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Your Boyfriend Fucks Me, Too: A Sex Trilogy, Pt. 3

I arrive at his apartment building in record time, still buzzed from my recent brush with the law.  Pumped and feeling good, it makes me wanna have sex!  He buzzes me in and I head down a very familiar hallway. In fact, I have been to this apartment before.
There’s a twenty-something that lives there.  He frequently hits me up on-line and tells me to get my ass over to his apartment so he can fuck it.  He’s blonde, tall, thin, with a couple of nice tats.  Great bod.  Cute as hell.  Could do way better than my ass.  Always very much on the down low. 
The scenario is always the same:  I enter, strip, get on my knees as he poppers up.  I suck him hard, though usually he’s already hard when I get there.  He’s always nude when I walk in, too.  The lights are off, with the television providing the only light.  He usually has some stupid reality competition on, which I think he may actually watch as we fuck. 
The scene is all about the poppers; he pushes them under my nose, he takes giant hits.  They are always good, fresh, powerful.  Maybe I tweak his nips.  Maybe I squeeze his ass as I suck him.  But after that it’s all about the fucking.  Me on all fours or standing, bent over in front of him.  He likes it raw and intense, as do I.  We are usually done in twenty minutes.  I rarely cum, and he could care less.  Don’t get me wrong – he’s a nice guy, just not looking for friendship.  He wants me to grab my shit and get out as soon as possible.  I’m cool with that; it’s what I signed up for.
I knock, and this time, a tall, thin dude a few years my junior opens the door.  He’s wearing sweat pants and showing hard.  From the get go, he’s friendly, talkative, sweet.  The lights are on and the television is off.  He’s in great shape and his tats are out of this world; giant tribal tats caressing the curves of his body.  He strikes me as a former circuit boy. 
I do what I always do when I get to this apartment.  I set my stuff down – cock rings, lube, and poppers – and then start to strip.  He laughs and suggests we head back to the bedroom.
Wow.  Am I stepping in something?  Is this cool?  I want to ask, but decide that maybe now is not the time.  Hell, I want my nut, so I push all concerns off to the side and follow him back to the bedroom.  Music is playing, the lighting is nice.  This is so not the cum and go scene I thought it would be.  
He kisses me.  Deep.  Full.  It’s like sinking into a nice glass of merlot.  I wallow in the richness, the warmth.  Clothes fall off, his lips never leaving mine.  He pushes me toward the bed and I excuse myself for a moment.  My dick is already hard, but I want my cock rings.  With great effort, I manage to get them on.  He’s never played with cock rings and is kind of fascinated. 
He slides back on the bed and I get between his legs and take his stiff dick in my mouth.  It’s nice.  Seven and half inches with nice low hangers.  I take those suckers in hand and give ‘em a twist and a tug.  He moans.  He’s my kind of man.   I look up and take in his face; rugged, cute/handsome, charming.  A little on the boyish side, but that is also because he’s so wiry, so thin.  His body is nice… taut muscles and I am guessing zero percent body fat.  I return my focus to his dick, which he appreciates. 
Soon we’re 69ing it.  I like his technique.  Good kissers typically make for excellent cock suckers.  In this position, I start playing with his ass.  He doesn’t protest, so I figure it’s on the table.  I reverse the 69, so we can kiss again before getting on top of him in order to grind my dick into his.  Then I slip my cock down and slide it between his ass cheeks.  I playfully rub my dick along his taint, checking in with him to make sure it’s coo.  
Now, keep in mind, the original intent of this get together was for him to fuck me… but suddenly, I don’t see it that way.  I work my way down and start sucking his dick again.  Then his balls.  Then his hole.  It’s nice and clean.  Dude has excellent hygiene.  He’s also into it.  I eat that motherfucker like it was pussy and I’m a porn star.  Lavishing some serious attention on that pucker, I have him rolling up and offering his ass up on a platter.   I tongue it and suck it and deep kiss it like I own it.
