there is a 5'5 sexy man that has a hot cock and a "wicked curve" to it..grin !!!

ALWAYS love reading your blog sexy..
Hope all is well

BlkJack said...

I too won't beg publicy, but would love to see a pic of that cock railing your hot ass! Btw...did you think of me when Black Jac was being stuffed into your mouth? Lol. Thanks for another great post.