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Pretty Much Sums Up 2013 for Me, So Far...

The following photos pretty much capture how I feel about the year 2013, so far.  

To say the least, things are not going very well.  

For once (!), I will spare you all the gory, petty, stupid, pointless details. 

So far, I have learned the following:

1/ Sometimes a 20 minute ride can take 5 hours.

2/ Remembering things in chronological order can be very important.

3/ Not only is it true that 'what goes around, comes around', but if you are being stupid, it may just come around again.

4/ Metaphorically, you are not 'out of the woods' unless you bring out everything you brought in.

5/ Sometimes 'telling the truth' is not a good idea.

6/ Worrying is very, very hard on the body.

7/ Sometimes the simplest of plans and the best of intentions can go horribly awry.

8/ Lawyers are very expensive.

Yes, 'smart' people make stupid mistakes.  

Things will sort themselves out.  I will know a lot more after Monday. Until then, I am going off-line and laying low.  

Everybody have a great weekend.  

Send good energy. 

- Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque


O!Daddie now at said...

It's only money. We are very resilient creatures and you will survive - I did and I wish you an easier journey than I had.


Koba said...

Wow! I'm sure everything will all work itself itself out. I do know how you feel, however, if that's any constellation! (Last word mis-spelled on purpose!) :)

whkattk said...

Ho, boy! I know exactly how you feel...

Anonymous said...

interesting year

Stan said...

My best wishes that everything turns out fine.

Skilled4Men said...

Well Friend, you have my sincerest wish that everythings works out best for you! Sometimes, bad things happen to good people -but good people always bounce back or find a better way. Juice those lemons into lemonade... add some alcohol maybe, and take a swig! Stuff works out -it's Human Nature we'll find a way to make it so. Here's to a favorable outcome!

Ned said...

I nearly laughed till I cried at that Lindsay Lohan picture. Wise words man. Good luck with everything.