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Friday Fun: Knights In Black Leather

Friday Fun: Knights In Black Leather

You wait for the night.

There’s a safety and comfort to be found there.  And a strength that can only be obtained in the underworld; the one you return to once the sun sets.
It’s the smell and the feel of it.  It gets under your skin… becomes your skin.

Slipping into it, you become stronger, more sure of the man you know yourself to be.  This is the part of you that can’t be shared everywhere or with everyone.  And yet, you do take it with you: wherever you go.  It infuses your very being, informing everyone you come in contact with exactly who you are.

You don’t have to be in uniform to demonstrate that you are a soldier.  It’s in your every move, the set of your jaw, the commanding tone of your voice, that masculine stance –all forming the subtext of your character.

And so, each night, you don your wares; these vestments of a mystical clergy and become a stalker in the darkness, seeking out others like you, to satisfy a hunger you comprehend but have yet to fully understand. 

It’s communal; a communion of commitment and brotherhood. 

Yes, these are men you can trust.  You know this, because you are a man who can be trusted.  You recognize yourself in them.  Here, you are one of many, a legion of burnished idols to be revered, worshipped and sometimes feared.

And yet, your eye only seeks ‘The One’.  You will know him on sight, for his image has lived within your leather bound heart since day one of your awakening.

The promised one - he must exist.  He lives at the very core of your all-consuming belief - the one you live in service to, the one to which you’ve pledged your very life.

And… he… he is the other reason you return here, each night, to these dank catacombs of yearning, adorned in your finest, brandishing the integrity and honor you bring to the arena, your own very special brand of raw intensity.

He will recognize it. 

He’ll smell it on you.

He will know you.

For only he is your equal…

…and only his fire will quench your own.

--- ---

Have a great weekend.
Wishing you the very best…

- Uptonking from Wonderland Burlesque


mistress maddie said...

I can almost smell the leather and the friction!!!!! Have a great weekend handsome!

carol said...

That will be us on Saturday night. Our town leather club "the Ottawa Knights" have their monthly bar night at CP. We were members of the club for years and what a stimulant feeling it was to smell the old and new leather.

We still attend the bar night and enjoy every moments it bring us.

Long live the leather.


Stan said...

I have a pair of leather chaps that I wear with a jock and black wifebeater (tank.) There is nothing hotter than getting fucked by some dominant vocal Top while wearing this outfit. I wish I could explain it but you just have to be there.

Stan said...

BTW: a great post describing that awesome feeling. Thank you

BlkJack said...

I am reading this in the weekend of the wake of the Folsom St Fair. The grandaddy of all leather events. Not my scene, but iwill go to check out the hot guys.