So, you know I’mma gonna wanna fuck it.
It’s his body.  Despite his height, he’s so wiry, so thin, so boyish that I just want to dom him.  It always starts with that damn first kiss.  If it’s good, it lights a certain fire in me.  I don’t top, but I’mma gonna wanna fuck him.
And I do.  He’s so fucking tight.  Lots of lube.  With my cock rings on, including one around my balls, my dick is like a fucking baseball bat – all veins and muscle.  It takes a bit, but once I’m in I’m pounding hard.  Why?  Because I know I am not gonna last long.  These days, I never do.  I don’t know why.  And sure enough, I’m squirting my jizz down his chute in no time with little warning.  Fortunately my dick remains hard and with the cum making his hole even slicker, I just keep fucking his ass.  Yeah, not a lot of variation here, but it was a decent fuck.
My dick starts to lose that drive.  I bend in and kiss him.  He’s talkative.  Playful.  The heat remains between us; an intimacy that is as exciting as it is unexpected.  I am having a good time.  And I know full well our good time is far from over.
Now he’s on top of me, and then down between my legs.  He doesn’t eat my ass.  He just plugs it with his cock.  And it feels good.   Lots of lube.  Unlike me, he changes it up, twisting my body this way and that way, kissing me on and off the whole time.  Soon we’re spooning sideways, his dick still inside me, the two of us in sync with one another perfectly.   I love the way it feels.  Tightening up my hole, I milk his dick. He moans, loving it, and responds by rapid bunny fucking me.
The heat remains.  The heat builds.  Me flat with him on my back.  Me on all fours with him pounding my ass full force.  But this dude knows how he wants it to end; me on my back with my legs up in the air as he leans in for that big, final, deep kiss.
This is my favorite way to take a load.  And I do.  Deep in my gut.  Our lips locked onto one another’s. 
So, I am totally rocked.  My bod is spent in the best way possible.  He’s happy, too.  We embrace and stay that way for a bit.  And he’s talkative.  He’s playful.  In no rush to get me out.  He offers me towels to clean up.  We talk about past experiences and partners and the cock rings.  We talk about poppers and that stuff dude’s spray into a towels and then put in their mouth.  We laugh at how stupid that can get.  We laugh at how old we are.  This is a really nice guy…
…whose boyfriend fucks me, too.
I don’t say anything.  I leave it as is.  Four days later he hits me up on-line.  He wants to fuck me again.  I tell him I have an early day and have to hit the sack… otherwise I would so be there.  And that was not a lie.  I would love to get together with him again, despite the weird situation. I mean, I assume he knows his boyfriend fools around on the side.  Obviously HE’S fooling around on the side.  So why do I think this is a dilemma? Do I keep my mouth shut?  Do I now have to choose one over the other?  Or can I keep fucking them both?
What do you think?
I don’t have an answer right now.  I will work on it during my upcoming vacation.  I am getting out of Minneapolis for an entire week; away from all these men I know a little too well; kind of a cleansing of the palette, if you will. This is an opportunity to be a stranger in a strange town which translates into me getting it on with plenty of strange.
I’ll let you all know how it all goes down. 
You know I always do…


The Vintage Hottie known as O!Daddie said...

.. I need a cigarette and a cum rag

whkattk said...

It could be that the two of them had talked and decided they'd both take their shots with you - share you as it were. As long as you don't mention it, perhaps neither will they. If it were me, I'd be trying to work a threesome out of it!

SEAN said...

I once got picked up by lovers on different nights in a dance club. They were both cheating as each said he had a "roommate".

I don't think they know they've both had you but I bet they'd like to make it a 3some. You could start it by asking one if he wants to and knows a third.

Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

HI friend! You are absolutely lucky to have friends like these!

Stan said...

I also think a 3 some with them would be hot.

Queer Heaven said...

I'm really getting into this story. I bet they don't know they are both sexing you. Not yet at least.