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Wonderland Burlesque’s Turdscooter of the Week: WND’s Joseph Farah

Wonderland Burlesque’s Turdscooter of the Week: WND’s Joseph Farah

Next they’ll be claiming it’s a genetic predisposition.

In a bit of logic that, as my boyfriend puts it, is “like building a sofa out of Twinkies because you want to go driving”, editor-in-chief of the Christian conservative website WorldNetDaily , Joseph Farah,  wants the government to recognize his opposition to marriage equality as a sexual orientation. 

He believes that, as such, his homophobia should be protected under the same laws that currently protect the GLBT community. 

After claiming that people opposed to gay marriage “are being coerced by the state to take part in the sexual choices and activities of others,” he then goes on to compare gay rights activists to radical Islamists.


There seems to be a big wave of this kind of hyperbolic fear pandering making the news these days.  Pundits are declaring it “Armagaydon”; that God will punish America using Islamic militants, and that the acceptance of gays will lead to the beheading of Christians – by the gays! 

Even NOM appears to be throwing in the towel regarding gay marriage – but it’s all public relations, a matter of calculated spin. 

This latest round of nonsense is the Christian Right’s means of a call to arms.  Their rhetoric has to become more inflammatory, their situation more dire, in order to keep the fires of hate lit and the money coming in.

It won’t work.

It will backfire on them.

For, as the holes in their logic become so incredibly wide that only the most dimwitted among us (and, yes, that will account for an awful lot of Americans) will fail to recognize exactly how desperate and idiotic these leaders have become, they will only come off looking more foolish than they already have been.


This is an ugly little chapter in the death of homophobia, when ridiculous lies and illogical statements are the only weapons hatemongers have left at their disposal. 

And in the end, it’s all about money – which is what it has always been about.  Their livelihoods and positions of power are dependent upon the funds their hate and fear campaigns can rake in.  They’re getting desperate. They still have books to sell.  

Their losing their cash cow. 

What’s a hatemonger to do once their portion of the market dries up and nobody wants to book them on 'Meet the Press' or the Fox News channel?  What’s to happen to them once their opinions mean squat and the world stops listening?

Abortion rights?  Oh, that field is pretty well filled.  Immigration?  Nope.  That seems to be on the decline, too.

Oh, what’s a hate-filled, misguided, illogical, taste-challenged, simple-minded, hypocritical Christian to do?


I guess they could always get a job at Hobby Lobby.  



anne marie in philly said...

he looks like he enjoys a fat dick every now and then; probably a bottom.

whkattk said...

Unfortunately, people like him, and his ridiculous, facts-be-damned ... um, news? outlet will always have a following and folks who are more than happy to part with their money if they're fed a constant stream of the bullshit they believe in.